The Latest Gen Z Trends in Fashion and Design

With Maddy of The Essentials Club

AUG 17, 2021
Maddy wears purple and white checkered pants in front of a retro building

In our Summer Trend Report, we shared that we were seeing interest in designs that brought back memories of the ’90s with bright colors and checkered patterns, as well as an enthusiasm for sustainability and slow fashion. We are noticing these trends attributed to Gen Z and younger generations in fashion and sewing communities and wanted to learn more!

We asked Maddy of the creative DIY hub The Essentials Club to share more about the trends she is seeing, her recent sewing projects with Spoonflower fabric and a color palette that may inspire your next design for the Spoonflower Marketplace.

Meet Maddy and The Essential Club

As a graphic designer who finds herself glued to the screen for far too long than I’d like to admit, I’m forever seeking solace in activities that create a tangible outcome.

So initially The Essentials Club (my blog) was born as a creative outlet where I could encourage myself to set aside the time to bring these overflowing ideas to life – especially sewing projects! Since its inception, the platform has become known for DIY tutorials, workshops, sustainable chats and a continual reminder for simple living.

All I can hope is that if someone crosses paths with TEC they feel inspired to make the time for what lights them up, get creative where possible and be more conscious about where they source things from!
Maddy's headshot Maddy of The Essentials Club (TEC)

What surface design trends are inspiring you and those in your circle?

Mixing bold colour blocking with out-there patterns might usually be a questionable move but thanks to the revitalization of Y2K fashion (and maybe the reemerging from being stuck indoors for the better part of the past year) I feel like we’re moving into an era celebrating individuality. So don’t be afraid to try what excites you!

I’m sure like me you’ve seen the rise of prints such as checkers, abstract marble swirls and retro-inspired cutout florals fill your feeds, magazines and local label racks lately. So this collection pays homage to the prints that can help us spruce up our projects and add a little bit of joy to whoever they cross paths with. I believe these will be timeless patterns that continue finding their way into the cycle of inspiration for years to come.

Three design collections with Checkered Prints, Cut Out Florals, and Abstract Marbles

This collection of colourful and experimental patterns came together as a reflection of the bright colour block trends currently emerging.

At first glance, it feels like a whirlwind of tones and prints that might not seem to work well together but take a scroll through any visual platform these days and you might be encouraged to mix and match these clashing moments! It seems like the less it conventionally makes sense than the more encouraged it is these days.


Suggested Color Palette

5 colors corresponding with the provided hex codes

Pistachio Green – #C1CA9F, Lilac Purple – #E1CEE5, Sky Blue – #8FBEE6, Bright Pink – #F6A8CA, Watermelon Red – #F05248

Individually these colours are bold enough to be a feature on their own, but what I’ve been loving at the moment is the idea of intentionally pairing bolder colour blocks as a statement whether that be for fashion or home furnishings.

A collection that cohesively colour coordinates allows for the creation of monochrome scenarios excites me. So although you might have a checkered print with swirls and florals, choosing to go with all the one-colour tone ends up visually tying it all together even though the details of the print are something you wouldn’t think to match.

That level of intention and experimentation is what inspired the choice of these complementary colour palettes – and hopefully, they can encourage you to look deeper into how you can create a cohesive environment or outfit by thinking outside of what’s expected.

You can see an overlapping theme of colours throughout the chosen collection of surface prints with tones of green, lilac, blue, pink and red.

Pistachio Green Design Collection
Watermelon red design collection
Lilac purple design collection
Sky Blue Design Collection

What is your favorite Spoonflower fabric and why?

It’s genuinely hard to choose just one favourite, but I’d have to say the Sport Lycra exceeded my expectations for quality and comfort. I have been wearing my DIY bikinis for 6 months plus now and they have endured days of sun and salt and still look as good as new.

I do also love Spoonflower’s variety of organic cottons available and plan on continuing to make my way through the selection!

A reversible handmade bikini on a table near a sewing machine
Maddy wearing a handmade bathing suit on the beach

What is your favorite project you’ve done with Spoonflower fabric? 

The DIY bikinis are probably my proudest with the fact they tested me so much and yet I am still obsessed with how they turned out. But my all-time favourite project would have to be the lilac-checkered print trousers made in the Cotton Lawn (you can find the exact print I chose in my featured collection!).

They’ve come together like an absolute dream and are constantly at the top of the go-to list for when I’m wanting to spice up my day with a cute outfit.

Whether I plan on going head to toe in my favourite colour, add bold touches to my home or just keeping it simple, I truly love that Spoonflower accommodates for all those ideas to come to life!

Maddy kicks her leg to the right while wearing white and purple checkered pants

Maddy's Curated Collection

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