The Latest Wallpaper Trends for Artists and Interior Designers

With Spoonflower’s Resident Curator and Artist Community Manager Tara Reed

OCT 6, 2021 updated Oct 12, 2021
Floral wallpaper in an entryway with a mirror

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You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about wallpaper by now, but it is for good reason. Sales of wallpaper are BOOMING and there are no signs of it slowing down. In a recent survey, the majority of respondents indicated that they plan to purchase wallpaper within the next year. Plus custom wallpaper specifically accounted for 15% of the market in 2020 and is expected to reach 34% by 2025!

Spoonflower’s talented community of designers ensures that the Spoonflower Marketplace is a go-to shop for the most unique custom wallpaper designs. Looking to join in on this amazing product trend? In this article, we will provide you with trending keywords and color inspiration to help artists design for wallpaper and to help you choose what wallpaper to use in your space!

Attention Artists!

In case you missed it, this summer we held our first-ever Surface Design Symposium! We’ve posted all the recorded sessions on the blog. Be sure to check out Trends, Color Palettes and Finding Your Style.

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 Latest Wallpaper Trends

We’re seeing huge year-over-year growth for classic wallpaper search terms like “floral” and “citrus.” Customers are also searching for wallpaper to decorate specific rooms — the search term ‘bathroom wallpaper’ seeing the most recent growth. Scroll through the slideshow below to get some insight on these trends and more.

Wallpaper Color Trend Predictions

Consider basing your design collections around earthy neutral shades like terracotta and sage.

If you create Spoonflower designs using these shades, don’t forget to tag your designs with these trendy color names. When designing, instead of using specific hex codes, try developing your own signature shades of terracotta and sage like these artists from the Marketplace.

Shades of Sage

Terracotta Tones

More Wallpaper Inspiration

Plants and Moody Tropicals

Playful plant prints and sophisticated moody greenery make for an impactful accent wall. They can serve as a unique focal point in a maximalist living room.


From topographical to vintage prints, map wallpaper works well in home offices. Use them to add an active element to your home school space or classroom. Consider personalizing the landmarks by illustrating maps of your hometown or favorite vacation spots.

Fairytale Motifs

How much fun would this theme be for a kids’ playroom or bedroom? Encourage imagination with mushrooms, gnomes and mythical creatures!

Feeling Inspired?

Check out all the featured wallpaper designs and start imagining them on your walls! Looking to design wallpaper? My best advice for artists is to design what you’d want to have in your own home.

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About the Author
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Tara Reed

Tara Reed is the Artist Community Manager at Spoonflower. As an artist herself, she gets an incredible sense of joy helping others make a living doing what they love. In her spare time, she is hustling to make her own personal art dreams come true.

Now it’s your turn!

Leave a comment and let us know what wallpaper trends and colors you see gaining popularity.  And if there is anything you think we missed that you want us to include in our next trend report, let us know!

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    I would love to know the best size canvas to use when designing wallpaper, especially the large scale prints?
    Should it be divisible by 12?
    Thank you for this wallpaper article- very insightful!

    Fellow (newer) Spoonflower designer ~

  • Susan Elisabeth Kinkade

    I am redoing a bathroom. The tile is black and white checks on the floor with white tile in the shower and around the bottom of the room. I am looking for a wallpaper that has elements of red, black and white. What do you have?