Two women sit on chairs and laugh at a cell phone in front of a black and white patterned wallpaper wall

Featured Design: Triad by carmeonhamilton | Photo Credit: Camille Leigh Photograph

Looking to liven up your laundry room or brighten up the dark corners of your pantry? These 32 creatives refreshed rooms, airstreams, stairways, and even a popular IKEA kitchen playset with Spoonflower wallpaper and we couldn’t be more inspired! And we’ve got more great news for DIY enthusiasts—removable options like our Prepasted Smooth and Peel and Stick Woven Wallpaper make transforming a room or wall an easy weekend project. Spoonflower also offers a traditional paste-activated wallpaper option with a subtle leather texture and a durable matte finish if you are looking for a more permanent solution. Start your home upgrade brainstorm by scrolling through the whole list of projects or hop to different categories with the buttons below.

Want to learn more about DIY wallpaper installation? Check out our post and video for a step-by-step guide to installing our Peel and Stick Woven Wallpaper.


Airstream Trailer Wallpaper Inspiration

What’s better than hitting the open road in a travel trailer? Choosing the prints that will make your home away from home so much cozier! Statement wallpaper on the walls of these cottages on wheels can give the tiny space personality while also making it seem larger and more grand. As rooms sometimes need to serve many purposes, wallpaper accent walls are also a great way to differentiate one area from the next.

The kitchen of an airstream trailer featuring a brown vintage floral wallpaper
An airstream trailer bedroom featuring a teal and grey/beige geometric design wallpaper
A bathroom with a simple brown and white wallpaper

Bathroom & Laundry Room Wallpaper Inspiration

An accent wall with eye-catching wallpaper in a small space can make a big impact. Whether with a timeless floral like in Hana’s laundry room or the surfers that surround the Shepstone’s bathroom mirror, you can easily add some flair! Tanya of Dans le Lakehouse’s light turquoise choice adds subtle movement (while also being a perfect backdrop for a photoshoot for her extra fuzzy backyard chicken).

A laundry room with a dark floral wallpaper
A bathroom features a blue and white bird wallpape
A bathroom features an abstract black and white designed wallpaper
A bathroom sink with a chicken nearby features a teal and white design wallpaper
A bathroom sink with a tall oval mirror and geometric hanging lights. The wall features a wallpaper design or small illustrator surfers on surf boards
A bathroom features a bold colorful floral wallpaper on one wall

Bedroom Wallpaper Inspiration

We love how these creatives use high-impact wallpaper designs against more neutral bed linens and furniture pieces to create their own personal oasis. Chango and Co. covered every wall and ceiling surface with their wallpaper choice and Michelle’s cat looks right at home in the orange floral space.

A bedroom features a blue and white zebra print wallpaper on the walls and ceiling
A room with a bookshelf, vanity and cat is wallpapered with a pink floral design

Kid’s Bedroom Wallpaper Inspiration

Wallpaper can really tie everything in the room together and we feel like a kid again looking at how these designs play so nicely with everything else in the room – especially the bed linens! Smaller projects like the backing of a bookshelf or the backsplash of the IKEA kitchen playset are easy ways to personalize a space for your little ones as well.

A children's room with built-in shelving features an orange floral wallpaper
A children's bedroom with a bed and hanging chair featuring a pink and white daisy wallpaper
A children's bed with pillows and stuffed animals next to a wall featuring pastel floral illustrations
A kids bedroom with a wallpapered accent wall featuring birds and shapes
An Ikea kitchen kids play set has been wallpapered with a simple floral white and brown floral design
A kids bookshelf with a wallpapered back walls with a colorful playful design
A girl reads a book on a bed in front of a wall wallpapered with a pink butterfly design.
A closet shelf with children's book, shoes, and toys features a lemon wallpaper on the back

Kitchen & Dining Wallpaper Inspiration

These bold wallpaper choices are perfect backdrops for tea times, coffee breaks, and dinner parties! And don’t forget about those more hidden spaces like pantries. It’s just the motivation we need to keep up with organizing all the perfectly placed containers.

A kitchen wall with shelving uses a bold green blue patterned wallpaper
A women with a coffee cup sits at a dining room table in front of a wallpapered wall featuring a black and white pattern
A kitchen wall with shelving uses a bold green blue patterned wallpaper
An organized pantry with pink accessories uses a lemon wallpaper
Pink and beige pottery sit in front of a wall wallpapered with a pink and yellow jungle illustrated wallpaper
A cafe has been recreated in a kitchen with a menu board, grey and white wallpaper and a table with two chairs
A dining room with orange built in shelving, orange patterned wallpaper, and a bright blue ceiling.

Living Room Wallpaper Inspiration

Gathering spaces like living rooms are a great chance to showcase your family’s collective personality. Jennifer of the Rambling Renovator chose a blue design that takes on a more traditional feel from far away, but becomes more playful up close as you examine the subject matter, kayak blueprints, more closely.

A Living room with couch, television, and fireplace features a wallpaper featuring a blue print design
A Green wallpaper featuring monstera leaves is used on the backing of a white bookcases

Miscellaneous Wallpaper Inspiration

Wallpaper can make projects like marbled ceilings, custom doors, expressive chairs and magical stairways possible! This collection of unexpected uses may even inspire something new. What spaces or furniture in your home could use a refresh with rolls (or even test swatches like with our laptop cover tutorial) of wallpaper?

A blue office features a marble wallpaper on the ceiling
A desk chair features a wallpaper with a fruit and leaves design
A child looks joyful in front of a bright blue patterned wallpapered door
A stairway with a wall featuring a symmetrical red abstract design