You’re officially invited to join in on Spoonflower’s first-ever virtual #SpoonflowerCraftFriday event. Take a break from the frenzy of Black Friday online shopping this year and come craft with us! Join us for the entire day, pop in and out when you can, or check out our full lineup below to see which sessions you definitely don’t want to miss. 

  • WHO: We’ve brought together 17 makers and artists from all over the globe to lead you in crafting sessions all day long.
  • WHATCraft Friday is an all-day crafting “virtual festival” where you’ll find new tutorials published every hour for all kinds of crafty projects from sewing to design, painting to crochet and so much more.
  • WHERE: It’s all going down on Spoonflower’s Instagram! Tune into @spoonflower where we’ll have live events and pre-recorded IGTV videos dropping all day long. Speak German or French? We’ve got you covered! We’ll be publishing tutorials on our @spoonflowerde and @spoonflowerfr accounts in your native language, too. 
  • WHEN: Friday, November 27, 8:00am – 8:00pm ET. Yep, that’s “Black Friday!” Let us provide an alternative to the frenzy of Black Friday shopping (whatever that may look like this year) and a respite from the barrage of e-commerce promotional events in your feed.
  • WHY? While we enjoy a good sale just as much as the next fabric lover, we’re craving connection and creative inspiration now more than ever. #CraftFriday is our chance to bring together some of the talented instructors in our community for a day of creativity, learning, connection, and FUN!

Meet Your Craft Friday Teachers

Geetanjali | Mindful and Meditative Coloring | 8:00am ET / 1:00pm GMT

Based in Goa, Geetanjali (Gee) is a freelance surface pattern designer and fashion illustrator, and the author of the new book Mindful and Meditative Coloring. She studied fashion design at National institute of fashion technology, Mumbai. In 2012, she quit her job at a retail design company in order to pursue her career as a freelancer. This has allowed her to work on different projects for technical drawings and fashion illustrations for apparel and accessories, colouring book pages, surface pattern designs and more.

Craft Friday Session Description

Grab a hot cup of coffee or tea and join Gee for a relaxing, live coloring session. Using her new book, Mindful and Meditative Coloring, color along as Gee shows you different coloring styles and how to add special effects to your work. 

Session Materials:

*Find this session on the Spoonflower Instagram account

Rumana| Wardrobe Illustrations | 9:00am ET/ 2:00pm GMT

Rumana is a junior doctor from London who uses sewing & crafts to unwind and destress after a long day. She shares her passion for crafting through her Instagram and blog, ​The Little Pomegranate​, as well as being a campaigner for increased diversity within the sewing and craft communities.

Craft Friday Session Description

It can be easy to get overwhelmed by choice when it comes to sewing- which fabric to use? What pattern/style to make? That’s where being able to sketch out designs can help focus your plans and give you the freedom to play around with ideas before committing to the fabric. This class will take you through how to make your very own digital drawings using a tablet and show that you don’t need to be Picasso to make beautiful illustrations.

Session Materials

  • Tablet (​optional: stylus​)
  • Drawing/design app e.g. Autobook Sketchbook (free) or Procreate 

If you don’t have access to a tablet, you can still join this class with paper, a pen/pencil and colored pencils! 

Tanja | Repeating Patterns for Beginners | 9:30am ET/ 2:30pm GMT

Tanja Hildebrandt is a visual designer, pattern creator and workshop enthusiast based in Berlin, Germany. She combines illustration with traditional Graphic Design and focuses on packaging design, surface patterns and visual identities with strong, bold and recognizable concepts.

Beside working as a freelancer she runs her product line TanTan Things where she brings her patterns to life and produces paper and textile products in small batch series. She also runs workshops in textile pattern design in her shared studio in Berlin Wedding. 

Craft Friday Session Description

In Tanja’s Textile Pattern Workshop, learn how to create a repeating tile with pen and paper for your next DIY project. With a step-by-step introduction to pattern design, learn how to design your own fabric. From finding inspiration to the final sketches, you’ll be ready to upload a repeating pattern on Spoonflower in no time!

Session Materials

  • Paper in the color of your choice
  • Coloring tools: Watercolor or acrylic paint, pens, crayons
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Scanner or camera phone

Nastja | Santa Face Gaiter | 10:00am ET / 3:00pm GMT

Creating weekly sewing and DIY tutorials for bags, baby clothes, crafting, bullet journaling and much more, Nastja is the 33 year old, Berlin-born-raised-and-based blogger behind DIY Eule. The latest DIY project to catch Nastja’s eye? Illustrating and creating her own fabric designs!

