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AUG 9, 2021 updated Aug 10, 2021
Four models wearing clothes designed by Kelsie Jones

Fashion designs by Kelsie Jones, showcasing her passions of color pairing and print design.

What happens when raw talent meets Spoonflower? Extraordinary things! We invited 10 students studying the art of fashion, textiles and design to share their outstanding projects made with Spoonflower fabric and wallpaper. From Sport Lycra® layered looks on the runway to Poly Crepe de Chine printed photographs and Peel and Stick Removable Wallpaper art exhibits, these students know the definition of wearable art.

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Meet the Students Who Used Spoonflower

Priscilla Shrestha headshot

Priscilla Shrestha

Website | Instagram

Kent State University – Fashion Design


“I’m from Nepal, and even though it is a small country, it’s rich with culture and tradition. This rich culture, art and textile heritage of Nepal forms the core of my designs and prints. This print was inspired by Thangka paintings, which are traditional folk paintings depicting the life of Buddha. The print is an abstract representation of clouds, which in Buddhist art symbolizes a wayfarer. It is constantly moving and shifting. I wanted to use fluid fabrics to capture this key element and allow women to celebrate their individual body shapes.”

Favorite Spoonflower Product:

“My favorite is Organic Cotton Knit, I love the fact that it is made out of 100% organic cotton, and that it’s eco-friendly and medium weight.”

Mia Alvizuri Sommerfeld headshot

Mia Alvizuri Sommerfeld

University of the Arts Berlin, Germany – Experimental Fashion and Textile Design


“My B.A. examines how fashion, clothing and costumes are performed and narrated. It’s about a broader understanding of what fashion is, about the exploration of performative functions of clothing and the thesis that the role of the designer can be seen as a collective and participatory act.”

Favorite Spoonflower Product:

“My favorite is definitely Sport Lycra. The design printed was of great quality–I used it for every outfit in my B.A. collection as it functioned perfectly for the bodysuits I designed!”

Model wearing outfit with pleated green fabric, a floral top and checkered pants
Model wearing blue and white bodysuit with pink sleeve and slippers
Lily D Headshot

Lily Durbin

Website | Instagram

Rhode Island School of Design – Apparel Design


“I used Spoonflower for my senior thesis collection, Spectator Sport. This collection looks at the Elizabethan era and our current athleisure obsession, representing how fitness culture has become as theatrical and performative as an elaborate gown. Material contradictions blur the lines between past and present, utilizing modern stretch materials printed with digitally manipulated historical textiles and collage. I created three unique prints for my collection through Spoonflower!”

Favorite Spoonflower Product:

“My favorite fabric is Sport Lycra. Not only does the print come out incredibly clear, but the fabric itself is durable and soft.”

Model wearing white and grey long sleeve dress with matching headband

Two out of the five looks from Lily’s collection that utilize Sport Lycra.

Model wearing white and grey patched bodysuit with matching headband
Bipasana Bajracharya headshot

Bipasana Siddhi Bajracharya

Website | Instagram

Kent State University – Fashion Design, Textiles


“I used Spoonflower for the last project of my junior studio class. This was for a collection called ‘Kaburu,’ inspired by the Japanese Kimono. I explored flat unshaped garments that can be shaped by the wearer to their body. I used the garment as a canvas to showcase my prints, which were originally handprinted shibor, and turned them into a digital print and printed through Spoonflower.

It was very easy to use the Spoonflower to get my prints on fabric. The user interface is simple and straightforward and I got my fabric surprisingly fast. The prints are neat, crisp and don’t bleed after washing, plus the fabric is high quality.”

Favorite Spoonflower Product:

“My favorite is Organic Cotton Sateen. It’s really easy to work and it has a mild sheen to it. The prints were very crisp on the fabric, it’s really soft after washing and the print washes well. It’s a good medium weight fabric and it’s very versatile. It’s soft enough to drape but also a little crisp making it easy to sew.”

Grey and black kimono-like dress
Headshot of Kelsie Jones

Kelsie Jones

Website | Instagram

University of Cincinnati, DAAP – Fashion Design


“Find me in Gaia illuminates escapism through lucid dreaming. This project was the final culmination of everything I have learned throughout my college experience. I wanted to go out with a bang utilizing my passion for color pairing and print design to showcase my wildest imagination through wearable art.

Spoonflower was great to work with and accommodated all of my questions when it came to scale and the resolution quality of artwork. I am so grateful for this opportunity and am excited to use my leftover printed yardage to create more masterpieces.”

Favorite Spoonflower Product:

Organic Cotton Sateen is my favorite because of its hand quality and beautiful subtle sheen. This fabric really made my print designs pop!”

