In the final episode of Creating Black Magic, Nefertiti gets to work crafting the perfect dress for Vivica C. Coxx using Spoonflower’s Modern Jersey, and a beautiful pineapple design from Spoonflower artist, mirabelle_print. If you’re just tuning in, catch up on episode 1 and episode 2. Then, check out episode 3 below for the big reveal of J.’s dress!

Want more? We caught up with J. Clapp to talk more about Vivica’s origins, working with Nefertiti, and of course, the Black Magic dress. Jump down below the video to read all their answers.

Episode 3: Black Magic

All Things Vivica: Q&A with J. Clapp

Spoonflower Presents: Creating Black Magic - Episode 3 | Spoonflower Blog

Tell us more about Vivica C. Coxx and being one of Durham, NC’s most loved drag performers:

This is one of my favorite questions because I am happy to tell folks how I got started. One night, I was sitting at the Pinhook (a local dive bar) with my friend, Rob. Now, a quick aside: Rob is one of the most talented interior designers I have ever heard of. I am so proud of him. We were having a cocktail before going to see Blackfish at the Carolina Theatre. Oh, that was a depressing documentary. Before leaving the bar, the owner, Kym, approached us and asked if we knew any drag queens who could open for Manila Luzon from RuPaul’s Drag Race. Now, I don’t know where this came from, but I volunteered and said I could do it. I had always wanted to do drag and this was a chance. Lord, I gave it my all. I did not look how I do today, but I got out there and performed and I would say I figured a few things out. 

How did Nefertiti’s sketch reveal meet your expectations and what did you feel in that moment?

Oh, I think the reaction in the video will tell you everything I felt. I just could not believe someone designed a look like THAT for me. I was FLOORED. I felt so seen, heard, and loved. Yes, I started crying. My happiness remains overwhelming and I am not exactly ashamed of that. My life has been hard and I have been dreaming of a moment like this. It happened and it was with love and compassion. 

Spoonflower Presents: Creating Black Magic - Episode 3 | Spoonflower Blog
Dress created by Nefertiti of The Corny Rainbow | Gold Glitter Classic Pineapples by mirabelleprint

Tell us about the dress. How did it feel, look, and move?

Oh, it was GORGEOUS! I didn’t fully try it on until the day of the shoot, but I opened the package and about died. I haven’t actually put it away since that day because I keep walking past it to feel it and love it. It moved so beautifully and I felt like a million bucks. To think it was made for me overwhelms me.

Spoonflower Presents: Creating Black Magic - Episode 3 | Spoonflower Blog

Favorite part of performing in the dress?

I just loved having everyone enjoy it on screen. Plus, those slits in the arms certainly help me breathe! It is just so fun. 

Thanks for tuning into this series! We had so much fun making it, and we hope you had fun watching. Thanks to J. Clapp, The LGBTQ Center of Durham, and Nefertiti Griggs for agreeing to be part of the project, and for all their energy and enthusiasm. Click the link below for all things Black Magic.

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  • How fun! We love fabric on a bolt but it is flat until someone creates something from it. This collaboration brought the fabric to life and literally made it sing. It made me so very happy, and I am inspired to keep creating and trying new things. Thank you, Spoonflower, for taking your website to the next level by showcasing not only your product, but also the talent of Nefertiti and J.

  • Wow! You are gorgeous! The dress suits you so well… and I love the hat too! Congratulations to both of you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • This was so sweet. The artistry, creativity and love showed in every aspect of this project. From the inspiration and conception to the final reveal, it was brilliantly refreshing.

    Thank you

  • Tarah Heidi Adela Grewal

    Stunning in a mist comfortable stylish way, something I appreciate as the decades peel by. ๐Ÿ‘Œโญ๐ŸŒˆ

  • I loved this story. It made me cry, laugh and feel joyful. Thank you so much for enlightening me and sharing each of these talented individuals dreams and passions. Nefertiti, you are an amazing designer and J. Clapp you look stunning in the dress.