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FEB 14, 2020

Are you ready to discover your next favorite designer on Spoonflower? Play our random name generator to get paired with a shop that may spark your interest. If you need even more help finding a designer you’ll love, don’t miss these five tried-and-true tricks for searching Spoonflower from Lorna Slessor of Cloth & Crescent Quilts.


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Moths in Pastels | Gold Paint Blobs | Golden Cotton | Future Microchip | Watercolour | Poppies | Spring Expression Collection

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    • Hi Sheila,

      While we don’t print on mugs, we do print on a wide variety of fabric, wallpaper and home decor products. You can learn more about how to upload your own photos to print on fabric here!

  • I am looking for a sturdy material that I can use to line pantry (walk in) shelves in my kitchen. My plan is to use a form of styrofoam (sheets) measured to the shelves and than covered with the material. This would allow for temporary usage or change in color, etc. Maybe a material like sail cloth?
    Any suggestions would be very helpful.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Carmen,

      Thanks so much for reaching out with your project idea! It sounds like one of our upholstery grade fabrics might be suitable for your project but we recommend starting with a sample pack so you can get a feel for all of our fabrics to determine which one will work best!