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The Spoonflower Small Business Grant supports handmade business owners worldwide and at all stages of development. Whether you want to prepare for your next craft fair, experiment with a new product, or just get your business off the ground, this grant is for you—and these 11 creative entrepreneurs below! From play mats that are far from “babyish” to a collection of one of a kind garments lovingly made in New Zealand, get to know the Spring 2020 Small Business grantees.

Spoonflower's Small Business Grant | Spoonflower Blog

Meet Spoonflower’s Small Business Grant Recipients

Alix DeFatta
Fitness Fox Headbands | @FitnessFoxShop

Slip-resistant and sweat absorbent headbands for your athletic lifestyle.

Alix DeFatta - Fitness Fox Headbands| Spoonflower Blog

“As an entrepreneur, it’s been a joy to create my business around fun, useful  products that customers love. My team and I are grateful to be awarded this generous grant by Spoonflower. It is an important milestone on our road to success.”

Chelsea Fay
Chelsea Fay Studio | @Chelseafaystudio

Ethically made, timeless textiles for the home.

“With the help of the Spoonflower Small Business Grant, I will be making my first large quantity fabric order. Utilizing their digital print technology and organic cotton fabric, I will be creating a collection of pillows, featuring bold and colorful prints, that bring warmth and joy to interior spaces.”

Christa Lashley
CLASH Leotards | @clash_leos

Making confident and strong girls into confident and strong women.

Christa Lashley - CLASH Leotards | Spoonflower Blog

“Receiving the Spoonflower Small Business Grant means we can create more inventory upfront so that there is a faster turn around time. We are excited to produce our first mini collection called Crystal Clear. This will include three cohesive leotard designs. We will also be making matching scrunchies from the left over scrap fabric. As a growing business we have to be more cautious of the waste we make and do what is right for our environment.

Elvina Kaplun
Kubarem | @kubarem_baby

Extraordinary play mats. Baby things that are not babyish.

Elvina Kaplun - Kubarem | Spoonflower Blog

“Receiving the Spoonflower Small Business Grant helped me to offset some of the financial costs associated with rebranding and creating a new collection, but most importantly it boosted my confidence and gave me the strength to push myself forward and keep my business open during the global tragedy of COVID-19. It really was such a bright moment amongst the chaos and restrictions, it gave me something to be excited about and I am back at my studio full of inspiration!”

Emily Schramm
Club Cuckoo| @shopcuckoo

Children’s clothing and accessories by illustrator Emily Schramm.

Emily Schramm - Club Cuckoo | Spoonflower Blog

“I will be using the small business grant to produce my first collection of children’s hair accessories. All of the fabrics used will be my own custom illustrations, making them totally unique.”

Iris Hall
Gumnut | @gumnut___

Locally, ethically made clothing featuring unique print designs by independent designer Iris Hall.

Iris Hall - Gumnut | Spoonflower Blog

“I plan to use the grant to assist in me restocking existing prints and creating a summer and a winter drop. I’m super excited to be working with Spoonflower as they have beautiful natural fibres!”

Lauren Engelkemeyer
Camp Clever | @campclever

Where play meets adventure.
Exploring childhood with curiosity, imagination, and joy.

Lauren Engelkemeyer - Camp Clever | Spoonflower Blog

“I’m incredibly honored to be acknowledged as a grant recipient by Spoonflower. It gives me the financial support to work with some amazing creatives and to finally launch a part of my brand I’ve had on the back burner for quite some time. The recognition also feels like support to push forward in spreading my brand’s mission, which is to help families explore childhood with curiosity, imagination, and joy.”

Melissa Paré
Moraye by Melissa Paré | @moraye_

Exploration of materials, patterns and irreverence.

Melissa Paré - Moraye by Melissa Paré | Spoonflower Blog

“As a textile artist each of my original batik paintings on silk takes me weeks, sometimes months to complete. The time and energy poured into creating the silk pieces puts them at a high price point. Being able to print my finished work on Spoonflower fabrics in small editions makes it more accessible for people to purchase. This grant will give me the freedom to explore printing scarves at a larger scale and test out new types of fabrics.”

Sarah Choat
My Keeper | @mykeepernz

A collection of one of a kind garments, lovingly made in New Zealand.

Sarah Choat - My Keeper | Spoonflower Blog

“I am planning to add to my range of handmade rental items. Using Spoonflower fabrics means that I can create one of a kind garments that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. This is my point of difference to other designer rental companies.

Tom Lerental
Tomma Bloom | @tommabloom

Storytelling through patterns, colors & shapes.

Tom Lerental - Tomma Bloom | Spoonflower Blog

“Being a small business owner is one of the best things I have done in my life. Although it has many challenges in store, showing up for no one but yourself and being able to see your progress is a pure joy. As of that, I can say that one of the biggest challenges for me is knowing whether I’m on the right path, constantly looking for new ways to challenge my creativity. Being a Spoonflower grant recipient endorse my journey and allows me to be confident in my creative way, continuing creating art that will bring joy to people lives.”

Zana Cuffe
Bobby Stitch | @bobbystitch

Melbourne made baby, kids and mumma accessories and gifts.

Zana Cuffe - Bobby Stitch | Spoonflower Blog

“I am absolutely thrilled to be selected for the Spoonflower grant! It allows my business the chance to move our mumma and bub range to organic fabrics which I have been trying to achieve for a while now. This grant will help the business grow and give me the opportunity to extend our product range. I am excited about working with new fabrics and particularly the Organic Sweet Pea Gauze to make baby swaddles.”

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