10 Couch Friendly-Crafts You Can Make This Weekend

JAN 31, 2020

Whether you’re watching the big game or just hunkering down on the couch with a thoughtfully crafted charcuterie board for an evening of “Netflix and Chill”, it’s the perfect time to work on a couch craft! We’ve rounded up our favorite crafts that are perfect for couch potato-ing for hours on end (just be careful not to get Cheeto dust on your embroidery project). 

1. Brush up on your Procreate

We love Procreate for many reasons, but mainly because it allows us to easily combine our love of creating designs while simultaneously watching Netflix on the couch.  Let Spoonflower designer and the creator of #doodleaday on Instagram @Ellolovey give you all the pointers you need for getting to know this amazing tool.

2. Make an embroidered patch

Another great couch craft? Embroidery! In this couch-friendly tutorial, Robert inspires us to think outside of the embroidery hoop. Follow along as he shares how to turn your embroidery art into a patch, perfect for a denim jacket or back-to-school project.

3. Pick out the right fabric for your next pair of pants.

Half the fun of any new apparel sewing project is picking out the fabric! Start a design collection or Pinterest board full of ideas for your next pair of me-made fancy pants, all from the comfort of your couch. Katie Kortman will show you the way!

4. Embroider a map.

If you’ve been looking for a creative way to highlight your road trip memories or trace your family ancestry, this couch-friendly (not to mention beginner friendly) tutorial by Robert Mahar is the “X marks the spot” on your handcrafted adventure. Once you’ve seen the five ways Robert personalizes a map with embroidery, you’ll be ready to give this project a try.

5. Hand stitch a heart in time for Valentine’s Day

Gear up for Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s Day!) and practice your satin stitching with this embroidery heart template designed by modern quilter Salty Oat. For extra bonus points, stitch it into a mini quilt and gift it to your sweetheart!

6. Design your own abstract watercolor fabric for a mini quilt .

All you need is a watercolor notebook, some paints and a brush for this beginner art project! No detailed drawing skills required. Once you’ve got your abstract watercolors created, Suzy Quilts will show you how easy it is to turn them into fabric for your next mini quilt. 

7. Recycle Your Wallpaper Scraps with One of Our Most Popular Projects: Danish Stars.

If you’ve ever completed a wallpaper refresh in your home, you’ve probably found yourself asking what to do with the wallpaper scraps left behind. It’s hard to part with such beautifully designed wallpaper, even if they’re only suitable for an ant-sized room makeover. While Danish stars are commonly made during the holidays, give this project a try with a colorful design to refresh your home for spring.

8. Embroider a family photo.

Can you tell embroidery is our favorite way to craft from the couch? We loved how Katie Kortman took this photo of her daughter on the first day of school, printed it on fabric and embellished it with fun embroidery stitches. Get ready to see how easy it is to turn your family photos into wall-art worthy pictures with simple embroidery and a fat quarter of Linen Cotton Canvas!

9. Design a First Birthday Garland.

Celebrating milestones like a first birthday calls for one-of-a-kind decorations to help create a festive atmosphere and commemorate the big occasion. It’s even better when the entire project can be completed from the comfort of your couch! Learn how to design a personalized no-sew garland for any event.

10. Try your hand at English paper piecing.

Thanks to its hand-stitching technique and small pieces, English paper piecing is a very couch (and travel) friendly way to quilt. Check out this tutorial from our friend Wild Olive to get started on your next paper-pieced masterpiece, perfect for appliquéing onto a tea towel or tote bag for a thoughtful gift. 

While we can’t be held responsible for being the reason you finished Season 1 of Cheer in one sitting, we’ll happily be by your side to provide you hours of DIY fun with these 10 projects. Find even more no-sew projects you can master in a weekend here.

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  • Olga Peludat

    Can you use cotton fabric for inside fabric when making self binding blanket? will it shrink when washed?

    • Hi Olga,
      You can certinaly use cotton but we recommend pre-washing your fabric to account for any shrinkage. I hope that helps, but if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask!