See Which Self-Care DIY Project You Should Make Based on Your Sign

FEB 3, 2020 updated Jul 23, 2021
Drawings of DIY Tutorials featured in this post

For many of us, self-care means carving out time to be creative and make something with our hands. Looking for guidance to figure out what that next DIY project might be?? Searching for the perfect thoughtful gift for a loved one?? Let’s look to the stars! Use the zodiac signs to find the inspiration you need to get creative and crafty. 

Professionally certified Astrologer and friend of Spoonflower, Lauren, is here to help you find the perfect project based on the unique traits of your astrological sign.  


Supplies and finished notebook covers

Aries, you’re known for bold ambition—always striving to be your best self, no matter how challenging the situation. That’s why it’s extra important to take time to pause, catch your breath, and reflect on what has brought you to this place and who is traveling with you on this journey.

A customized journal cover using your favorite design from the Marketplace is the perfect way to stay on track as you become a more mindful you. Bonus points if you jot down your gratitude list each day!


Taurus is an earth sign who loves nothing more than a serene, relaxing vibe. Giving yourself the space and quiet that a little idleness can bring is a necessary ingredient in getting a clearer perspective of your life.

Take your relaxation to the next level with a handmade robe. Use Organic Cotton Knit for an ultra-cozy option or Chiffon for the ultimate day of lazy luxury.


As a playful and curious Gemini, you’re constantly juggling a variety of passions, commitments, and priorities in your life. Give yourself a reminder of what’s most important to you by taking some of your favorite life moments and transforming them into photo magnets using peel-and-stick wallpaper.

This DIY Woven Wallpaper project is the perfect way to turn those memories into magnets to view all year long!


Photo printed on fabric and stretched onto a canvas

IIt’s time to get into your feelings! We know that as a Cancer, that happens to be one of your favorite activities. So pull out the old photo albums and scrapbooks, or revisit a cherished place from a former time to reflect back and remind yourself of all life’s joyful memories.

While you’re flipping through the pages of your scrapbook, be sure to save a favorite photo (maybe one from your latest adventure) to turn into easy canvas wall art


Leos love to bask in the spotlight and are no stranger to celebrating themselves. As much as you love to treat yourself with gifts, you also love sharing that generosity with others. 

Whatever your next gift may be, consider wrapping it with furoshiki techniques to save paper from the landfill.


Watercolor fabric made into a quilt block

Virgos are logical, practical, and a bit of a perfectionist at heart. For the diligent, detail-oriented Virgo, there’s really no better-aligned craft than quilting! Your patience and consistency will help you excel to “expert” status at whatever you set your mind to.

Whether you tackle a memory quilt or take a more modern approach, here are some cheater-quilt ideas to get you started.


Although indecisive on many matters, romantic Libra is direct and to the point when it comes to love. Libras are known for craving balance, but they also tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves. Why not wear it on a pillow, instead?

Stitch up this Valentine Chocolate Box Pillow for your sweetheart (or yourself!) for an extra special treat any time of year.


Scorpios are known for their passion and fire (although they are a water sign!) and crave deep, soulful connections. Looking to show someone in your life how much you care? Whether it’s for a friend, partner or family member, the act of sending a hand-written letter can mean the world to someone and getting those feelings off your chest will be healing for you as well.

Create a lasting memory by turning your handwritten note into a handkerchief — a tutorial written by a fellow Scorpio!


Sagittarius, take a little time out from the latest adventure you’ve been on to pause, look around and appreciate all that you have and hold. In some way your heart and mind is becoming more acutely aware of the beauty that surrounds you, and those who have been there supporting you all along. Allow your heart’s flames to be reignited once again as you come to appreciate who and what has made this lifelong journey worth your while.

Create even more beauty in your life with DIY paper roses that double as brunch decor!


Ambitious and goal-oriented, Capricorns are the ultimate hard worker—but self-care is all about taking some time out to catch your breath. Conserve that energy until it’s time to tackle that next big item on your to-do list. While a meditation practice may not come naturally to you Capricorn, that’s probably why you need it more than most!

By stitching up a beautiful DIY floor pouf in Celosia Velvet, you’ll start to look forward to your daily breathing exercises, which will help make the habit stick.  



Aquarius, your free spirit and eccentric attitude brings so much joy to those around you, but how can you focus on bringing that joy inward? As an act of self care, pay close attention to those people and things that you value the most. If you’re feeling generous, try out a project that shows your loved ones exactly what they mean to you, recognizing that even small gestures can sometimes speak louder than words.

The perfect way to show your appreciation for those around you while also engaging in the meditative practice of embroidery? Try this embroidered photo project, then gift it to a friend, or to yourself!


Pisces have a unique ability to tap into their intuition and love fostering spiritual connections. As a self care practice, try focusing on projects that will nourish your creativity, with a major payoff at the end.

Is this the year you set your sights on sewing a me-made wardrobe, Pisces? Sara’s handmade Sweet Pea Gauze blouse will be just the project to turn your dream into a reality.

Now that you know which selfcare DIY project to tackle, explore the Marketplace to find the perfect design.
Better yet, see which designs you should try based on your sign.

Lauren began her studies in astrology in 1971 in Zoltan Mason’s upstairs bookshop on Lexington Avenue. After that she was hooked by the astrology bug for life. Lauren is now a Level IV (NCGR-PAA) professionally certified astrologer, with a thriving consulting practice in New York City. Find Lauren online at Astrology by Lauren.

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