What began as an effort to help crafters get organized has become a mission to give every creator room to create. Founded in 2005, Create Room (formerly The Original ScrapBox) is dedicated to providing high quality products and services to help creators everywhere win back their creative time. So what happens when Create Room meets Spoonflower? Let’s just say there’s no shortage of design inspiration! Jump ahead to see the results.

At Create Room, they believe:

  • We were born to create. All acts of creation, however big or small, are treasured experiences that reveal purpose. 
  • Creating room for ourselves and our creativity is not a luxury, but a necessity that allows us to be at our best and show up for those that matter. 
  • We are all creators and the ultimate creation is ourselves.

The DreamBox, a hide away cabinet complete with customizable shelving, stowaway tables, and 85,000 cubic inches of storage space, is designed to make creativity more accessible—with all tools and supplies in sight and within reach. It is manufactured in the USA from the finest materials for long-lasting durability and timeless beauty. Creators love to adorn their DreamBox with colors and decor that inspire them while they create. 

For even more creative inspiration, the Spoonflower team customized our studio DreamBox with Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper. See how you can recreate the look below and find out how you could win your very own DreamBox in the Create Room Design Challenge!

A black and white polka dot design on the back wall of a DreamBox | Spoonflower Blog

Recreate @tatertotsandjello‘s wallpapered DreamBox with designs like Painted Black Dots on White and Dalmatian Prints.

How to Customize a DreamBox with Spoonflower Wallpaper


Two notes before you get started:

*While we recommend (6) 9’ rolls of wallpaper to cover the entire inside wall of your DreamBox without seams, you can choose to adjust the number of rolls based on how many doors you will be covering and your visual preference. 

If you have the Modern White Shaker DreamBox, the backside of your exterior doors contain crown molding. We do not recommend wallpapering on these panels, as they are not a flat surface.

Step 1. Build your DreamBox

Following the instructions provided, build your DreamBox. Remember to grab a friend! 

Design and order a DreamBox here.

Step 2. Measure and Cut Your Wallpaper

Starting with the far left door, measure the width and length of the inside door to determine the wallpaper width and length. On the unprinted side of your wallpaper, mark the width of the door down the length of the wallpaper with small dots every 4″-8″ (10.2-20.3cm). Connect the dots with a ruler to create a vertical, straight line. Measure down the length of your wallpaper and add a mark at the door length. Draw a horizontal line from this mark to the vertical line you just drew. Following your cut lines, cut out the wallpaper. For the far left door you should have a 15.25” x 6’ (38.7 x 310cm) roll of wallpaper.

Pro tip: Refer to your DreamBox dimensions to double check your measurements.

Step 3. Install the Wallpaper

Peel 5″ (12.7cm) of the wallpaper backing off and adhere the paper to the inside of the door, making sure to line up the top of the paper with the top of the door. Slowly pull away the paper backing as you work your way down the door. Use your hand and smoothing tool to push out any air bubbles. Continue slowly working your way down, removing the paper backing as you go until you’ve reached the bottom of the door. Trim any excess paper at the bottom with a precision knife. 

Repeat this step until you’ve covered the four doors and center of your DreamBox. 

If you are receiving a pre-built DreamBox, Door 1 and 4 will arrive with a built-in cubby system. The wallpaper can be slid behind the cubby to create a seamless finish but if you prefer, you can cut your paper into two sections and work around the cubby.

Step 4. Get Organized!

Add your craft supplies to your DreamBox and get ready for a complete transformation. We recommended reviewing step 4 of the Create Room Journey to maximize your organizational efforts!

Customized DreamBox Wallpaper Inspiration

With over 1.8 million designs in the Spoonflower Marketplace, you can find just the right design to inspire creativity in your workspace. Whether you want to mix-and-match patterns or stick with one pattern throughout, we’ve rounded up a collection of designs to help kickstart the search for your DreamBox wallpaper.

Three floral designs from the Spoonflower Marketplace
Three geometric and floral designs from the Spoonflower Marketplace | Spoonflower Blog

Want even more organizational inspiration? See what happened when Spoonflower team member Theresa caught the organizational bug and gave her sewing studio a fresh makeover on Spoonflower’s IGTV!