What’s more fun than decorating your space? Decorating your space for the holidays! Whether your focus is on a dining setup, a family room or an entire home, bringing out the festive colors, fabrics and decor is a great way to refresh and welcome in the season. But what colors should you decorate with that will leave you in the mood to celebrate? Find out with these nine questions!

1. Which of these interior styles do you like the best?

A. Cool and Coastal

B. Comfy Cottage Core

C. Dark and Moody

D. Sophisticated Neutral

(Not sure? Take this quiz to find out your style!)

2. What are you sipping on this season to keep you happy?

A. Hot cocoa with marshmallows

B. Something bubbly

C. Spiked eggnog

D. Mulled cider

3. Pick a must-have decor element:

A. Art with fun wishes and joyful affirmations.

B. Trinkets galore! On the shelves, mantle, table and more.

C. Fleece blankets and other layers with coordinating designs.

D. Holiday botanicals, candles and other natural touches.

Three small Christmas trees, all comprised of triangles made out of wood, with short-width bottoms and long sides, are covered in pick-and-stick wallpaper with a brightly colored design with pink, red, blue, yellow and green horizontal stripes. The trees are part of a tablescape and placed in front a small tabletop artificial Christmas tree and behind a stack of 5 small white plates that has teal napkins with pink-and-orange-striped napkins on top of it. Several silver forks are placed on top of the napkins.

4. Thanks to our Peel and Stick wallpaper, you can have a temporary accent wall decorated just for the holidays and take it down whenever you want! Which one would you go with?

5. You’re about to open a gift box from a friend, what do you hope is inside?

A. Something I can wear and feel confident in.

B. Something handmade to put on display.

C. Something I can share with someone else and create memories with.

D. Something practical to use in my home.

Did you know Spoonflower used to sell wrapping paper?
While we have discontinued this product, you can still fill your home with these adorable holiday designs by therewillbecute.
Or, experiment with wrapping boxes in Peel and Stick wallpaper!

6. Choose a DIY project to tackle before the new year:

7. Select a pillow design you wouldn’t mind seeing in your holiday space:

8. Pick a palette, any palette!

9. Finally, what kind of candle will you be burning in your home for guests to enjoy?

A. Sugar Cookie

B. Winter Berry

C. Fall Spice

D. Forest Pine

LED candle wrapped with leftover Peel and Stick wallpaper by Stacy Grinsfelder

Results: Which Style Should You Shop?

If you answered mostly A…

Merry and Bright

Bring out the loud colors, the cheesy (but wonderful) motifs and the cheer! You’re a kid at heart always seeking nostalgia, or maybe your home is just full of tiny humans who constantly radiate happy energy.

Reflect this by decorating with pops of bright, happy reds and greens, bold golds and silvers that light up any area and even guest appearances of fun holiday characters/symbols and their stories.
If you answered mostly B…

Quirky Eclectic

Your natural creativity shines during the holidays with non-traditional hues and a bunch of surprises!

Explore decorating for the holidays outside the box, using shades of blue and aqua, orange, pink and purple—the whole color wheel if you want to go big. Organize these colors in layers throughout your home, filling every corner with knickknacks and things that make you smile.
If you answered mostly C…

Muted Traditional

You enjoy those cozy holiday vibes with blankets, hot drinks and classic stories.

Fill your home with these relaxing traditions and more by displaying colors like burgundy, dark shades of green, warm-toned browns or antique gold. These will bring feelings of warmth and comfort to your home for everyone to bask in.
If you answered mostly D…

Tranquil Winter

You’re looking for something that doesn’t necessarily scream the holidays, but still provides happy and calming vibes for the winter season.

Decorate with cool browns, icy blues and silvers, muted green, plus a few warm tones here and there to celebrate the turned leaves and wandering animals found in cold lands. Anything that represents the beauty and tranquility of the outdoors during this time—that you get to bring inside!

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