4 Color Palettes Inspired by Nature To Refresh Your Rooms

MAR 4, 2020 updated Jun 7, 2021

Think of the last time you walked on the beach or through a wooded trail. The salty air, the golden light, the piney smells: they’re so restorative and energizing. How do you convey those feelings in your home? Our resident trend expert at Spoonflower, Tara Reed, was inspired to do just that, styling various rooms with an earth-centric spin. From oceans and forests to meadows and deserts, these four scenic themes are building blocks for a room that feels completely natural. Follow her tips to recreate these looks in your home!

“Start by narrowing your setting down to four colors,”
-Tara Reed, Merchandising and Marketplace Manager at Spoonflower. 

Take, for example, a desert palette. “When thinking about the canyons and rock formations of the Southwest, the terracotta hue was a natural place to start. Then I wanted to evoke the stark shadows of the area by selecting charcoal and rust as contrasting colors. Inspired by fiery sunsets, I included saffron yellow as an accent color to create a layered effect with the terracotta color. Once you have your colors, you can start searching corresponding for patterns in the Marketplace.”

“The colors or motifs don’t have to be super literal; you’re just trying to capture that inspiring mood or vibe from the outdoors in your home,” said Tara. “Don’t be afraid to branch out. You never know where Mother Nature will take you.”

Choose the focal point of your room, whether that’s a wall, window or bed. We like selecting larger-scale designs for applications such as wallpaper, curtains or duvet covers. Contrast that by using smaller-scale designs on accent pieces including pillows, blankets and DIY art canvases to create visual interest. This will help the eye work its way around the room and achieve balance.

The important thing is to stick to a limited color palette, so you aren’t overwhelmed with choices. Check out the scenes below for even more ideas. 


Set a warm, casual mood with Southwest-inspired geometrics and a palette that mimics the dramatic canyons and sunsets of the area.

Bonus tutorial: Wrap canvasses with your favorite designs for an art gallery look.

Featured Color Palette

Charcoal (#404444), Rust (#952B34), Terracotta (#CA7A3D), Saffron (#E9A73F)

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Featuring soft hues and whimsical watercolors, this collection feels fresh and playful for a nursery. Choose simpler, symmetrical designs on wallpaper and throw pillows to let flora and fauna accents pop.

Featured Color Palette

Plum (#54323E), Green (#517B67), Pink (#F5B2AE), Lavender (#CEAEB9)

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You don’t have to live by the beach to find tranquility. Curtains, bedding and pillows featuring various sea and sand hues feel like a breath of fresh air.

Featured Color Palette

Navy (#2E3747), Light Blue (#B1CADF), Sand (#D6B88D), Blush (#F6DCD7)

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Pulling the moody greens and earthy browns of the forest into your home on wallpaper, throw pillows and blankets makes a grounding presence for an entryway.

Featured Color Palette

Emerald (#225751), Sage (#AFC9B6), Tan (#BCAC98), Fog (#E0E3E2)

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Whether you’re a designer looking for color palette inspiration or an interior designer getting ready to spruce up your next space, these four color palettes inspired by nature are just the starting point for your transformation!

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