Holiday 2021 Promo Calendar

(Featured designs: Winter Woodland Wonderland by hipkiddesigns, Nordic Winter Bunnies by watercolor_nomads, Christmas Reindeer by littlearrowdesign, Snö Birds by nouveau_bohemian)


Want the best prices on Spoonflower products this holiday season for either your customers or yourself? Our holiday promo calendar is helpful on both counts! 

If you’re a Spoonflower artist, our branded overlays will notify your customers of some of our top promotions of the year, which means more sales for indie designers. In the post below, you’ll find promo dates, a link to the overlay images and step-by-step instructions on how to use them. 

If you’re looking to save some money to stock up on products for yourself, read on to find out more about when and how you can save.

Pro tip

If you’re keeping these sales in mind for gifts this year, please check out our 2021 Holiday Ordering Deadlines page to make sure your dates and times line up!

An image with two tablescapes placed side by side. One has a table runner with large green, dark blue and red bulb vintage Christmas tree lights scattered throughout. A bright green placemat with the words “FA-LA-LA-LA-LA” written on it in white text in rows throughout is sitting on top of the table runner. A white plate is sitting on the placemat with the same Christmas tree bulb lights design on a dinner napkin sitting partly underneath a white table napkin with gold metallic dots. A silver knife and fork is placed to the right of the plate. The other tablescape features a light gray table runner with white and gray stripes running through it. On top of the table runner is a blue placemat with white snowflakes and white circles that have a Star of David in the middle of them. A white plate has two white dinner napkins on top of it, the one on top has a dark blue menorah with white candles that have light blue flames and the one on the bottom has light blue dreidels with dark blue Hebrew letters on them. There is gelt scattered on top of the table runner and the placemat.

November Promotion Start Dates

  • Nov. 1: 50% off fat quarters, tea towels & wall hangings

  • Nov. 11: 25% off fabric & wallpaper

  • Nov. 12: 20% off home decor

  • Nov. 17: 25% off fabric & wallpaper

  • Nov. 26: 20% off sitewide

DISCLAIMER: This information reflects our current November promotion plan, but we reserve the right to make adjustments at any time. Previous purchases are not eligible for promotions outside of the promotion period and cannot be combined with any other promotional offers. All promotions are based on Eastern Time. For current promotion fine print and promotion length, please click here. (Note: For official promotion rules, please see the preceding link during the length of each respective promotion.)


How to Use Promotional Overlays for Social Media

Attention, artists! Here’s how you can promote your shop during Spoonflower’s upcoming sales using our free promotional overlays.

  • Insert your own image under the promotional copy layer of one (or more) of the provided graphics. (Hint: If you’re not sure how to do this, please scroll down to the bottom of this post for instructions on how to do this on Canva, which has a free version.)
  • Share your new image on the first day of the related promo on Facebook and/or Instagram to encourage your customers to shop your designs while the promotion lasts! Not sure what image to post with your overlays? Check out our tried-and-true social media tips here.
  • In the post caption(s), remember to include the full length of the promotion period, which you can find in the promo listings above.
  • To access renders of your design on a range of Spoonflower products, select a design from your Design Library, then click View All Products from the left-side menu. From there, right-click any render to save it to your desktop. (Vocab hint: A render is an image that shows what your unique design would look like on our products.)

Insider Tip:

Did you know you can download a small, medium or large file? Right-click the render you want to open in a new tab. Look for /m/ in the file string and change it to /s/ for a smaller image or /l/ for a larger image and like magic, you’ve just adjusted the size of the image!

See how four Spoonflower artists are using our promotional overlays to promote their designs on Instagram.

Overlay Instructions Using Canva

  • Once you’ve downloaded the overlays, you can use Canva to create a free template of an Instagram post or Facebook post. (Hint: This process works for Stories and other images too!)
  • In Canva, select the option to create a blank post, which will bring up a blank post template.
  • Then, drag and drop the overlay into the social media post template, which will only take up part of the space. Although the overlay may look like an entire image, you’ll be adding your image layer on top of the overlay text layer. The end result being sort of like a collage, where one image is made out of two different images.
  • Individually drag each of the turquoise lines, which indicate the edges of the overlay image, to fit each of the post’s edges.
  • Then drag and drop the image of your design/product to fill the rest of the template space, again dragging each of the four turquoise lines to line up with the post’s edges.
  • That’s it, you did it! Now post your image to social media like the boss that you are!


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