Craft Friday Session Description

The Santa face gaiter is a lovely alternative during the holiday season for a face mask. The 5-seam project is quickly done and a cosy accessory for the cold season. Choose from one of four different Santa-inspired designs in Organic Cotton Knit plus some ribbing and you’re ready to go!

Session Materials

  • 1 Organic Cotton Knit fat quarter featuring one of the DIY Eule Santa face designs or other design of your choice
  • 2″ x 16″ ribbing in red or green
  • Sewing machine
  • Optional
    • Serger/overlock machine
    • Metal noseband

Anne-Charlotte | Beginner-Friendly DIY Gathered Skirt | 10:30am ET / 3:30pm GMT

Anne-Charlotte, the French maker behind the blog lebazar d’ anne-charlotte, shares her creations, tutorials. tips and tricks for sewing, embroidery and DIY. All 10 fingers get into action as soon as she has five minutes to spare, with just one motto: to share her passion with you always in the best of moods!

Craft Friday Session Description

You’re invited to make an elastic waistband skirt for the holidays (or for all year round), for the little ones AND the grown-ups! This tutorial is great for all sewing levels, but is especially meant for the beginner sewist. 

Session Materials

  • A fabric with drape-—We suggest Cotton Poplin, Organic Cotton Sateen or Poly Crepe de Chine 
  • Approximately 1m20 of elastic, ideally 2 cm wide.
  • Matching thread
  • 2 matching buttons for the pockets

To determine how much fabric you’ll need: Measure your hips at the widest point and multiply by two to determine the required fabric width. The length of the skirt is up to you! For a short skirt, 28″ (70 cm) is a good place to start. Add additional fabric in the length for a longer skirt.

Vivian | Zipper Pouch | 11:00am ET / 4:00pm GMT /

Vivian is a sustainable fashion entrepreneur and textile addict who lives in Berlin, Germany. When she isn’t recycling old paragliders into new products, she stays busy researching new materials and DIY projects.

Craft Friday Session Description

Join Vivian as she shows you how to sew a simple zipper pouch finished with French seams. Level up your zipper skills and learn how to make your projects more professional with fabric labels.

Session Materials

  • 9″ (22cm) Zipper – metal or plastic but not an invisible zipper
  • 1 Fat Quarter Petal Signature Cotton™ or Linen Cotton Canvas
  • Lighter
  • Sewing machine
  • Rotary blade or fabric shears
  • Optional
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Ohn Mar | Autumnal Watercolor Leaves | 11:30am ET / 4:30pm GMT

Ohn Mar Win is an England-based illustrator, designer and teacher.  She’s best known for her fruit and vegetables illustrations which have appeared on countless branding and packaging projects.

With 25+ Moleskines serving as a record of her creative journey as a self-taught watercolourist for the last 5 years, Ohn Mar is an advocate of sketchbooks. Oftentimes her sketch explorations provide the basis for classes and workshops. Through her 20+ watercolour and illustration classes on Skillshare, Ohn Mar has taught over 80,000 students.

Ohn Mar is on a mission to “use my creativity and intuition to support and inspire myself, and then help others do the same, which allows me remain open to new opportunities, to learn, inspire, and create.”

Craft Friday Session Overview

Join Ohn Mar for a 1-hour workshop where you will create an autumnal array of leaves using wax, ink and watercolour. Wax resist is a very forgiving but easy medium to incorporate with watercolour.  Applying wax before painting in watercolor or ink reserves the white paper underneath. It creates a lovely texture that often picks up on the grain of your paper,  but there’s also an element of uncertainty which I admire too.

Session Materials

  •  Watercolour paper or sketchbook
  •  Student quality watercolour paint set
  •  Round watercolour brush size 10 or larger
  •  Wax candle
  •  Brown ink & dip pen ( or fountain pen or fine liner)
  •  Jar of clean water and paper towels or rag

Nelly | Trim the Tree with Handmade Bird Ornaments | 12:00pm ET / 5:00pm GMT

In her Sew Sister community, Nelly of Koko Dolores helps mothers and expectant mothers learn how to never have to buy clothes for their children and themselves again. Why? Because it is so much more fun to simply sew them yourself—in spite of wild mommy everyday life!

