Announcing Spoonflower Bootcamp!

MAY 29, 2015 updated May 27, 2021

Spoonflower bootcamp

Want to flex your creative muscles and whip up some award-worthy textile designs, but need a little assistance as you develop new skills and techniques?

WHAT: We’re thrilled to announce a new series–Spoonflower Bootcamp! Each week we’ll be bringing you quick and simple tips for learning to design you own textiles and use the Spoonflower site. Having trouble uploading your first design? Need a little help understanding RGB and CMYK? No worries! We’ll be sharing all the little tricks you need to know to get your surface design game on point.

HOW: All you have to do is follow along each week to learn a new skill or technique! Snap a picture of your progress and use the #spoonbootcamp hashtag each week to share what you’re learning. You can use this hasthag on any social media site (or just hashtag in your heart and keep your drawings to yourself!).

Are you ready?


Setting up a file using Photoshop Elements

How to download an email image attachment

Anatomy of a Yard

Downloading ASE file

Checking your Image Size

Free Design Tools You’ve got to Try

Creating a Spoonflower Collection

Updating Your Account Information

How to Design a Quilt Block Using PicMonkey

Searching the Spoonflower Marketplace

What is a Hex Code? 

Decoding Wallpaper Design

The Best Way to Size Your Design for Weekly Contests

How to Order a Swatch Sampler

Why Does the Thumbnail Look Different in my Cart

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