Our Favorite DIY Projects for Your Unique Pet

Featured design: Doodle Cats and Dogs by kostolom3000

Dog Bandana Inspiration

Your pet will surely stand out in the crowd with a custom pet bandana! Check these projects from Spoonflower employees to inspire your furry friend's neckwear.

Dog wearing a handmade Halloween Dog Bandana

For a Halloween bandana for Fozzi, Suz used vintage designs and Fill-A-Yard to create 9 bandanas for under $3.

Dog wearing a custom tie-dye dog bandana

Amy made a tie-dye dog bandana for Stella. Find out how along with our other recommendations for tie-dye projects here.

Dog wearing a no-sew dog bandana

Lee’s pup Val is twinning with the husky fabric on a no-sew dog bandana. To create your own, just cut the bandana triangle using pinking shears and tie.

Dog Fabric for Your Bandana Project

Cut and Sew Pet Toys

Making a cat toy is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Scissors and cut out fabric to create a cat toy in the shape of a fish
Step 1

Cut out the toy shape from the cut-and-sew fabric.

Cat toy fabric inside out of sewn
Step 2

With right sides facing each other, stitch around the perimeter of the toy leaving an opening to fill.

Fabric fish cat toy ready to be stuffed with polyfil and catnip
Step 3

Flip the sewn toy inside out using something pointy like a chopstick to help. Stuff with polyester fiberfill sprinkled with catnip and sew the opening closed.

More Pet Toy Fabric Designs

Order a fat quarter of the designs in this collection to sew up one-of-a-kind toys for your playful pet. We suggest using a fabric like our Recycled Canvas or Cypress Cotton Canvas.


Interested in adding a squeaker to your toy? Check out this plushie dog toy project.

Creative Cat-titude

We were just feline like you all might like to meet a few of the Spoonflower team cats, so allow us to introduce you.

Cat sits on top of a sewing project in process

Cats make the best sewing assistants! Sarah’s cat Roscoe helps her with her handmade dress for Me Made May.

Anna’s friend Kylo Ren the cat chilling out with his handmade catnip toy.

Cat on a bed with a rainbo

Gina’s cat Oz sleeps in her handmade cat bed made with Spoonflower’s super soft Minky in this rainbow print every day!

Cat Fabric Designs

Paws-itively Perfect Pairs

Love twinning with your pet? Tag your makes on Instagram with #Spoonflower and #SpoonflowerApparel to share your creativity with the community and get inspired.

More Pet Projects