RARE Bear Mania Hits the Greenhouse!

MAR 23, 2016 updated Dec 16, 2021

This past Saturday, over 30 community members and Spoonflower employees spent the afternoon sewing RARE Bears for one-of-a-kind kids supported by RARE Science Inc., a non-profit research organization accelerating cures for rare childhood diseases. On this very special afternoon, quilt guilds, sewing groups, and crafty individuals stitched up bears all over the country to Spring into Action. From California to here in Durham, North Carolina, it was RARE Bear mania!

RARE Bear Mania Hits the Greenhouse!

RARE Bear Mania Hits the Greenhouse!Volunteers stitched up RARE Bears Saturday afternoon in the Spoonflower Greenhouse.

RARE Bear Mania Hits the Greenhouse!San Marcos, CA quilters spent their afternoon hosting a local RARE Bear sew-in!

“I’ve been and everybody’s been in the hospital before and remembers how lonely and isolating it is”, said Spoonflower Greenhouse volunteer Lauren Bange to local newspaper The Herald Sun, “It’s nice to give back and let someone know that they have someone rooting for them other than their family and doctors.”
RARE Bear Mania Hits the Greenhouse!Spoonflower Greenhouse volunteer, Ann, gives her bear one last hug before donating it to RARE Science.

As bears were completed, “oohs” and “aaahs” filled the room with excitement from the cuteness of the stuffed creatures. RARE bears are pieced together with remnant fabric (don’t worry, we’ll always credit the designer for the use of their fabric and will never use a private design!), making each one just as unique as the child receiving the bear. Adding finishing touches of embroidered eyes and noses brings an extra touch of personality to each bear.

RARE Bear Mania Hits the Greenhouse!Each RARE Bear is completed with custom printed RARE Science sole fabric, printed at Spoonflower.
RARE Bear Mania Hits the Greenhouse!

Specific to RARE Science, each RARE Bear includes a unique ID ribbon to make it possible to send a photo of the gifted bear and child back to the person who carefully stitched up the bear! While Saturday’s sew-in may be over, we encourage you to sew a RARE Bear of your own to donate! If you are interested in sewing a bear to donate to RARE Science, please click here.

RARE Bear Mania Hits the Greenhouse!

RARE Bear Mania Hits the Greenhouse!Proudly showing off her sewing skills, Anitha is all smiles after getting past the trickiest part of the pattern – the head!

If you hosted a RARE Bear sew-in last Saturday, let us know in the comments below or tag your photos with #RAREbeararmy!

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  • Hi Wendy,
    We couldn’t agree more! Everyone had a great time creating custom bears with their favorite Spoonflower marketplace designs. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a custom RARE Bear – we even made a few from the themed fat quarter bundles that can be ordered at the end of a Design Challenge!

  • Love the idea of why these bears are made.
    The best pattern looks just like one I’ve had since the late 70’s that i began making into Victorian bears. Eventually people asked me to make them in other themes (school colors, wedding,Christmas, fishing/hunting for the boys & pink cot breast cancer etc) and just like yours with scraps of leftover fabrics…my favorite has always been the shabby chic scrap bears.
    The best thing is this pattern is the perfect bear for a child to drag around or cuddle. Great job everyone.

  • Hi Su,
    Thanks so much for the kind words! Ann’s bear really did come to life when she added the adorable pink nose and eyes! We are looking forward to sending our bears to RARE Science in California!

  • That looks like so much fun! A nice story told in lovely pictures – a great thing to do with remnants and it’s so true that adding the eyes & nose bring the character of each individual bear out – as you can see with the bear that Ann’s holding. I hope the rare children love their rare bears! 🙂