Craft Friday Session Overview

If you’re in the mood for cheerful holiday decorations, these Christmas bird ornaments are just the right addition to your tree. With this cut-and-sew fat quarter design, you will soon have a whole flock of colorful birds sewn on your tree. Leave the sewing machine behind for this project —these pendants are easily sewn by hand!

Session Materials

  • 1 Organic Cotton Sateen fat quarter featuring Bird Ornaments by Anda
  • Fiberfill
  • Satin tape or Baker’s Twine
  • Hand sewing needles
  • Yarn
  • Fabric scissors
  • Wonder clips or pins

Robert | Embroidered Cedar Sachets| 1:00pm ET / 6:00 GMT

Robert Mahar is a Los Angeles-based artist, designer and maker who develops and teaches imaginative crafts and clever do-it-yourself projects and products. He’s also a proud alumni of the inaugural season of NBC’s crafting competition show Making It with Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman.  With an education in studio arts and art history, he has worked in a variety of creative fields including 13 years as an appraiser of modern and contemporary art. Learn more about Robert, explore his video tutorial archive and shop his collection of curious embroidery samplers here.

Craft Friday Session Description

Take the guesswork out of beautifully crafted stitches with Robert’s connect-the-dots approach to embroidery. Explore simple core stitches using his Practice Grid Pattern printed on linen cotton canvas. Once you’ve embellished your fabric with embroidery, learn how to easily transform it into cedar sachets to protect your winter woolens.

Session Materials

To learn core embroidery stitches you’ll need:

  • A fat quarter of Embroidery Practice Grid pattern— Suggested fabric: Linen Cotton Canvas
  • Embroidery needle
  • Embroidery floss
  • 5-6″ (12-15cm) Embroidery hoop

To transform your embroidered fabric into cedar sachets you’ll need:

  • Sewing machine and thread
  • A fat quarter of backing fabric
  • Cedar wood chips
  • Whole cloves
  • Dried rosemary
  • Cedar wood essential oil
Shop the featured designs: Practice Grid Pattern and Small Tiger Moth

Lucie | Watercolor Greeting Cards| 2:00pm ET / 7:00pm GMT

Behind the name CreaKOA is Lucie, a passionate illustrator and artistic coach from France. After having tested many different jobs, she returned to her first loves: graphic and artistic creation. Specializing in the creation of patterns, Lucie is now devoted to artistic coaching thanks to free tutorials on Youtube and online art training. Her goal? To help people in search of wellness in order to free themselves from their daily stress, to discover and unleash their creative potential and learn new techniques and artistic methods thanks to the simple and modern learning of drawing, watercolor and arts-focused software.

Craft Friday Session Description

Would you love to be able to create your own holiday greeting cards but think you don’t have the time? You’re in luck! In this tutorial, Lucie will share her method to making three watercolor greeting cards on the same theme in three different styles! Learn how to paint leaves, pine branches and berries in watercolors together and get ready to send your best wishes to your family and friends! Add a little glitter watch your cares melt away.

Session Materials

  • Watercolor paper  at 300g/m², in 9″ x 12″ (22,9 x 30,5 cm) or 24 x 32 cm format
  • Watercolor brush with fine point (size 14 approximately)
  • Watercolor paint (colors used: red/pink & green)
  • Black pen with fine point such as “Unipin”, “Faber Castell” or “Micron” with a size between 0.1 and 0.3.
  • Painter’s tape, masking tape or washi tape
  • Lead or mechanical pencil
  • Eraser
  • Ruler
  • Container with water and a cloth
  • Golden glitter + white glue + fine brush or golden glitter in gel

Danesha| DIY Scrunchies| 2:30pm ET / 7:30pm GMT

After being furloughed from her role as a flight attendant due to Covid-19, Danesha Anglin took matters into her own hands and is currently working on starting her own clothing line. Danesha is passionate about teaching (she was a Kindergarten teacher for 5.5 years), sewing and designing, DIY crafts and connecting with people. She received her first sewing machine when she was in grad school in 2014 and began to teach herself. Mimi G has been a very big inspiration for Danesha during this journey and continues to be. She loves using her creative talents not only for herself but also for others. Danesha prides herself on being a kind, outgoing, and very loving individual. Head over to or @ClassyfiedLife on Instagram to see what Danesha’s up to!  

