Meet the 2021 Spoonflower Ambassadors

JAN 26, 2021 updated Jun 7, 2021
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From handmade apparel to cozy quilts, and embroidery to home decor inspiration you’d love to see in your space, there’s no shortage of creativity when it comes to the Spoonflower community. Every day we are in awe of the projects dreamt up by makers from all across the globe. So when it came time to hand-select 10 makers from the talented pool of community members to be a part of Spoonflower’s Brand Ambassador program, it was no easy task. But we couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to this year’s ambassadors—you may even recognize a few familiar faces! These 10 global makers embody the values that make Spoonflower the unique community it is and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for this group of talented sewists, quilters, interior designers and DIYers. 

Throughout the year, Spoonflower’s Brand Ambassadors will be stopping by the blog to share DIY tutorials, round-ups and of course, lots of creativity to inspire your next project. Keep reading to find out what makes each of our ambassadors one of a kind and how they’re staying creative this year.

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Meet the 2021 Spoonflower Ambassadors

Jewel Marlowe headshot

Jewel Marlowe | Greater DC Area
IG | Website

Jewel Marlowe of Jeweled Interiors is an interior design blogger/Instagrammer with a love for color, pattern, and an eclectic and glamorous mix of styles. She enjoys both the designing and hands-on elements involved in creating beautiful spaces. Jewel has ALMOST convinced her family of six that the chaos of constant room makeovers is a very normal part of life.

What are your creative goals in 2021?
“This year I hope to finish most of the major areas of our home. This list includes the laundry room, stairway, daughter’s bedroom, master bath, entryway refresh and our backyard. I also hope to start offering design services this year.”

Read Jewel’s six Spoonflower secrets.

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The Bold and the Beautiful Collection by 2birdstone | Enchanted Bunny Prince by nouveau_bohemian

Tracey Hairston headshot

Tracey Hairston | Chesapeake, Virginia
IG | Website

Tracey Hairston of Mocha Girl Place is a thrift-loving, plant styling, home decor influencer who loves to show people how they can create gorgeous spaces in their home on a budget. She is a wife, mother and grandmother who has had to balance her time spent as a military spouse and entrepreneur by creatively using color and texture to create stylish, yet functional spaces throughout her home.

What are your creative goals in 2021?
“My hope is to be able to be more savvy with a sewing machine and to create some of my own home decor pieces!”

Tracey introduces us to six Black interior designers you should be following.

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Terracotta floral in gouache by daria_nosko

Rumana Lasker headshot

Rumana Lasker | London, United Kingdom
IG | Website

Rumana is a doctor from London who uses sewing & crafts to unwind and destress after a long day. She shares her passion for crafting through her Instagram and blog, The Little Pomegranate, and is also a campaigner for increased diversity within the sewing and craft communities.

What are your creative goals in 2021?
“Oh, so many goals! I think with everything going on in the world—the pandemic and working in healthcare—my crafting has really had to be stripped back to the essentials and I’ve been using it for my own well-being: to unwind and destress. So in 2021 I’m looking forward to having more time to do more creative things and share with you all. I’ve really enjoyed being able to create videos and tutorials and help people find a love for crafting. So that’s my aim— to get back to sharing the love.”

Read how a modest swimsuit changed the way Rumana looks at swimwear.

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Watercolor Monstera Leaves by taylor_bates_creative

Antonio Pröls headshot

Antonia Pröls | Regensburg, Germany
IG | Website

Antonia has been publishing tutorials on her DIY blog Goldschool DIY since 2015. Her motto is “make gold from old”. This concept, which focuses on upcycling old things instead of buying new ones, can be found throughout almost all of her posts. Her current favorite blogging topics are sewing and homemade natural cosmetics.

What are your creative goals in 2021?
“I definitely want to sew and design a lot more clothes than last year, to try out some new fabrics like Spoonflower Sport Lycra and to become more creative in terms of mixing and patching different fabrics. All in all, I want to be creative in a more varied way and be open to many new things – I’m curious to see what my creativity will come up with this year!”

Make eco-friendly balcony pillows with Antonia.

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Orange Blossom by mintpeony

Robert Mahar headshot

Robert Mahar | Los Angeles, California
IG | Website

Robert Mahar is a Los Angeles based artist, designer, maker and embroidery enthusiast who teaches clever do-it-yourself projects and develops imaginative craft inspired products. He’s also a proud alumni of the inaugural season of NBC’s crafting competition show Making It with Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman. With an education in studio arts and art history, he has worked in a variety of creative fields including 13 years as an appraiser of modern and contemporary art. Learn more about Robert, explore his video tutorial archive and shop his collection of curious embroidery samplers at

What are your creative goals in 2021?
“In 2021, as we all optimistically attempt to regain our balance in what will hopefully be an increasingly post-pandemic world, I’m looking to focus on the research and development of handicraft projects and products that offer up imaginative creative outlets and joy to their end users.”

