Looking for a quick-and-easy no-sew project to elevate your Easter brunch tablescape? Robert Mahar’s bunny egg cosy is the DIY Easter project for you! With a free template and just two fat quarters of Petal Signature Cotton®, this beginner-friendly project is the perfect opportunity to get creative with every bunny. Hop on down to the step-by-step instructions to find out how to recreate his project!

How to Make a No-Sew Bunny Egg Cosy for Easter Brunch | Spoonflower Blog

Robert: I’m a big fan of Easter and more specifically, ahem… Easter brunch. Like many of us, it’s the meals with family and friends that mark a holiday and embed them in my memory. And to make the gathering more memorable, I love to set a holiday table that includes an element of surprise and delight. This year, that element includes sweet and simple no-sew Easter Egg Cosies shaped like bunnies that sit atop a dyed egg at each place setting. Using a Scandinavian-inspired limited palette of blues and grays, I’ve set the stage for a brilliant meal with a coordinating Spoonflower table runner and napkins.

How to Make a No-Sew Bunny Egg Cosy for Easter Brunch | Spoonflower Blog

How to Make an Easter Egg Cosy


Fabric Tip:

Truth be told you could create a single cosy from two 8” x 8” test swatches, but I’m operating under the assumption you’ll want to create a whole warren of bunnies for your Easter table so I’m suggesting that you select two patterns and have them each printed on a fat quarter of Petal Signature Cotton. I chose the folksy floral print Lilting Lillies Ditsy by andie_hanna for the exterior of my cosies and paired it with a coordinating linen pattern Solid Linen – Light Blue by fernlesliestudio for the interior.

When selecting patterns for this project, it’s helpful to keep in mind that the little bunnies only stand about 6.5” in height—so smaller scale prints will serve you best. When searching the Spoonflower marketplace consider adding the term “ditsy” to your search words—it’s a design term that denotes small-scale, non-directional prints. Your exterior fabric will be the star of the show and the interior fabric will play a supporting roll only visible in the rabbit’s ears and the cosy’s interior.

Small scale, non-directional designs are perfect for Easter Egg Cosies. We’ve rounded up a collection of designs to help get you started.

See How Fill-A-Yard Gets You More Patterns On A Yard!

If you’re looking to create your egg cosies in a variety of patterns, consider using the Fill-A-Yard® 1 Yard Cheater Quilt template which allows you to select and print multiple designs on the same yard.

Step 1: Cut your fabric

I recommend ironing both your exterior and interior fabrics and begin by cutting a 15” x 7” piece from each—this will yield two cosies.

How to Make a No-Sew Bunny Egg Cosy for Easter Brunch | Spoonflower Blog

Step 2: Interface Your Fabric

Next we’ll fuse these two fabrics together using a double-sided interfacing intended for lightweight fabric. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for fusing.

Typically this will involve cutting a piece of the interfacing slightly smaller than your fabrics, ironing it adhesive side down to the back of one fabric, peeling off the paper backing, sandwiching your second fabric on top and ironing them together. 

What this does is create a wonderful double-sided fabric with a bit of rigidity, allowing the rabbit to stand up, and edges that won’t fray when cut!

How to Make a No-Sew Bunny Egg Cosy for Easter Brunch | Spoonflower Blog

Step 3: Print and cut out your cosy template

Download the Easter Egg Cosy Template and cut out sides A and B with paper scissors. Keep in mind that the templates were created for U.S. sized large chicken eggs. If you are planning on using larger/smaller sized eggs or even the fillable plastic variety you may need to scale the template accordingly.

How to Make a No-Sew Bunny Egg Cosy for Easter Brunch | Spoonflower Blog

Step 4: Trace and cut out your cosy pieces

Using a pencil or disappearing ink marking pen, lightly trace template sides A and B onto the interior side fabric and cut out with sharp fabric scissors.

How to Make a No-Sew Bunny Egg Cosy for Easter Brunch | Spoonflower Blog

Step 5: Glue your cosy pieces together

To assemble our finished cosy, we’re going to adhere the two side together using fabric glue. There are many fabric glues available at your local craft and fabric store—look for one that creates a permanent bond packaged in a bottle with a fine tip. 

Position side A, interior side fabric up, and dispense a fine line of glue following the glue line illustrated on the template. Attempt to stay as close to the edges as possible and note that we are not gluing the bunny ears together—we want them to flop apart when standing up. 

Place side B on top, interior fabric sides together, and gently run your finger over the glue line making certain the two pieces are securely adhered and expelling any excess glue. Set aside and allow to dry flat.

How to Make a No-Sew Bunny Egg Cosy for Easter Brunch | Spoonflower Blog

Step 6: Create a pom-pom tail

While waiting for your bunny to dry, consider making them a pom-pom tail. Readymade pom poms are easily available, but it’s also fun and easy to make your own. I chose a fluffy white synthetic/wool blend yarn and used an extra small pom-pom maker. Finished tails can be securely adhered to the lower back seam of your bunny using the same fabric glue used to construct your cosy. Not sure how to use a pom-pom maker? Here’s a tutorial from my video archive just for you!

How to Make a No-Sew Bunny Egg Cosy for Easter Brunch | Spoonflower Blog

Step 7: Place your Easter egg cosy

Now that your cosy is complete, grab your easter eggs and egg holder to put it to use!

How to Make a No-Sew Bunny Egg Cosy for Easter Brunch | Spoonflower Blog

Feeling inspired to keep crafting for your Easter brunch table? We love these easy (and no-sew!) fabric-covered Easter eggs created by Katie Kortman.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use to decorate my dining table for Easter?
You can have festive decor such as this Easter egg cosy or drawstring bunny bag filled with treats. Coordinate those items with matching Spoonflower table runners and napkins.
How many cosies can I make in this tutorial?
Depending on the amount of fabric you have, you can make anywhere from one to several bunny cosies; just keep tracing the template onto your unused fabric. One cosy can be made from two 8″ x 8″ fabric swatches of Petal Signature Cotton®.
Why should I use ditsy designs for my Easter egg cosy?
Ditsy designs will work best for your Easter egg cosy because they are small-scale, non-directional prints. So no matter where you cut your fabric, you won’t lose any essential piece of the design. Check out ditsy designs in the Spoonflower marketplace.

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