Craft Friday Session Description

In this class learn how to make an accessory that can be used to adorn your wrist or jazz up your hair: a scrunchie! After recently finding herself purchasing all sorts of scrunchies and noticing all the little kids getting excited for them, Danesha is ready to show you how to make your very own scrunchie. This is a super fun project to make at home and the best part is that you get to customize them with your choice of designs from Spoonflower. Using just a fat quarter of Celosia Velvet™ or Satin fabrics, be sure to tune in as Danesha shows how to make a scrunchie with her sewing machine. No sewing machine? No problem! You can also hand sew your own scrunchie! 

Session Materials

  • 1 fat quarter of Celosia Velvet™ or Satin
  • Ruler/ Tape Measurer
  • Fabric scissors
  • Pins
  • 1/4″ (.64cm) wide piece of elastic (6.5″/16.5cm long)
  • Safety pin
  • Sewing machine / needle
  • Coordinating thread

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Alexis | Fabric Yarn 101| 3:00pm ET / 8:00pm GMT

Alexis, the Manager of Spoonflower’s graphic design team has three loves in her life: patterns, cats, and the color blue. When she’s not making fun graphics you can find Alexis staying busy by sewing, knitting, crocheting, and doodling in Procreate.

Craft Friday Session Description

If your sewing room looks anything like Alexis’, you probably have a ton of extra scrap fabric stowed away just out of sight—no judgement here! Join this class to give your scrap fabric a second lease on life and transform it into “yarn” for your next crochet project. In this live class you’ll learn: what fabrics work best (and other materials you can use) for making yarn, how to prep the fabric so it’s easy to work with, how to crochet with your yarn and more! Get your fabric and crochet hooks ready—we hope to see you there!

Session Materials

  • Fabric scraps/extra remnant fabric cut into 1/2″ wide strips. Longer lengths of fabric (as long as possible!) will work best.
  • Scissors (and/or a rotary blade)
  • Crochet hook
    • Recommend between K (10.5/6.5mm) – P (16/11.5mm)
    • If you’re planning to use fabric + twine/string, a smaller hook works!
  • Optional
    • Twine or string

Jeanetta | Create Your Own Digital Moodboard| 4:00pm ET / 9:00 GMT

Jeanetta Gonzales is a seasoned Los Angeles-based designer and illustrator. She has created work for Mattel, The New York Times and The California Lottery. She also creates patterns and designs for products like apparel, stationery and home decor sold on Spoonflower and in major retail stores, including Wayfair, Nordstrom and HomeGoods, and sells her own products in her shop.

Jeanetta blends her background in fine art and graphic design creating uplifting art that captures moods and moments through bold statements of inspiration, positivity and beauty. You’ll find her drawing the natural world, patterns and people of color in her work. She uses a combination of paint, inks and digital illustration creating her vibrant art style. Jeanetta also coaches artists in their careers and art practice, facilitating their growth and development.

Craft Friday Session Description

Let’s make a digital moodboard for your next pattern collection! Learn how to collect inspiration from many sources such as social media, nature, magazines and Pinterest to build a moodboard that clearly informs your collection’s color, style and theme. Jeanetta will teach you how to sort out your ideas and research into themes. Use this moodboard to create a cohesive, thoughtful pattern collection that you will love!

Session Materials

  • Magazines—home magazines, apparel catalogs, women’s magazines, special interest, food etc.
  • Found or natural objects—gather items that interest you such as fallen leaves, random items you love, rocks, sea glass – anything you have that inspires you to draw it
  • Pinterest account—you can also use Google Search
  • Your phone (we will take photos with it)
  • Instagram account (we will scroll through it and gather inspiration in “collection” folders)
  • Illustrator® or Photoshop® (we will make the moodboard in Illustrator in the lesson—you can use Photoshop but Illustrator is preferred).
Autumnal mood board

Meredith | Pom Pom & Danish Star Garland| 5:00pm ET / 10:00pm GMT

When she’s not planning content for the Spoonflower blog, you can find Meredith in the kitchen decorating cakes with enough sprinkles to last a lifetime, sewing a handmade wardrobe, and of course, making pom poms. The self-proclaimed pom pom queen learned the art of making pom poms during Craftcation 2018 and she hasn’t stopped since.

