2022 Spoonflower + Ello Lovey Doodle-A-Day January Challenge

We’re kicking off the new year with our third-annual Doodle-A-Day Challenge with our friend Rhianna Wurman of ellolovey, and we want you to join us! If one of your new year’s resolutions is to spend more time on a regular drawing practice this year, this is the challenge for you. We’ve even got special prizes in store for one lucky participant (since we all know rewards are the best way to make a habit stick, right?).

Throughout the month, join us in our Doodle-a-Day Challenge on Instagram around the theme “Adventure.”  We’ve all been dreaming about our next big adventure during lockdown, and what better way to manifest those adventures in the future than to dedicate time each day to drawing all the things we love about travels, trips and adventure?

Use our list of prompts below to inspire your drawings with whatever medium you prefer—pen and paper, iPad and Procreate, it’s up to you! You can aspire to make this part of your daily routine or jump in when it makes sense for your schedule.

Before you get started, get to know Rhianna in her Meet the Designer interview!

Join the Doodle-a-Day Challenge

January Doodle-a-Day Prompts

calendar graphic showing daily drawing themes

1 – Favorite Country
2 – Airport / Airplane
3 – Maps
4 – Backpack
5 – Museum
6 – Trail
7 – Discovery
8 – Travel Snacks
9 – Passport
10 – City Streets
11 – Dream Getaway
12 – Binoculars
13 – Train Ride
14 – Campsite
15 – Packing List

16 – Staycation
17 – Ticket
18 – Luggage
19 – Road Trip
20 – Souvenirs
21 – Geocaching
22 – Boating
23 – Park
24 – Roadside Attraction
25 – Travel
26 – Country Roads
27 – Weekend
28 – The Great Indoors
29 – Photo-journaling
30 – Mountain Trip
31 – Bike ride

Doodle-a-Day “Rules”

  • Use the list above as your daily drawing inspiration.
  • Be sure to share your doodles on Instagram and use #DoodleADayJanELSF and #DoodleADayJanELSF2022. Remember to tag @spoonflower and @ellolovey so we can all see and encourage each other’s work—and also so you can be eligible to win our grand prize!
  • Feel free to jump in whenever you like and do as many prompts as you like or even just a few!
  • This is a fun exercise to work the right side of the brain. There really are no rules except to have fun and get creative.

Doodle-a-Day Grand Prize

A grand prize winner will be selected at random at the end of the challenge. Make sure your posts are hashtagged with #DoodleADayJanELSF to be eligible to win.

Spoonflower x Ello Lovey Prize Pack 

Bonus: Enter our “Adventurous” January Design Challenges

In honor of this month’s Doodle-A-Day challenge with Ello Lovey all about adventures, two of our January Design Challenge prompts are also based on this theme! This will allow you to make the most of your doodles by uploading them to your Spoonflower account, and submitting them into our weekly challenges for the chance to win even more prizes and share your designs in the Spoonflower Marketplace.

Don’t forget to enter our “Adventure Ditsy Prints” challenge by January 4, and the “Adventure Block Prints” challenge by January 11, 2022.

Need a little design help before you get started? Don’t miss all the resources available on the blog!

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Happy doodling, friends!