A full-bleed image featuring buildings in either red, pink, blue, and teal and white gingham or polka dots. A teal Ferris wheel with orange circles is to the left. Green grass and dark green trees with kelly green dots are to the front of the image as well as a blue and white graph design in an arc representing a small river. In a white box on top of these things it says QuiltCon Atlanta 2023 to the left and Spoonflower in teal cursive to the right with an black 'x' in the middle representing a collaboration
Design by carrie_cantwell

The Spoonflower Community includes artists, makers, DIY hobbyists and enthusiasts, small business owners, Interior Designers and YOU. Whether you create by curating existing designs from our Marketplace—or by uploading your own design masterpiece for printing on Spoonflower wallpaper, home decor or fabric—your creativity is welcome here!

Meet the Featured Quilters

For QuiltCon 2023, we asked quilters Kimberley Cartwright, Andrea Tsang Jackson, Mathew Boudreaux and Brimfield Awakening to curate fabric collections based on their favorite Spoonflower designs and create a mini 2’x2′ quilt using designs from those collections. Meet them, see their work and check out their QuiltCon collections below!

Kimberley Cartwright portrait

Kimberley Cartwright is a quilter, folkpainter and potter from Durham, North Carolina.

Her Out of Africa collection features 58 designs with African motifs that bring her joy, wonder and feelings of abundance. 

A square quilt features a man wearing a tall yellow and maroon hat. His hands are outstretched and held open, palms out. He is wearing a long garment, also in maroon and yellow. Fabric cut almost in wing shapes is behind his outstretched hands in a design with white dots on a brown background.
Kimberley Cartwright’s mini quilt Ehi (Spirit) for QuiltCon 2023; featured design collection

Andrea Tsang Jackson portrait

Andrea Tsang Jackson is an artist, designer, quilt maker and Spoonflower Ambassdor.

Her Greenhouse: QuiltCon 2023 Collection includes 50 designs evoking the tensions and beauty inside an idyllic greenhouse and features a warm earthy welcoming color palette.

A small mini quilt by Andrea Tsang Jackson featuring layers of ginkgo leaves in blue, green, pinks, yellow and a tropical blue-and-pink floral print.
Featured quilt pattern: Ginkgo; Featured design collection

Mathew Boudreaux

Mathew Boudreaux is a polycraftual quilter, artist and Spoonflower Ambassador.

Their QuiltCon 2023 – Quilters Gonna Quilt Collection has a focus on basics in a color gradient, with a sampling of some multi-colored prints that are sure to dazzle.

Kim and Nisha of Brimfield Awakening
Kim and Nisha of Brimfield Awakening

Brimfield Awakening makes English Paper Piecing quilting designs inspired by the past + modernized for today.

Kim and Nisha’s Fantastical Brimfield Collection includes 54 designs selected for their ability to result in unique and creative fussy-cut designs, and to pay homage to their love of vintage fabrics and classic prints.

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