Craft Friday Session Description

Combining her love for pom poms and paper crafts, join Meredith as she shows you how to make a Danish Star + Pom Pom Garland just in time for the holidays. Get a sneak peek of this project suitable for the entire family here!

Session Materials

Nefertiti| Fingerless Gloves| 5:30pm ET / 10:30 pm GMT

Meet Nefertiti, aka The Corny Rainbow. She is a seamstress and designer who loves all things bright, bold & colourful! In her early childhood, Nefertiti learned to sew from her mother. You may recognize her from our 3-part Series Creating Black Magic, where she created a one-of-a-kind gown for drag persona Vivica C. Coxx. She is also the creator of STOLEN Apparel, her sweatshirt and t-shirt clothing line. Nefertiti’s energy, style, and creativity are sure to brighten your day!

Craft Friday Session Overview

Get ready to learn how to sew a pair of fun, fingerless gloves with Fleece, Minky or your go-to knit fabric. This project is great for creatives of all skill levels and a perfect DIY gift idea for the holidays. (Note: As of March 2023, we are phasing out our Fleece fabric and launching Polartec® Fleece, which will also work great for this project!)

Session Materials

  • 2 Fleece, Minky or other medium-weight knit fat quarters
  • Thread (all purpose)
  • Pins
  • Scissors 
  • Sewing machine
  • Marking pen or fabric marker for tracing hand 
  • Optional
    • Hand sewing needle (if hand sewing)

Amy | Milestone Photo Ornaments| 6:00pm ET / 11:00 pm GMT

Some of Amy’s favorite things include documentary films, minor league baseball, blooper reels, Chicago style hot dogs and cut paper collage. She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina and is on the Brand Marketing team at Spoonflower.

Craft Friday Session Overview

Commemorate big milestones and celebrate loved ones near and far with a custom photo ornament to decorate and give as gifts this year! Prior to the class, read our tutorial to learn how to design and order your photos on fabric. Then on Craft Friday, we’ll stretch the fabric within an embroidery hoop and customize the ornament even more with embroidery embellishments, ribbon, fleece and more—the only limit is your imagination!

Note: You can also showcase your favorite Spoonflower designs for this project! If you’re not able to print your photos prior to Craft Friday, you can shop your stash for cotton fabric to create your ornament.

Session Materials

  • 4” (10cm) embroidery hoops
  • Photos (scanned or digital)
  • Fat quarter/swatch of Petal Signature Cotton™ (see blog post to design and order your photos on fabric!)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Optional finishing touches
    • Fleece for backing
    • Fabric glue
    • Embroidery thread & needle
    • Ribbon & twine
    • Whatever craft materials the project inspires you to use!

CraftJam| Envelope Pillows| 7:00pm ET / 12:00am (11/28) GMT

Meredith is a midwest-raised, New York-based crafting professional and enthusiast. As the head of all JamMasters (instructors) at CraftJam, the only thing Meredith loves more than hands-on DIY projects is sharing her skills, tips, tricks and techniques with others. A slight obsession with clothing and accessories (it’s genetic) means Meredith is constantly shopping in her own closet to see what she can reuse, rehab and recycle, all with the help of her trusty sewing machine.

Craft Friday Session Overview

Spice up your WFH office. Cozy up the bedroom for the new season. Accent pillows are the perfect way to add color and personal style to any room. This session is perfect if you’d like to learn how to sew a simple pillow and also a classically fun project for pros who just want to hang out with other creatives and add a little pop to their palace.

Session Materials

  • 1 yard of mid to heavyweight woven fabric. We’re using Spoonflower’s Cypress Cotton Canvas and a design from the CraftJam collection
  • A square pillow, ready to be covered in a cute pillowcase!
  • Fabric scissors (or regular scissors if that’s all that you have on hand!)
  • Sewing machine that does a straight stitch
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Pins
  • Iron and ironing board (not necessary, but it helps with sewing)

Recommended Skills

  • Know how to set up your sewing machine
  • Know how to adjust its tension
  • Be able to sew a straight line

We can’t wait to see what you create on our day of DIY! Let us know which classes you’re most excited about in the comments below and don’t forget to share your final Craft Friday projects by tagging @spoonflower and #SpoonflowerCraftFriday in your pictures.