You’re finally starting a home design project, how exciting! However, with so many decor types out there, how do you choose what your space will look and feel like? If you’ve been struggling to pinpoint your design style, these six questions might help.

Here’s how it works: After reading each question, record the letter of each answer you choose. After you’ve completed the quiz, round up all your letters and see if there’s a pattern!

6 Questions to Find Your Home Decorating Style

1. Starting in the dining room, you’re throwing a dinner party soon and it’s time to plan the table decor! What does the ideal setup look like? 

2. You’ve picked some fabric designs from the Spoonflower Marketplace to start DIYing some home decor. Which collection most appeals to you?

3. Next stop: the bedroom! Choose your dream bedding set:

4. If you had to pick a color palette to decorate with right now, what would it be?

5. Wallpaper is one of our favorite parts of a room makeover. What design would you hang in your space?

6. Last stop is the living room! Which of these setups is the most appealing to you?

Results: What Style Should You Be Shopping?

If you answered mostly A…

Comfy Cottagecore

You’re a fan of pastel palettes, nature and sunny days ahead! Grab a basket and explore gardens of designs filled with florals, critters and whimsical patterns.

If you answered mostly B…

Cool and Coastal

You’re wishing to make that breezy vacation feeling an everyday norm. Discover a coastline of designs full of the sand, sun and sky.

If you answered mostly C…

Sophisticated Neutral

Neutral is your name and subtle is your game! Designs with shades of tan, beige and grey add a cozy yet classy touch to any space.

If you answered mostly D…

Vintage Mid-Century Modern

Maybe you’re known for your retro sense of style, or you just appreciate the classics! Throwback to fun, warm palettes, geometric patterns and good vibes with these designs.

If you answered mostly E…

Dark and Moody

You enjoy shadowy hues and aren’t afraid to show them off and think outside the box. Welcome to the dark side– discover the below designs perfect for moody interiors.

If you answered mostly F…

Minimalist Boho

You want chic, but also simplicity! Find the best of both worlds through designs with natural textures and sleek yet rustic styles.

There’s More Than Six Ways to Decorate

The Spoonflower Marketplace offers designs for any interior style in mind, from Shabby Chic to Abstract. This quiz is just the beginning!
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