Sewing for Good: Blankets for Nepal

MAY 16, 2015

With Nepal suffering its second massive earthquake in a month, we’ve been asking ourselves something you’ve probably been wondering too: how can we help? We decided to put our sewing skills to good use in the Greenhouse last week to sew blankets for those in need.  

With the help of non-profit organization, Ganga Ghar, we’ve coordinated efforts to donate our handmade blankets to be distributed to people who need them.  You can learn more about what resources are needed by visiting the

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  • Kudos for your kindness and generosity! Ganga Ghar is doing wonderful work!

  • absolutely! Thanks for asking 🙂 And more importantly thanks for sharing your lovely designs with our community. These sweet yellow penguins are sure to bring comfort to those in need in Nepal!

  • Hey Captive! All of the blankets being donated were sewn up by Spoonflower employees, using waste fabric that would have otherwise been recycled. All of the fabric designers still received commissions on the fabrics. The blankets are being shipped to Nepal today for those in need!

  • Hi TR! You can opt for your monthly designer commission to go directly to your personal Paypal account which can be linked to your bank account. Then, you will be able to spend the money however you like, including donating to this cause! We don’t currently have a way of making designer payouts go directly to charity, but we’ll certainly discuss this more to find out if it’s a possibility for the future! Great suggestion!

  • captive in florida

    Super fantastic! Who made these? Employees? And was the fabric randomly picked? More info please!

  • Can we donate our designer profits to this cause? I would be glad to do that. Perhaps Spoonflower could make an advertisement saying designers (or even particular designs designated) selling their fabric, wallpaper or wrapping paper can choose to have their profits donated through Spoonflower to that charity for a period of time. What do you think?