Floral Print by karawhitten

At Spoonflower, we believe that we have the best community in the world. From designers to decorators to DIY dabblers, you inspire us every day, and 2019 was no exception. Thank you for helping us make 2019 our craftiest, most colorful year yet! Are you ready to see what made the top of our lists?

Community Favorite Design Trends

From bold and bright shapes to elegant Victorian additions to the home, makers and designers couldn’t get enough of these five design trends:

Community Favorite Design Challenges

Like years past, the Weekly Design Challenges continued to be a community staple in 2019. These five challenges were the most popular with voters:

Designer Favorite Design Challenges

Designers stayed busy in 2019 dreaming up new entries for the Weekly Design Challenges. These five themes gave you an extra dose of inspiration and were our most entered challenges:

Top 5 New Designs of 2019

From buzzing bees to leafy greens, this year designers went bold with their brush strokes and creative with their color choices. With 225,032 new designs added to the Marketplace in 2019, these five quickly rose to the top of your favorite list:

Bees and Lemons by fernlesliestuio | Fable Floral Teal by nouveau_bohemian | Watercolor Summer Ice Cream by micklyn | Elephant Ear Leaves by elliotdesignfactory | Bees and Wildflowers by mirabelleprint

5 Designers Who Caught Your Eye in 2019

Did you know we welcomed 1,122 new designers to the Marketplace this year? For these five up-and-coming designers, 2019 was off to a running start! Catching the hearts and eyes of the Spoonflower maker community, these designers are making a name for themselves.

Spoonflower By the Numbers

2019: Our Greenest Year Yet

Where in the World is Spoonflower Fabric

Top 5 Instagram Posts You Loved

Your fingers must be tired after all the double tapping you did to show your love on Spoonflower’s Instagram feed in 2019! The #spoonflower community has spoken and these five posts deserve all the #hearteyes.

The 5 DIY Projects You Had to Make in 2019

2019 certainly was our craftiest year yet! From handmade shoes to eco-friendly DIYs, you were not afraid to dive in and get creative, especially with these five projects:

5 Room Refreshes That Blew You Away 

The introduction of home decor products on Spoonflower also brought us a collection of room makeovers that left us speechless! These stunning room refreshes from 2019 include everything from reupholstered bunk beds to lavish laundry rooms:

5 Tips We Learned From Spoonflower Makers and Designers

2019 was full of tips and tricks to help you “get it done” and grow your brand with a little help from Spoonflower Small Business Grant recipients and designers. If you haven’t already tried out these actionable changes, 2020 is the year to do it!

Make a short list of daily goals.

“Keep a long to-do list with everything else that needs completing, but only look at a 3 point to-do list each day to keep you focused, feeling accomplished and to help avoid overwhelm!”

Find inspiration in unexpected places.

“As a designer, I am always observing my surroundings; the posters and ads in stores or public spaces, the shapes, colors, patterns, fonts and so on. Traveling is not the only way to get inspired, even an average day when I’m out buying groceries can be a very good source of inspiration if I’m not just looking, but also observing.”

Let your light shine.

“Consider your ‘onlyness’ factor. What makes your brand special? Use visuals to show these unique qualities. Other brands could be selling similar products but no one will have your story.”

Focus on your overall well-being.

“Take care of yourself. Exercise, eat well, meditate, sleep enough, be social, etc. Artists tend to neglect this far too often. I believe that being in shape—both physically and mentally—helps me be more creative and more prolific.”

Look back to set an intention for the year.

“I like to start with a good old brainstorming session. What worked last year? What didn’t work? What are this year’s trends, and how can I capitalize on them?”

Spoonflower Hits the Road:
5 Cities We Visited in 2019

It’s no secret we love a good road trip, especially when it means getting to meet Spoonflower community members from all across the globe! These are just five stops along our route and we can’t wait to see where our adventures take us in 2020.

  • Vancouver, Canada: We packed our bags, parkas and passports to record an episode of the Love to Sew podcast and get creative with Helen and Caroline’s community in April.
  • Berlin, Germany: A lampshade workshop with some of our closest DIY friends? What a bright idea! The Spoonflower Berlin team spent the day with the Etsy Berlin team creating handmade lampshades alongside DIY bloggers.
  • Asheville, NC: Just in time to see the leaves changing colors, the Spoonflower team made their way through the Blue Ridge Parkway to meet maker Cozyblue Handmade and designer Ello Lovey.
  • Barcelona, Spain: The Research & Development team spent six days in Barcelona connecting with vendors, looking at state of the art printing equipment and attending programs focused on textile coloration, digital printing and sustainability during ITMA 2019 hosted by the International Textile Machinery Association. No time for siestas on this trip!
  • New York City, NY: Attending Blueprint, the go-to show for the surface design community was the perfect way to meet Spoonflower designers in person! 2019 was no exception to an incredible amount of talent in one venue.

Whether you want to spruce up your dining room with wallpaper, sew some apparel or create a restful retreat with a bedding set, we can’t wait to help you get creative in 2020!