13 Lucky Fabrics!

MAR 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We're celebrating by browsing the luckiest green and gold fabrics in the Marketplace! Take a peek at 13 of our favorite festive St. Paddy's designs.  

Sure and Begorrah, it's Leprechaun Laundry Day by Vo_aka_VirginiaO


Shamrock Shuffle by Verity Maddox

 Linen in Butterscotch Gold by Joan McClemore

 St. Patrick's Hide and Seek by Leighr

Horsing Around: Sunshine by Nadia Hassan

 Green with Luck by Sparegus 

 Flowers+Leaves by Heleen Van Buul

 Lucky Four Leaf Clover by Roz Robinson

 Polka Dot in Gold Glitter by Sparrow Song


"A Moi la Fortune" by Nadja Petremand


Lucky Clovers by Oksancia

Shamrock Shower 2011 by Nikky

Drown Your Shamrock by Cherry and Cinnamon


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