The Spoonflower Small Business Grant supports handmade business owners worldwide and at all stages of development. Whether you want to launch your online shop, experiment with a new product, or just get your business off the ground, this grant is for you—and these 13 creative entrepreneurs below! From a designer bringing you beautiful global scenery on garments to an illustrator blending into his backgrounds, get to know the Fall 2020 Small Business grantees, hand-picked by our Small Business Grant panel featuring four talented SBG alumni.

Meet the Small Business Grant Panel

Meet the Fall 2020 Small Business Grantees

Martrecia Alleyne
Photo-Synthesis Designs | @photo_synthesis_designs_tt

A photography-based fashion and soft furnishings brand bringing you beautiful global scenery. Our message: love for country – whichever country you may be from!

“So many times in life, we do not have the means to execute our plans exactly how we had envisioned, but thanks to this grant I can personally design the pageant wardrobe that I always imagined while simultaneously adding tons of luxurious, exciting pieces to my brand’s offering. Photo-Synthesis Designs will also gain invaluable international exposure through your social media platforms and the pageant. This is a validating, heart-warming dream come true that could not have happened at a better time, given the many challenges that small businesses like mine have faced this year. Receiving this grant from Spoonflower fills me with a great sense of pride which I will channel into this patriotic Trinbagonian collection; I am humbled that Spoonflower had faith in my brand.”

Marcela Cortes
Luvaboo | @luvabookids

Affordable, durable line of children’s goods that represent all colors and cultures of the rainbow.

This Spoonflower’s grant means a lot to me as an independent designer and entrepreneur. Spoonflower has become an essential part of my creative process through the last years, and has allowed me to continue developing my line of products while still being able to express my creativity with great quality.

Carla Gittens

Designer & premium fashion house.

“Receiving the Spoonflower Small Business Grant means a lot for my personal growth as a fashion designer and small business entrepreneur in my small Caribbean island of Barbados. It is an achievement which helps me reach my goals towards producing a cultural fashion project influenced by the traditions and way of life of Barbadians.

Sabrina Hill
Genderish | @gender_ish

Gender neutral & natural apparel from newborn-6 months that focuses on sustainability, defying limits and reinventing the way you shop for infants.

Gender-neutral baby apparel doesn’t have to stop at the basics. We are inspired by adventure and incorporate wildly colorful designs that are suitable for all babies, limiting waste on our planet, and defying gender boxes. Starting with baby leggings to promote exploring with the family, we will continue to expand our offerings and designs by leveraging Spoonflower’s organic, USA-made fabrics.

Photo Credit-Kayla Aponte

Karen Barbé
Karen Barbé | @karenbarbe

Inspiring a handmade life with colors, stitches and crafts.

“I recently immigrated to the United States and I am fascinated by the American sewing and quilting community. Earning this grant will help me expand and combine my embroidery work with printed fabric that can be used in sewing projects.”

Three small embroidered items on a white surface, a square with white, pink and yellow stitches, Aida cloth with pastel flowers and a box whose top has been embroidered with orange, pink and purple flowers. Small black scissors are underneath the box.
Image of an embroidered cloth with vegetable designs on a gray cloth.

Holly Guertin
Ernie and Irene | @ernieandirenecollection

Beautiful, hand-illustrated printed dresses as well as incredibly unique felt fiber artworks.

“Ernie and Irene Collection is just starting out and we have big hopes for its growth. This grant is such a source of affirmation and encouragement. With the grant to offset the cost of our fabric, we can focus finances on creating samples for models and broaden our marketing outreach, to truly let the garments shine.”

Tiffany McKnight
TLMcKnightART | @tlynnmcknight

Beautiful handmade pieces for people who love to fill their space with explosive color, vibrancy, and good energy.

“Although we are facing a global pandemic that has greatly affected small business owners like myself, I have big dreams of expanding my current project ideas as well as investing in professional photography and an online shop for my products. I very much want to be a voice for Black people who pursue the arts, so I’m grateful that Spoonflower chose to invest in me, a small Black business owner. As a chosen recipient I feel honored to continue to help pave the way for more positive representation and to know that other people believe in my dreams for the future.”

A.E. Kieren
AEKieren | @aekieren

Watercolor illustrations brought to shimmering life on fabric.

“This grant gives me the freedom to branch out into my new concept of illustrated posters printed on fabric. I am so excited to be able to offer my work as an illustrator on a new product. The income these illustrated posters could bring could support me and my work for months, and hopefully open the door to an exciting new line of products I can offer indefinitely.”

Jessica Long
Jessica Long Embroidery | @jessicalongembroidery

Modern hand embroidery patterns and kits, plus ready to ship and customizable embroidered art.

I’m so thrilled to have been chosen as a recipient of this grant! I’ve been a Spoonflower customer for years and it’s exciting to be recognized and supported by the company and the community.

Terrance Williams
Terrance Williams Designs | @terrancewilliamsdesigns

Handmade ethically sourced and sustainably produced clothing and accessories.

“As a Black small business owner this grant is so important to me because so many times Black small business owners are not given the same chances and opportunities. Receiving this grant shows that I am just as deserving and just as worthy as anyone else.”

Elisabeth Moore
Shopday | @love_shopday

Stylishly comfortable lounge and activewear sets supporting all body types.

“As a recipient of this grant, I feel encouraged to know that my work and ideas are recognized by a company I respect. I’m now able to direct more of my focus on the design, production, and reach of my collection, and I’m finding inspiration in the possibilities that wouldn’t have been there without the generous support of Spoonflower.”

Kenya Stanfield
Mary Elizabeth Home | @maryelizabethhome

Combining textile art and leather to create contemporary modern decor.

“Being selected as a grant recipient means the world to me! It means I can continue to build my business in the direction that I envisioned when I launchedby bringing art and modern style to all aspects of the home.”

Eva van der Brugge
Mamahoela | @mamahoela_kits

DIY kits that make it easy to craft unique, sustainable gifts for babies and kids.

“With this grant, I can cater to makers keen to sew a unique, modern heirloom for their (grand)kids. Plus, it’s amazing to present Mamahoela to all the Spoonflower lovers of original design!”

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