What to Make with Our Petal Signature Cotton® Solids

With 3 Spoonflower Ambassadors

SEP 16, 2021
Books with brightly colored handmade book covers

Have you ever tried to find solid fabric that coordinates with the dynamic prints you purchase from Spoonflower? We’ve made this hunt a whole lot easier with our recent launch of our first-ever line of dyed 100% cotton Petal Signature Cotton Solids.

Spoonflower is now your one-stop-shop for both your digitally printed design and the high-quality solid fabric that complements it. From quilts to apparel to masks, Petal is a versatile fabric perfect for a large variety of projects. If you’re looking for inspiration to start your next make with our top cotton fabric, you’ve come to the right place. 

Keep reading to see how three of our talented Spoonflower Ambassadors curated design collections inspired by a palette of our new Petal Solid fabric to create their one-of-a-kind sewing projects and crafts. Browse their design collections and see our autumn color palette and tutorial recommendations to start planning your DIY to-do list!

Calling All Artists!

Designing coordinates for our Petal Solids is easy with our handy guide. Our Research & Development team identified RGB hex codes that are a close match to each of our Petal Signature Cotton Solids colors.

Get the Hex Codes

Meg Fleshman’s Handmade Blouse

Website | Instagram

Meg: Because the Petal Solids are a great quality quilting cotton, the fabric is very user friendly whether you’re using it for quilting, crafts or even apparel. Since I’m mainly an apparel sewist, I decided to take inspiration from the patchwork of quilting to make a pattern and color blocked collared shirt using the Willamette Shirt pattern from Hey June.

Close up of Meg wearing a yellow and pink shirt with polka dots and suns
Meg wearing a yellow and pink shirt with polka dots and suns

To start my design collection, I chose Cotton Candy and Mustard for my solid colors because they are such a sweet and cheerful combination. And since pink is my favorite color, it was a no-brainer — it coordinated beautifully with all of the pink floral designs I’ve collected on Spoonflower!

Meg’s Solid Tip

When coordinating Petal Solids with your favorite Spoonflower designs don’t worry too much about a perfect color match. Since you’re matching a solid with a print, there’s more flexibility with coordinating the colors. But if you want to ensure a good fabric pairing, you can always order a Petal Signature Cotton Solids swatch book.

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Antonia Prois’ DIY Quilted Laptop Case

Website | Instagram

Antonia: My quilted laptop bag was my first ever quilting project and I’m so happy I finally tried this technique. The Petal Solids are perfect for quilting as they are very light and are easy to cut, sew and iron.

Opening a quilted laptop case, design is patchworked with lilac, pine, buttercup and other Spoonflower designs
Quilted laptop case up close, design is patchworked with lilac, pine, buttercup and other Spoonflower designs

Anyone who has ever visited my Instagram knows that yellow is my favorite color! So it was clear to me that my solid color palette had to include a yellow shade like Buttercup. This year, Lilac is very trendy and it harmonizes well with Buttercup. I also added Pine, inspired by the “Mellow Figs“ design in my collection for my laptop bag.

Antonia’s Solid Tip

For quilting beginners like me it is good to start with simple quilting patterns. For my laptop bag I used squares of the same size only. These can be spiced up with diagonal or curved lock stitching.

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Robert Mahar’s Embroidered Fabric Book Covers

Website | Instagram

Robert: Growing up, creating covers for our textbooks was a back-to-school tradition and a fun way to add some personality to classroom supplies. Pairing Petal Solids with patterned Lightweight Cotton Twill, I decided to honor this end-of-summer activity and sew simple covers with contrasting pockets.

Books with brightly colored handmade book covers

Watermelon reminded me of classic pencil eraser pink and coordinated perfectly with Anda’s Classroom Writing Paper design. Plus those pink-and-blue guidelines were the perfect invitation to hand embroider the name of a favorite student!

Keeping on theme, I also combined Shindig Design Studio’s brilliant Snail Stamps design with a Carrot solid pocket — perfect for securing homework assignments or delivering notes to the teacher. Sometimes I love a good pattern-on-pattern project, but Petal Solids expanded my options by giving my favorite Spoonflower designs the opportunity to play either a starring or supporting role!

Robert’s Solid Tip

The new Petal Solids are beautifully saturated and bright! When working with a quilt weight cotton, it’s good to remember that there is a certain amount of translucence to the substrate. So, when layering a solid over a patterned fabric you may want to back it with an iron-on interfacing — making the color more opaque.

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Get to Know All the Colors

After you’ve ordered your digitally printed fabric, use the swatch book of all 50 solid color options to find the perfect match for your project!

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