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Are you ready to ditch paper towels for good? After months of saying this was the year she would kick paper towels to the curb, Spoonflower’s Graphic Designer Alexis made the transition by swapping out her rolls of paper towels with reusable towels made from Organic Cotton Knit. With just one yard of fabric, see how you can join Alexis on making every day Earth Day—no sewing required!  

How to Make Reusable Cloth Towels

Reusable Paper Towel Materials

*1 yard of Organic Cotton Knit will yield fifteen 11″ (28cm) x 10.5″ (26cm) fabric towels.

Cut Out Your Fabric

Lay your fabric out flat on a cutting mat and cut out a rectangle that measures 11″ (28cm) x 10.5″ (26cm). Using this rectangle as a guide, continue cutting out towel pieces until you’ve cut all of your fabric. You should be able to get 15 towels from one yard of fabric. Because we’re using knit fabric, the raw edges won’t fray so there’s no sewing needed!

Pro tip: Planning to make bulk reusable paper towels? Create an 11″ (28cm) x 10.5″ (26cm) template from cardboard or chip board before you get started.

Cut out your fabric paper towel | Spoonflower Blog

Roll Your Fabric Pieces

Once you have all your pieces cut, stack them wrong side up on top of each other. Starting with the towel piece on the top of your stack, roll it loosely so there’s room to fit it onto a paper towel.

Roll your fabric paper towels | Spoonflower Blog

Add the next rectangle to the roll and continue rolling/adding pieces until you’ve used up all your towels. And just like that, you’re ready to start kick paper towels to the curb!

Pro tip: When adding a new towel piece, overlap it a little bit with the end of the previous piece to help give it some extra support.

Rolled fabric paper towels | Spoonflower Blog

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