Image of the 2022 Craft Friday logo. The words “Craft Friday 2022” are in teal all caps embroidery stitch font in the center of the image. An embroidered red measuring tape, blue pencil, red-headed sewing pins, and a pair of scissors with the lower hand filled with red stitches float around the image. The background is a white Aida cloth.

Ready for a day of making, creating and connecting? While November 25 may have passed, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun—this post has been updated with all of the session videos so you can learn from them no matter what the date. Craft Friday’s 2022 lineup of 15 sessions includes how to make a pet bandana, watercolor holiday card, scented garland and so much more. 

Below you’ll find the Craft Friday session information, material lists, presenter bios and tutorial videos, everything you need to participate. All the videos are also available to watch as a playlist on our YouTube channel.

Craft Friday Sessions 

Create a DIY 2023 Journal with Tisa Jackson of This is Tisa 

How to Make DIY Lip Scrub with Judith Jones of Good Juju Herbal 

How to Make a Pom Pom Headband with Miriam Delos Santos of Hello Darling 

Learn to Sew a 2-Toned Pet Bandana with Corelle Rokicki of SciPaws 

Candle-Making Fundamentals + Fragrance Basics with Lindsay Hirth of Scent Workshop 

Make a Doodled Coloring Pages Gift Pack with Jackie Tahara of UnBlink Studio 

How to DIY Giftable Plant Cozies with Tracey Hairston of MochaGirl Place 

Learn to Paint a Watercolor Holiday Card with Subhashini Narayanan 

How to Make Fabric Gift Wrap with Andrea Tsang Jackson of 3rd Story Workshop 

Create Custom Textures For Your Surface Designs with Fleur Crawford of Hufton Studio 

Set the Holiday Mood with a DIY Scented Garland with Tiffany Griffin of Bright Black 

Create a Miniature Holiday Scene with Chelsea Andersson of ChelseaMakes 


How to Make a Pom Pom Headband with Miriam Delos Santos

Miriam Delos Santos holds up pastel chiffon fabric and is surrounded by fabric supplies in her studio, ready to make a pom pom headband, including several bowls of pom poms.

Workshop description: Let’s make a fun pom pom headband together! We’ll cut out the fabric and participants then can either sew the pieces with a sewing machine or can use hot glue. For headband decoration, participants are welcome to use pom poms, sparkly gems or even fun things you find around your house. Once adorned, we’ll stuff the fabric tubes around the headband and create a fun and whimsical headpiece together! 

Materials list:

  • Half a meter/yard of Chiffon (Miriam’s fabric recommendations: Preferably a light color and/or transparent so poms poms remain visible. Miriam’s personal favorite colors for this project are light pink, lilac and anything bright or neon Fabric in two different colors means extra fun!)
  • Half a meter/yard of brightly colored stretch velvet (Miriam’s fabric recommendations: a neon/lime green or hot pink) 
  • A hard headband (this can be a simple inexpensive headband or one you have already lying around the house) 
  • Pom poms (assorted sizes and colors) 
  • Hot glue gun 
  • Hot glue sticks 
  • Anything fun and festive you would like to include 
Miriam Delos Santos portrait

Miriam Delos Santos is the designer and owner of Hello Darling Co., a local small business specializing in inclusive women’s accessories and fashion. Miriam is proudly a second-generation Filipina, with immigrant parents who started their own entrepreneurial business in the 1980s and paved the path. From careful curation of textiles (mostly deadstock and remnant fabrics), to design and production, Hello Darling Co. is proudly made in Miriam’s Winnipeg, Manitoba, studio. Miriam also participates in local student internships, panels empowering Asian women in business, fashion school lectures and believes in community support, the power of mentorship, visibility and dedication to one’s craft. 

Learn to Sew a 2-Toned Pet Bandana with Corelle Rokicki

Image of the front of a pet bandana. The top 2/3s of the bandana has a blue Fair Isle print with dogs on alternating rows facing different directions. The bottom lefthand third is a solid khaki fabric. Small bells have been sewn along the seam where the two fabrics meet.

Workshop description: Learn how to sew 2 variations of a 2-toned pet bandana! We’ll be making one normal bandana and one with jingle bells.

Materials list:  

  • Fat quarter of Minky fabric  
  • Fat quarter of a medium-weight cotton fabric  
  • Polyester thread color of choice 
  • Sewing machine 
  • Sewing ruler 
  • Scissors 
  • Snap fasteners kit 
  • Sewing pins 
  • Rotary cutter 
  • Jingle bells, for the jingle bell version 
  • Strong glue, for the jingle bell version

Corelle grew up on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where her love for science started. She fell in love with research and all things bacteria during her undergrad education and master’s program. Since everyone in science knows you can’t be in science without experiencing stress, Corelle’s outlet was the arts and her dog, Watson, who she loved to put bandanas on. SciPaws was born from wanting combine her love of science with her love of art. With SciPaws’ accessories your pet can be fashionable as they wear designs scientifically proven to be adorably nerdy. 

