Living room scene with gold, geometric woven wallpaper, a beige couch with a gold weiner dog figurine behind it, and blue and beige chinoiserie-inspired pillows with leopards on them. There is a gold lamp and green bookshelves against the wall.
Designed for Good: Elizabeth O’Neal’s space was created with donated items given to Green Chair, and wallpaper, lumbar pillow and throw pillows provided by Spoonflower. All products are auctioned off with proceeds benefitting Green Chair’s mission. Photograph by Alex Craig.

What Is The Green Chair Project?

The Green Chair Project is a nonprofit organization that reuses donated furnishings for people facing the challenges of homelessness, crisis or disaster. Using donated pieces from The Green Chair’s inventory, local interior designers create beautiful vignettes that then are sold at The Green Chair gala—all proceeds going to support the organization’s mission.

As a sponsor of the event, we are delighted to introduce you to four of the talented interior designers who created spaces using Spoonflower wallpaper and home decor. Watch our video interviews below, and learn about how the designers collaborate with Spoonflower artists to achieve custom looks that perfectly fit their visions.

Meet The Designers

Anna Applegate

Anna Applegate Interiors
When Anna Applegate begins a new design project, the goal is always the same: to create a beautiful, detailed & layered space that meets practical, daily-life needs and reflects the personalities and unique stories of the homeowners.
A powder room with blue, wavy wallpaper, a wicker side table, two fiddle leaf fig trees, a yellow tufted chair, and a lamp with a sage green shade.
Anna Applegate’s original interior design concept featuring Large Heatwave White on Soft Blue wallpaper by Danika Herrick. Photograph by Alex Craig.

What drew you to this wallpaper design and how did it play a role in your overall concept? I fell in love with Large Heatwave White on Soft Blue by Danika Herrick, it is such a happy, cheerful color to me, the design is unique and whimsical, but also very sophisticated, so I knew it would be a great background for other pieces I’d chosen for the room.

Shop the Look

Inspired by the powder room Anne designed for the Green Chair Project? Shop the exact wallpaper Anne used to create this space, as well as our picks for similar upholstery fabric for the tufted chair, and a similar Chinoiserie-inspired throw pillow from the Spoonflower Marketplace.

Lori Moscato

Casual Elegance Designs
Our style is not what is important. Your home should reflect your personality and function. Casual Elegance Designs will assist you in creating spaces that speak to who you are.
A nursery with red, pink, green and blue wallpaper patterned with mid-century dogs. A blue crib matches the blue velvet chair. There is a black bookshelf with stuffed dogs and books.
Lori Moscato’s original interior design concept created for the Green Chair gala event. Photograph by Alex Craig.

What was your process like in selecting this wallpaper design? The process with Spoonflower was really eye-opening for me. When we went to Spoonflower and said, “we fell in love with Dog Print Retro Mod from Judy Quintero of Shopcabin, but there are too many flowers on it, the colors aren’t just right for my vision, what can we do?” Within days, Judy had reimagined the paper and re-did it for us with this mid-century theme that was exactly perfect for my space.

How did you select your theme for this nursery? As soon as we saw Shopcabin’s Retro Mod Dog print, we knew we had our theme! We really did design the entire room around the wallpaper.

Shop the Wallpaper

Lori and Judy from Shopcabin collaborated on this wallpaper design so that it would match Judy’s vision. Perfect for your space, too? Shop the custom wallpaper for yourself below.
Dog Print Retro Mod Wallpaper

Elizabeth O’Neal

Creative Director at Southern Studio Interior Design
Elizabeth strives to create curated interiors that are reflective of each individual client, personalized with a quintessential mix of comfortable and interesting accents.
A white woman with long blonde hair and a long patterned dress sits on the couch in a living room scene with gold, geometric woven wallpaper, a beige couch with a gold weiner dog figurine behind it, and blue and beige chinoiserie-inspired pillows with leopards on them. There is a gold lamp and green bookshelves against the wall.
Elizabeth O’Neill’s original interior design space featuring Gold Diamond Stripe wallpaper by Crystal Walen, Leopard Parade on Cream, and Custom Party Leopards in Pagoda Forest blue throw pillows designed by Danika Herrick. Photograph by Alex Craig.

What drew you to this wallpaper design and how did it play a role in your overall concept? We fell in love with Crystal Whalen’s design “Gold Diamond Stripe” for the wallpaper, and “Leopard Parade on Cream” and “Custom Party Leopards in Pagoda Forest blue” by Danika Herrick for the couch pillows.

How did you narrow down your favorites? Our team narrowed it down after ordering samples of lots of options, then our entire team helped weigh in to select the final design. I just loved that the wallpaper was a beautiful neutral texture. The woven pattern is so elegant and refined but it has kind of a playful quality to it, and it was just a beautiful background for the more colorful elements of our space, including Danika Herrick’s pillows.

Shannon Cassell

Shannon Cassell Interiors
Shannon’s mission is to create spaces that function to enhance the lives of our client and reflect their own personal stories, while embracing classic architecture and updated traditional design.
A formal dining room scene with light blue wallpaper, blue curtains, and a wooden dining table with blue upholstered chairs. On the table is a large green plant, crystal wine glasses and white and gold plate settings.
Shannon Cassell’s original interior design dining concept featuring custom-upholstered chairs, and Custom Blue Inkblots wallpaper designed by Danika Herrick. Photograph by Alex Craig.

What was it like collaborating with Spoonflower artists? Danika Herrick was wonderful. I was drawn to her shop on the Spoonflower website, her designs overall really spoke to me and she had quite a vast offering, so I worked with her to whittle it down to a few different patterns and colors.

How did you land on your final wallpaper design that was used? The design that I’ve chosen was not one that was offered readily. I reached out to Danika with my request, and she got back to me right away to say that yes she’d be happy to offer the color I wanted on a specific background, and so together we collaborated on something that was just a little bit different from what she had already offered in her Spoonflower shop, but really hit the note of what I was looking for.

Did you order samples? Yes! The Spoonflower team was able to ship my samples to me very quickly despite them being custom printed on demand. I had samples on my doorstep before I knew it so that I could continue scheming and working with Danika to finalize what I was going to actually use. The whole process was really pretty seamless.

Pamela custom-blue-double-inkblot

Wallpaper design by danika_herrick
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Watch The Video Interview With The Designers:

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