2014 Most Favorited Designs!

DEC 26, 2014

The Marketplace is full of creative and amazingly talented designers. We are constantly impressed with the variety of designs and truly beautiful art added each day. In reflecting on the past twelve months, we've rounded up the community's favorite designs. Take a peek at the 10 designs that gained the most likes this year!BANNERMod-mint-triangles

Mod Mint Triangles by Mrs Hervi

2014 Most Favorited Designs

Arrows Gray by Holli Zollinger | Stacked by Holli Zollinger | .A Shot in Water. by Emily Sanford

2014 Most Favorited Designs

A Rain(bow) of Arrows by Nadia Hassan |  Arrows Light Grey by Holli Zollinger | Geometric Bear by Andrea Lauren

2014 Most Favorited Designs

Birdhouse by Trois Miettes | Featherland White/Gray by Leanne | Watercolor Feather Chevron by Emily Sanford

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Three white twin beds are next to each other in a bedroom with light purple blue wallpaper with white squiggly lines throughout. Two framed colorful prints are above each of the beds. Two white pillows are on each bed behind a green pillow with a white trellis design. Small bronze lamps with white lampshades are on either side of the middle bed. A small white dresser is to the right of the bed in the foreground, it has a light blue lamp on it with a white lampshade.

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Stephanie sits with a tablet on her lap with a drawing of green and red vegetables on a dark green background on it, she is surrounded by plants. A digital pen is in her hand, which sits on the right edge of the tablet.

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A panel of wallpaper with repeating rows of narrow ovals with pointed tops and bottoms on a cream background is shown laying as if installed on a wall it is taking up the entire background of the image. The ovals are randomly black and dark orange. In the middle third on the right-hand side of the image, four rolls of the same wallpaper design in different colorways are laid lengthwise on top of the black-and-dark-orange panel. Only about a fourth of the rolls are shown. The rolls of wallpaper from top to bottom feature green-and-blue ovals on a cream background, black-and-white ovals on a cream background, orange-and-gray ovals on a cream background and kelly-green-and-dark-green ovals on a cream background.

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  • lacebutterfly

    What jumps out at me are these colors! They are so serene. The arrows and triangles are interesting. And the lack of complexity. But what I really noticed is that a lot of these designs look hand drawn. Avoiding perfection and having a little roughness to them.