How to Make Fabric Gift Wrap with Andrea Tsang Jackson 

Image of two rectangular books wrapped neatly in quilted patchwork fabric and laying on top of fir boughs. On the left, the fabric is red, dark pink and orange. On the right, the fabric is green, pink and a pink floral design with a dark green background.

Workshop description: Learn how to create fabric gift wrap and table linens with your scraps using a double-sided seam. Using Korean bojagi patchwork, this tutorial will turn your scrap stash into reusable gift wrap and decor for every occasion. 

Materials list:  

  • Scrap fabric strips in varying lengths (quilting cotton, linen/cotton blend and/or linen strips a minimum of 3″ (7.62 cm) wide)
  • Thread 
  • Sewing machine 
  • Rotary cutter 
  • Cutting mat 
  • Quilting ruler 
  • Iron 
  • Ironing board 

Andrea Tsang Jackson portrait

Andrea Tsang Jackson is a textile artist, quilt designer and all-round creative dabbler. She lives in Kjipukuk / Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.  

Set the Holiday Mood with a DIY Scented Garland with Tiffany Griffin 

Image of hand placing a small round ornament on a small Christmas tree. The ornament has been covered with strips of red, black and orange peel and stick wallpaper. A garland made of dried orange slices has been placed on the tree as well.

Workshop description: Smell is arguably our most powerful sense and is directly connected to emotion, memory, mood and even improved cognition. During this workshop, participants will learn how to transform the power of scent into beautiful holiday garland that can mark just about any occasion. Bonus: it requires items that you can generally find around the house and is a great way to utilize your Spoonflower wallpaper and/or fabric swatches and remnants!  

Materials list:  

  • Fabric and/or wallpaper—this is a great project for swatches or remnants!  
  • Scented items (citrus fruits, cinnamon sticks, star anise, eucalyptus are all great) 
  • Fishing line, clear wire, ribbon, burlap twine, etc.  
  • Oven  
  • Mini holiday ornaments  
  • Glue gun and glue sticks (or Mod Podge/spray adhesive)  
  • Large branch, stick, pole, hoop wreath, or embroidery hoop for hanging   
  • Baking sheet  
  • Parchment paper  
  • Small knife, whole puncher, and/or toothpick  
  • Optional items: wire rack, kitchen mandoline, fairy lights, holiday lights, tealights  

Psychologist and policymaker turned social entrepreneur Tiffany M. Griffin is the CEO, co-founder and lead scent designer at Bright Black. Based in Durham, North Carolina, Bright Black is an award-winning company that uses scent as an artistic medium for sharing positive stories about Blackness. Tiffany is passionate about her family, the creative process, justice and forging meaning connections.

Tiffany Griffin portrait 2

Create a Miniature Holiday Scene with Chelsea Andersson 

Image of a miniature Christmas tree with tiny presents under the tree. The presents have been made out of wallpaper scraps and are tried with twine. A small yellow-and-orange rectangular fabric scrap has been made into a rug partially underneath the tree. A hand, for scale, is reaching in to adjust the scene.

Workshop description: Let’s celebrate the holiday season in a mini way! Using Spoonflower fabrics and wallpaper, we’ll create a miniature holiday scene. A miniature Christmas tree with tiny presents allow you to use this adorable creation as a functional advent calendar for tiny presents and treats. 

Materials list:  

  • Wallpaper and fabric samples and scraps 
  • Scrap wood or shoebox 
  • Heavy cardstock 
  • Quick dry craft glue 
  • String or ribbon 
  • Craft knife 
  • Hot glue gun 
  • Sisal tree 
  • Small beads 
  • Fairy lights 
  • Tape 

Chelsea Andersson headshot

Chelsea Andersson is a maker and miniaturist. She is most known for her time on season 3 of NBC’s crafting competition show Making It. She loves sharing her excitement for miniature crafts through tutorials and craft kits. 

How to Transform Your Table Runner with Embroidery with Robert Mahar 

Image of a table runner set with place settings on top featuring clear glasses and white ceramic plates with white napkins with watercolor dark green dots. A clear glass in the center holds several markers in rainbow colored hues. The name Robert has been written in red ink in the center foreground.