Cut fabric on cutting mat before assembly

Kelsie’s “Future Warrior” active look, featuring a reversible seamless top and bottom made with Sport Lycra.

Model wearing pink and orange two-piece
Headshot of Stefanie Christy

Stefanie Christy


Weißensee Academy of Arts Berlin – Fashion Design


“I used Spoonflower for my Bachelor’s collection “Always the One Without the Other,” showing six outfits with four different prints. The project is inspired by growing up in a broken home with the absence of one parent, so it has an atmosphere that is beautiful but torn/broken at the same time. Old photos of moldy wallpapers, dried flowers and hand painted illustrations are combined to create prints with fading shapes and incomplete forms.

Apart from the hand-painted textile print, this project also highlights the beauty in the asymmetry. This was accentuated by the imaginative draping techniques used during the pattern making, for example the jacket with one fading tailored collar, the shirt with a belt that fades into nothing on only one side, etc.”

What is your favorite Spoonflower substrate and why?

“Definitely Celosia Velvet! The fabric changes color depending on the point of view you’re looking at, which is quite awesome. The drape is also suitable not only for bedding, but also for jackets, coats and pants.”

Flowy shirt with multicolor photos printed on it

Flared tee made with Poly Crepe de Chine, and belted jacket with a fading tailored collar.

Model wearing layered top with photos printed on it
Headshot of Caitlin Daglis

Caitlin Adair Daglis

Website | Instagram

University of Georgia – Studio Art


“I used Spoonflower wallpaper for part of a large-scale art installation entitled “the natural flower of the backcountry was not so altogether lovely.” The wallpaper, which mimics the look of wood grain paneling, was used in conjunction with handmade paper constructions to explore and critique the complex nature and culture of the Southern U.S. by embedding camouflaged language within a scene that envelops, and therefore implicates, the viewer.

Graduating from an MFA program during a pandemic was a challenging experience, but Spoonflower helped so much by working with my needs during the order process.”

Favorite Spoonflower Product:

“I love the Peel and Stick Removable Wallpaper. It’s printed beautifully and even though we were working with a very large installation of paper, getting the paper on and off the wall was very simple.”

Abstract metallic sculpture

“the natural flower of the backcountry was not so altogether lovely” exhibited at UGA’s 2021 MFA Thesis show, “Whistling in the Dark.”

Close up of wallpaper with wood grain and writing details

Laura Dieckwisch


Hochschule Hannover – Textile Design


“My project is all about lines. Soft lines that flow over the fabric like water in a river, or like noodles in a ramen bowl. I love to combine those very different inspirations into my designs. First, I draw the lines by hand on paper, and later they’re printed on various fabrics.”

Favorite Spoonflower Product:

Performance Velvet is my favorite Spoonflower fabric because it is extremely soft. The touch is incredible, and I love the elegant shimmer.”

Blue and green fabric designs on the floor with fashion sketches

Laura’s sketches transformed into fabric.

Draped fabric over a dress form
Headshot of Sophia Fritz

Sophia Fritz


Hamburg University of Applied Sciences – Textile Design


“I am designing a series of prints to use for my Master’s Collection. The big topic will be today’s role model of women in society. The fabrics were further refined with other techniques, such as embroidery and pearls.

Working with Spoonflower is very cool! It’s a great opportunity for us students.”

What is your favorite Spoonflower substrate and why?

“My favorite is Chiffon! It is transparent and very delicate, yet the printed colors are brilliant and clear. It feels cool and soft on the skin, and it looks very elegant and festive.”

Work-in-progress sketches for Sophia’s print collection.

Headshot of Lilianne Brown

Lilianne Brown


Central Michigan University – Fashion Design and Religion


“This project is a visual representation of the Holy Trinity; the triune God recognized in most Christian denominations. In a country that often sees the Church as a straightforward and bland institution, this work seeks to draw the mind beyond the boxes it forms around Divinity and into the colorful Life that hides behind the veil.

My aunt is actually a Spoonflower designer (pennycandy)! I grew up drying my freshly washed hands on her tea towels and carefully peeling her wrapping paper off of boxes under the Christmas tree. It’s an honor to incorporate her work into my own creative projects and carry on this family tradition of creativity! Her fabric, “Effervescence” is featured in two of my garments.”

What is your favorite Spoonflower substrate and why?

“I used mostly Satin in my project, but I’d have to say that Sport Lycra is an all-time favorite! I’ve had trouble finding spunky designs for swimwear in the past, I love how Spoonflower allows me to order such functional fabric in whatever creative design I click on!”

An orange and red robe with a drawn face printed on the side
A dark blue robe with religious symbols

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