Terrance Williams sits in front of a colorful wood wall wearing a handmade headband and white caftan dress with a gold stars and moons pattern

Choosing inclusivity as a core value for Terrance Williams’ handmade clothing and accessories business Terrance Williams Designs was never something he had to think twice about. From the beginning, Terrance set out to create a space where representation mattered by making sure to source designs from Black artists when it came to picking prints for his handmade headbands.

Today we are excited to welcome this talented Small Business Grantee to the blog to share more about the foundation behind his business and the six Black artists that have caught his eye.

Meet Terrance Williams, Owner of Terrance Williams Designs

Terrance Williams headshot

Terrance Williams

Hello, my name is Terrance Williams!  I am a self-taught sewer and small business owner of Terrance Williams Designs, a handmade clothing and accessories line that uses ethically sourced and sustainably-produced materials and is gender and size-inclusive!

Sustainability and inclusivity are the foundation of my business. Working with fabrics that are ethically sourced means people were paid fair and liveable wages in safe working conditions to produce the fabric. Sustainable practices in my business range from using fabrics with low environmental impact, recycled packaging and zero-waste patterns.

The pieces are genderless, size-inclusive and are fun, vibrant prints that reflect my outgoing and charismatic personality. Everything is handmade and made to order. I wanted to create a brand where everyone felt welcome. 

It’s important to me to source designs created by Black artists for my business because representation matters.

When people only consume products from the same places and the same people who look, think, talk and act like them, they lose the chance for a greater understanding of people and cultures beyond their own. They lose the chance to experience the greatness that is Black people and Black culture. We deserve the same chances, opportunities and platforms as everyone else.

Spotted in the Black Artists Matter collection, keep reading to see why these six artists have caught Terrance’s eye.

Meet the Artists

Ashley Summers

Why Terrance was drawn to Ashley’s work:
“The raised fist has always been a symbol of fighting oppression and with the global movement of Black Lives Matter advocating for equality and ending police brutality, the fist has taken on an even more prevalent and significant symbol.  The Black Lives Matter fist print by Ashley Summers Design was the perfect way for Black people and allies to show they stand with the movement.  It’s beautiful and symbolic.”    

Priscilla Adei-cardwell

Why Terrance was drawn to Priscilla’s work:
“African prints are some of my favorites to work with and I love this shop because it has traditional African prints that are given a fun and modern update.  I  love how the prints still pay homage to ankara and the African diaspora but designed in a way that anyone can feel confident wearing them!”  

Sareka Smith

Spoonflower Shop | Instagram
Why Terrance was drawn to Sareka’s work:
As a lover of color myself, these designs immediately spoke to my inner colorful soul!  Eye-catching, bright and vibrant, these geometric modern prints were the perfect addition for people who love to live their life on the colorful side!”

Janine Lecour

Why Terrance was drawn to Janine’s work:
I am a lover of floral prints and this shop is exploding with them!  There’s something really delicate about flowers and the use of colors and motifs that make these prints so bold and beautiful.  The bee garden print specifically really spoke to my inner nature lover.” 

Paul Lawrence Andino

Why Terrance was drawn to Paul’s work:
I really love art and have a deep appreciation for how expressive it can be, how people interpret it in different ways and connect with it on different levels.  What drew me to this shop was how the designs just seemed to have so much movement and freedom.  The uniqueness is refreshing because the watercolor designs are nothing like I have seen before and knew people would love. ”  

Shelia J. Hall

Why Terrance was drawn to Shelia’s work:
“I love these prints and patterns because they are so vibrant and colorful! Looking at them is like looking through a kaleidoscope, the images mirror each other in a uniform and bold way. You can definitely see the use of traditional Afrocentric prints and colorways but with the mirroring of the images it makes them look abstract and modern.”