Workshop description: Transform your table runner into a celebratory souvenir of gatherings, past and present, by inviting guests to sign their names at the end of each meal. In the days that follow, embroider over their signatures, creating a stitched remembrance of your time together. Over time, this textile guestbook can grow and expand every time it graces the center of your table.  

Materials list:  

Robert Mahar portrait

Robert Mahar is a California-based artist, designer, maker and embroidery enthusiast who teaches clever do-it-yourself projects and develops imaginative craft inspired products. He’s also a proud alumni of the inaugural season of NBC’s crafting competition show Making It with Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman. With an education in studio arts and art history, he has worked in a variety of creative fields including 13 years as an appraiser of modern and contemporary art.


Blooms & Shrooms: A Mini Tutorial to Draw Fun & Funky Art in Procreate with Cat Coquillette of CatCoq 

Cat draws on a tablet while laying in a hammock. The design on the tablet is of a large yellow sun with a brown center and two red-capped mushrooms to the left hand side of the sun, all within a cream background.

Workshop description: Come join Cat Coquillette and learn how to illustrate this year’s most on-trend motifs: mushrooms and florals! Cat will walk you step-by-step through illustrating retro-inspired blooms and shrooms on your iPad using the drawing app Procreate. This tutorial is short and sweet: it’s all about enjoying the process of creating fun and funky artwork while learning the fundamentals of Procreate. This is a beginner-friendly tutorial, so even if you’ve never used Procreate before, you’re going to be able to follow along just fine and create a *magical* illustration. 

Materials list:   

  • iPad 
  • Procreate
  • Apple Pencil (optional—if you don’t have a stylus, you can just use your finger)

Cat Coquillette portrait

CatCoq is an illustration and design brand founded by Cat Coquillette, a world-traveling artist with a passion for collecting creative inspiration from her firsthand global observations and encounters. Whether she’s painting florals found in Vietnamese jungles, exotic wildlife from the Amazon Rainforest or patterns inspired from Scandinavian textiles, Cat’s designs and inspiring messages of positivity bring a fresh perspective to everyone her artwork touches. CatCoq aspires to not only provide an exhilarating aesthetic rooted in an appreciation for culture, travel and the outdoors, but to also inspire people to channel their natural curiosity by expanding their horizons in order to gain a deeper understanding of our world.

How to Create an Artist Portfolio That Sells with Mable Tan 

Image that says “Life on the farm” at the top right in black text. Three squares of designs with a farm theme (garden veggies appear on a brown background, columns of apples cut in half with blue centers appear on a green background and small white ditsy triangles float through a mustard yellow background) appear underneath the text.

Workshop description: In this workshop, you’ll learn how to put together a portfolio with art from your Spoonflower shop and pitch it to companies. This tutorial will show you how to build the perfect portfolio for the company (or companies) and industry you’ve always dreamed of working with by showing you how to create two types of portfolios with your existing artwork.  

Materials list:  

Mable Tan portrait

Mable Tan is a surface pattern designer based in Melbourne, Australia. Her work is very much inspired by nature. birds, joy and color. Her work has been seen in Target Australia, Spotlight, RICE, Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom. She has been featured on both websites (Oh Joy!) and magazines (Mantra, Flow, Origin). 

Make a Doodled Coloring Pages Gift Pack with Jackie Tahara of UnBlink Studio

Image of three pieces of white paper splayed out on a brick surface. A black pen is partially visible in the middle right of the image. The papers all have geometric drawings all over them for coloring.

Workshop description: Jackie will guide you through the process of making your own doodled coloring pages. No artistic skill required! Once you have a collection of fun pages, she’ll show you some quick ideas for packaging them up nicely, so they’re ready for gift giving. And don’t forget, now that you have a Doodled Coloring Pages Gift Pack (or someone gives you one), you can then have tons of fun coloring them in too! Fun to both make and receive, her Doodled Coloring Pages Gift Pack is a low-cost, homemade, artistic gift idea you can make on your own, with kids at home or in the classroom—it makes a great party activity too!

