Stitching up a simple throw pillow is a fast, low effort way to spruce up any space. Our amazingly creative friend Lia Griffith shares a simple video on how to make your own zipper pillow–an easy project for sewists of all levels. 

DIY Zipper Pillows | Spoonflower Blog
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With every craft skill we have to start somewhere, and approaching your first sewing project can be daunting. One of the best first projects to attempt on your sewing machine is a simple pillow with a zipper opening so that it can be removed and washed. It comprises two pieces of fabric, straight line stitching and a zipper – it could not be more simple. And you get the benefit of making something new and fabulous to add to your home or to give to a friend.

Create your own zipper pillows using this same fabric designed by Lia by heading over to her Spoonflower shop!