Learn how to print photos onto fabric with Robert.

Andrea Tsang Jackson headshot

Andrea Tsang Jackson | Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
IG | Website

Andrea Tsang Jackson of 3rd Story Workshop is a textile artist, quilt designer, author and educator. After working in various design fields and settings ranging from architecture to museums, the quilting medium called to her as a way to explore place, belonging and agency. Andrea lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada with her husband and two sons.

What are your creative goals in 2021?
“What is most energizing for me is to learn new ways of being creative. I hope to make space for exploration and joy this year, instead of putting my nose to the grindstone all the time!”

Join Andrea’s quilt block party.

Photos by Emma Poliquin
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Nebulous series by 3rdstoryworkshop

Alissa Bertrand headshot

Alissa Bertrand | Atlanta, Georgia

Alissa Bertrand of Jabella Fleur Girls is a fashion designer who designs clothing for her three youngest girls, made from vintage clothing and textiles. While attending the Academy of Art in San Francisco, she was able to fully explore her path in fashion. Not shying away from prints and colors, this is definitely one designer you won’t want to miss when it comes to pattern and texture mixing!

What are your creative goals in 2021?
My creative goals for 2021 are to have successfully created and launched my own fashion brand and label!”

Learn more about how Alissa collaborates with her creative daughters.

Meg Fleshman headshot

Meg Fleshman | Falls Church, Virginia
IG | Website

Meg is the maker behind MEGMADE Sewing. Having sewn since childhood, Meg now creates handmades as a way to stay connected to who she is as an artist while knee-deep in motherhood. Never in one place for too long, she and her family of five currently call the Washington, DC area home. For more of her latest makes (and love of pink!) follow Meg on Instagram.

What are your creative goals in 2021?
“Like many folks, I adjusted to the challenges of 2020 by diving into some new hobbies like knitting and embroidery. In 2021 I’m hoping to continue to develop these skills and incorporate them into my sewing practice. I’m planning on more embroidered clothing and some mixed media projects to combine all of the things I love about fibers and textiles.”

Learn about the best fabrics for making your own lingerie with Meg.

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Rainbow Collection Wispy by katiekortman

Nerfertiti Griggs headshot

Nefertiti Griggs | Manassas, Virginia
IG | Website

Nefertiti Griggs of The Corny Rainbow is a color-loving sewist, designer, and stylist who finds that the clothes we wear bring out the energy we want to present to the world. Nefertiti enjoyed sewing since childhood and found sewing and creating as healing and therapy in her adult life.  She loves to inspire others to think outside the box and feel more confident about making bold statements with their wardrobe.

What are your creative goals in 2021?
“My creative goals for 2021 are to venture out with different Spoonflower fabrics like Dogwood Denim™ and Celosia Velvet™. With velvet being more popular for winter and fall this year, it has caught my eye and I want to try those types of fabrics with fun and colorful Spoonflower prints and designs.”

Watch the “Creating Black Magic” video series to see Nefertiti collaborate and connect with J. Clapp, Executive Director of the LGBTQ Center of Durham.

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Bohemian Rhapsody by katiekortman

Stephanie Watkins headshot

Stephanie Watkins | Aberdeen, Maryland
IG | Website

Stephanie is the blogger behind the colorful, global design blog Casa Watkins Living. She loves using bold colors and eclectic mixes of styles infused with globally inspired decor pieces to create spaces that have a well-traveled look. When it comes to decorating, Stephanie believes your home should be a vacation and if she can create it then others can too. She tackles many home projects from small decor crafts to one-person DIY home renovation projects. Stephanie lives in Maryland with her husband and 3 children.

What are your creative goals in 2021?
“I’d like to tackle revamping spaces with a luxurious vacation feel.  My plan is to work on creating a basement space that gives a relaxing, serene feeling with globally inspired textiles and patterns.  This can include new curtains, pillows, wall treatments, etc. I’d also like to tackle more entertaining tips. We are hosting more meals at home now, and I’d like to demonstrate ways to entertain in style regardless of the number of guests.”

See Stephanie’s One Room Challenge transformation.

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Design Collection curated by casawatkinsliving

In 2020 Spoonflower had the honor to partner with artist and maker Katie Kortman and this year we are excited to work alongside 10 new creative collaborators. As we continue to grow this program, stay tuned for future opportunities to become an ambassador yourself!

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