Materials list: 

  • Printer paper (Any quality will do, but Jackie recommends heavier high-quality paper, often called “High Performance Printing” or “Premium” paper that is usually 24-28 lb. weight) 
  •  Jackie’s Doodle Prompt Pages  
  • A good fine-tip black marker (Jackie likes fine point Sharpies, which make nice permanent lines. If you already have black markers (i.e., ultra-fine, medium, chisel-tip, or brush pen markers), gather them up too!) 
  • Report cover with inner pockets, or something similar (Try to find ones with bright colors or fun patterns as you’ll be putting your finished coloring pages in this to make your gift pack) 
  • Pack of coloring pencils (optional—You don’t need this to make your coloring pages, but they’re a nice addition to your finished gift pack!) 
  • Printer (to print out the Doodle Prompt Pages) 
  • Scanner (optional, but helpful if you want to make a bunch of gift packs)

Jackie Tahara headshot
Photo by Jeffrey Bosdet

Jackie Tahara founded UnBlink Studio in beautiful Victoria, Canada, where she is happily surrounded by mountains, forests, beaches and the Pacific Ocean. She has licensed her surface pattern designs and illustrations for a wide variety of products, including apparel, stationery, home decor and apps, and sells her designs through her various print-on-demand shops. Her work has also appeared in several print and online publications, and she has won several public art competitions. She is inspired by: anything curly, her studio garden, vintage illustrations, farmers markets, low tide, handmade textiles and many other things. 

Learn to Paint a Watercolor Holiday Card with Subhashini Narayanan 

Image of a watercolor holiday card featuring a red and blue bird with a small red hat with a pom pom on top painted on a white card. A palette with watercolors. paint brushes and a small container of water surround the card.

Workshop description: In this workshop, we’ll be painting a fun holiday card that you can send to loved ones. Subhashini Narayanan will show you how to paint a holiday wreath with beautiful winter foliage along with a winter bird.   

Materials list:  

  • Watercolor paper (300 gsm, A4 Size to fold as a card) 
  • Watercolor paints   
  • Round brushes in sizes 2, 4 and 8  
  • Rigger brush or a round brush in size 1 
  • Palette   
  • Cloth rag / paper towel 
  • Water container 
  • Fine liner (optional) 

Subhashini Narayanan portrait

Subhashini Narayanan is an artist and illustrator known for her whimsical, dreamy artwork inspired by nature and wildlife. She loves exploring different art mediums and techniques. 

Create Custom Textures For Your Surface Designs with Fleur Crawford of Hufton Studio

Image of some of Fleur’s handmade boho textures in gray, dark orange and green, printed on wallpaper, printer paper and fabric.

Workshop description: This tutorial is all about creating your own homemade textures for your design work and adding them into a repeating pattern. Fleur Crawford will be showing you how she makes interesting textures from things you can find around the house. Additionally, she’ll also share how to bring them to life with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator so you can use them in your repeating patterns to create depth, personality and interest in your designs. After this workshop, you’ll be able to start your own textures and distress library to pull from for years to come! Bonus: Check out Fleur’s 30+ digitized hi-res handmade textures!

Materials list:  

  • White plain A4 paper (Black paint of any kind, e.g., India ink, acrylic, gouache, pencil, charcoal, whatever you would like to experiment with but the darker the color, i.e., black, the better your results will be) Watercolor paper (300 gsm, A4 Size to fold as a card) 
  • Mark making tools (anything you can find to create textures with, e.g. toothbrush, old paint brushes, toothpicks, skewers, sticks, dried flowers, sponge, sandpaper) 
  • Scanner, camera or phone 
  • Adobe Photoshop 
  •  Adobe Illustrator  

Fleur Crawford

Fleur Crawford is the creator and artist behind Hufton Studio. She is a textile and surface pattern designer, creative mentor and mum of two little people based in Auckland, New Zealand. She is inspired by the world around her and brings a soft whimsical feel to her pattern work by using pastels, earth-toned color palettes and an organic hand-drawn finish. Fleur loves sharing her designs to see what others create to bring her designs to life. She loves supporting other artists on their creative journey and sharing her wealth of knowledge with the community.


Create a DIY 2023 Journal with Tisa Jackson of This is Tisa 

Image of journal making supplies are laid on a white surface, including an open lined notebook, 6 rolls of removable wallpaper in bright poppy pastel designs, pastel tissue paper, round tissue paper circles and a hole punch.

Workshop description: In this class, you’ll get ready for the new year by creating an amazing DIY journal to use for journaling or goal planning. Let’s grab some scrapbook paper, wallpaper or wrapping paper and create something beautiful! See you soon! 

Materials list:  

  • Journal of your choice (not leather bound) 
  • Scrapbook paper, wrapping paper or removable wallpaper to cover journal  
  • Tab punch or 1.5” (3.8 cm) circle paper punch 
  • Stapler 
  • Pens or markers 
  • Glue gun or scrapbook adhesive 
  • Letter stickers or vinyl stickers  
  • Scissors  
  • Ruler  

Tisa Jackson portrait

Tisa Jackson is a DIY content creator, maker, designer and workshop instructor behind This Is Tisa and Confetti University who creates everyday things to make you smile. She sells colorful stationery and gift items and shares all things craft related. Tisa has worked with creative brands like Michaels, Beacon Adhesives, HP, Crayola and more. 

