2015 Year in Review

DEC 30, 2015

It's been quite a year and we can't believe 2015 is already drawing to a close! Our community has accomplished so much together in these last 12 months, from contest wins to the launching of Sprout Patterns, to the opening of hundreds of shops with promising new designers to explore. Take a walk down memory lane with us as we recount some of our favorite highlights of 2015!  

Our 8 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2015

1 | 5 DIYs to Make Your Resolutions Stick 

2 | Fabric Labels For Your Handmade Goods

3 | 5 DIY Business Card Ideas

4 | How to Make a Fanny Pack (a.k.a. Belt Bag)  

5 | How to Create Dolls From Drawings 

6 | The Hand Strap Clutch: Pattern + Tutorial

7 | Secrets of a Top Seller 

8 | How to Create Cozy Floor Pillows


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  • Thanks, Patricia! We’re so glad you are part of our community and that Spoonflower has given you a creative outlet and network of like minded people.

  • What a wonderful year for Spoonflower – so inspiring to see it by the numbers. Here’s to a brilliant 2016 for us all! Thank you for affording me the ability to sell my work through your wonderful auspices and for the chance to connect with so many other makers!

  • I really enjoy reading this post today but have you every though about branching Spoonflower out to other states or maybe franchising. I always want to invested in a fabric shop but not just any shop, I think Spoonflower would be unique for designer & seamstress.

  • Great year in review but wish there were links through to the designs and designers mentioned. There’s loads I want to add to my favourites!

  • I wish clicking on each icon would take you to the designer, fabric…etc. when you click on it but it doesn’t. It just opens the same page but in a smaller window. Thanks for the review though.

  • What a wonderful round up! It’s great to see all the numbers and favorites in one place—would have liked to see more commissions per store though. Because those numbers don’t support artists they way I wish they would. I wonder could be done to increase them? What about more opportunities to partner with other retailers to exclusively get “Spoonflower Designers” —like fabric.com/Hancock/Joanne Fabrics etc. …just a few ideas. 🙂 Here’s to a great year!