7 Tranquil Fabrics

JAN 26, 2015

We're already in the last week of January, and we hope that your projects and resolutions are going well. As the weeks add up and another year hurtles by, take time to cultivate calmness in yourself and your surroundings. We've collected some of our favorite designs from the Spoonflower Marketplace that inspire peace and tranquility. Incorporate soothing colors and prints into your next project for a beautiful reminder to stop and smell the (lotus) flowers!

Blue Lotus Flower Seed Pod by Ruby Door

Lotus Root – Green + Light Blue by Clearly Tangled

Seedheads with Lotus by Joanne Headington

All Flowers (melon) by Heidi Kenney

Swallow Ditsy on Pale Blush by Thistle and Fox

Sashiko: Seikaiha – Ocean Waves by Bonnie Phantasm

Lilypond – Serenity by Sef



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