How to Make DIY Lip Scrub with Judith Jones of Good Juju Herbal 

Image of four small round plastic containers with pink lids stacked in front of a small fabric cream bag that has red tissue paper coming out of the top. A white-and-gold paper gift tag has been tied around the top of the bag with white string.

Workshop description: Learn one of Judith’s favorite (and extra easy) DIY lip scrub recipes. The cherry on top? It’s great for sensitive skin and makes an extra cute stocking stuffer for the upcoming holiday season! In the video part of this DIY, she’ll share some of the ways she likes to decorate lip scrubs for gifting.  

Materials list:  

  • 1 small bowl and spoon   
  • Small mason jar with lid (if choosing to make for stocking stuffers/gifts, Judith suggests these containers from Amazon
  • 1 tablespoon sugar (brown or white)  
  • 1 tablespoon jojoba oil or olive oil  
  • 1 tablespoon honey 
  • 3 drops essential oil (optional) 

Judith Jones portrait

Judith Jones is the owner of both Good JuJu Herbal and the world’s most sensitive skin. Her first products (bar soap and the Essential Salve) were formulated during a time in her life when she was dumpster diving for food to make ends meet and aid her damaged allergy-prone skin. Almost ten years later, Judith and the team at GJJH still focus on making seriously good universal basics for all ages, skin types, genders and skin conditions at an affordable price point. 

Candle-Making Fundamentals + Fragrance Basics with Lindsay Hirth of Scent Workshop

Close up image of a person pouring melted wax from a small sliver pitcher with a clothes pin on the lip into a small purple floral metal container with a wick. Only the person’s hands and torso are shown.

Workshop description: This tutorial will teach candle-making fundamentals, from melting and pouring wax to creating custom fragrances. 

Materials list:  

  • 1 candle container that will hold 8-10 oz. 
  • Soy wax (8 oz)  
  • 1 wick with a metal and sticker fastener at the bottom 
  • Fragrance oil or essential oil (1 oz) 
  • Stir stick (Lindsay recommends chopsticks)  
  • Clothes pin 
  • Glass or metal container that holds 2-4 cups of liquid  
  • Electric griddle   

Don’t want to buy all these supplies separately? Check out Scent Workshop’s Candle Kit, which includes the supplies above (except for the last two items) and more!  

Lindsay Hirth portrait

On a trip to Paris, Lindsay Hirth attended a perfuming workshop to learn the fundamentals of blending scents. She had always loved how scents can trigger memories and create specific moods, and fell in love with the art of perfuming. With that knowledge, Lindsay started creating candles and body goods in her kitchen and hosting candle-making parties with friends. A year later, she started Scent Workshop—a small business offering scented home and body goods made with natural ingredients. Scent Workshop also teaches custom-scented candle and perfume making workshops in its two locations. Lindsay lives in Greensboro, North Carolina, with her two kiddos and an oversized lap dog.  

How to DIY Giftable Plant Cozies with Tracey Hairston of MochaGirl Place 

Four small plants are wrapped in fabric with neutral boho designs. Brown gift tags with the name of the plant written in cursive green font have been wrapped around the plants and the fabric with brown satin ribbon.

Workshop description: Ever want to gift a plant but aren’t sure how to present it? This workshop shares how you can create DIY plant cozies for new plant parents, teachers and seasoned plant lovers too! These fun plant giftables wrap around the top of the plant for a festive look and are tied with a decorative ribbon to hold the fabric in place. A sticky label placed on the back allows you to share plant information and basic care instructions. 

Materials list:   

  • Several fat quarters of Spoonflower designs (Tracey recommends Longleaf Sateen Grand ™ for this project, which is a PRO member only substrate. Not a PRO member? We also recommend Cypress Cotton Canvas.) 
  • Fabric glue 
  • Measuring tape 
  • Scissors  
  • 4” (10.2 cm) plastic round plant saucers (4) 
  • Plants 
  • 1” (2.54 cm) inch wide satin ribbon (40” (102 cm) inches per piece) 
  • Pack of VELCRO Oval Sticky Backs (for fabric) 
  • Pack of sticky labels

Tracey Hairston portrait

Tracey Hairston is a Spoonflower Ambassador and creator of MochaGirl Place, an interior design and lifestyle blog. Tracey is an interior design styling, plant loving, DIYing family woman who loves eclectic design and has an eye for vintage with a modern bohemian flair. She loves to show her followers how not to be afraid of doing it yourself and how to create the homes of their dreams by being their true authentic selves and thinking outside the box. 

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