How to Make a Round Velvet Playmat

with Joni Lay of Lay Baby Lay

Edited: May 17, 2022
Toddler sitting on a pink playmat in playroom

Looking for a fun, cute and practical project for your little one’s playroom? Using our soft and luxurious Performance Velvet, Joni Lay of Lay Baby Lay will show you how to make a large, round and ruffled playmat perfect for an afternoon full of imagination. Add a homemade fabric book or a few stuffed animals to complete the look!

Joni: For this project, I created a round playmat with a ruffled edge. This works perfectly with Spoonflower’s Performance Velvet. The plush feel of the fabric is great for a baby or toddler, and it holds up well for play.

DIY Velvet Ruffled Playmat

Materials List

Skill Level


Design Picks:

I used 3 yards of Forest Floor Fungi for one side of the playmat and the ruffled edge, and 1 yard of Sweet Sashiko Sprinkles for the other side of the playmat.

Steps to Make Your Playmat

Cut Your Fabric

First, cut out two large circles of your fabric. To do this, I used a Sharpie and a piece of string, but you can use tailor’s chalk or any other marker/tracer of your choice. I held one end in place, and traced the circle with the other.

My circles are 42” (107 cm) wide, but you can adjust this as you see fit. You can also use a compass tool like this to make a very large circle easily. Use the first circle as a template to cut out a second circle, and also to trace on the quilt batting. You will have two circles of velvet, and one circle of quilt batting.

Pink mushroom fabric and rainbow sprinkles fabric

Prepare the Fabric Strips

Cut out multiple strips of fabric that are 8” (20.5 cm) wide. This will be for the ruffle along the edge, I used a straight edge to measure and cut.  Stitch the edges together to create one long piece. I used four 50” (127 cm) strips for my playmat.

Fabric strips laying together
Sewing the fabric strips together with a sewing machine

Fold the Strips

Fold the 8” (20.5 cm) piece in half. Then, fold and pinch the fabric over itself to make small 1/2″ (1.5 cm) tucks or pleats every 3” to 4” (7 to 10 cm), and hold each in place with a straight pin. I did not measure, but just went by eye. Stitch the ruffles down along the edge.

Pinning the ruffled piece together

Pin and Stitch the Ruffle on Top

Place the ruffle along the edge of one circle and pin in place. The ruffle should face inward towards the center of the circle, with raw fabric edges of the ruffle and the circle matched together. Stitch around this raw edge to hold in place.

Using a sewing machine to stitch the ruffle to a large fabric circle

Sew the Pieces Together

Place the other circle on top of the one with the ruffle, right sides facing each other. Stitch through the circles and the ruffle along the edge to hold the pieces together, but leave about a 10″ (25 cm) opening.

What's the Right Side?

The right side of your fabric is the printed side, what faces on the outside, or the “right” side. There’s also a “wrong” side, which is the other, non-printed side.

Using a sewing machine to sewing the final circle on top of the ruffled edge and base circle

Add the Batting and Finish the Edges

Insert the quilt batting simply by pushing it inside through the opening. Smooth it out so that it lays flat inside the playmat.

Finally, stitch the opening closed–and you’re done!

10-inch opening along the edge of the almost finished playmat
Stitching the play mat closed with a sewing machine

About the Author

Joni Lay

Joni Lay is a designer and mom of four daughters living in Atlanta, Georgia. She loves creating imaginative spaces that work well for families with littles, and all things colorful and vintage are her favorites.


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