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OCT 30, 2019
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Your November horoscope is here and spoiler alert: Mercury’s in retrograde. To help you in this trying time, astrologer Lauren Coleman has rounded up 12 tea towel designs that will inspire you to press rewind, review and rebuild during this phase of retrograde. Whether you order a finished tea towel or get crafty and DIY one with a fat quarter of Linen Cotton Canvas, look to the stars to find the perfect tea towel design for your sign. 


You know that feeling when the negative voices in your head start to get a little too comfortable hanging out in there? Use the Mercury retrograde phase this month to bring closure to those things you no longer need in your life. Then you can make space for those things that feed you rather than drain you. It’s time to rebuild something that is more reliable and more sustainable any way.  Visualize your dream and then build it — steampunk style! This tea towel is the perfect design for someone who is the architect of the life that is yet to come. Make it your own.


It probably will not come as a surprise to hear that Mercury is in retrograde for a good part of this month. This retrograde phase could even be impacting some of your closest relationships. Some may even use this period as an excuse to back out of complicated commitments. However, keep a close eye on that Taurus Full Moon on the 12th (talk about powerful Earth magic!) So much of this month is about manifesting our dreams. And Taurus will be no exception. However, if you want some inspiration to attract more dependability and reliability into your life, why not try a tea towel that lets you know good things are on the horizon?


Mercury retrograde can render our schedules into a jumble of distraction and mayhem as we scramble to fix what has been broken or detoured. And Mercury will be in retrograde all the way up to the 20th. We can expect a few timing bumps and delays as a result, however this period can also be quite useful for reevaluating and reorganizing our health habits and routines. If you were to improve your daily life and health, what are those things that you might want to focus on? Using this design for your 2020 tea towel calendar may be just the inspiration for what you might want to do more of going forward. Because like the saying goes, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”


This month, make it a point to step back and create some space in your life. The sort of space that will allow you to connect with yourself. Doing this important work is necessary in order to lead a more creative and expressive life. Worry less about pleasing others, for this month is about rediscovering your own joy. Once you connect with that heart center, allow it to blossom. You will then also serve as an inspiration to others. Why not channel some of that creative energy in the kitchen by baking a cake inspired by maraparadies’ design. Let’s get that inspiration rolling!


This is a month of creative visualization and manifestation for everyone. And Leo will be totally tuned in to where and how you can possibly manifest some positive reforms in your life. Pay special attention to the first week of this month. Ask yourself: What sorts of things would bring greater meaning into my life? And what practical steps can I take in order to bring my life more into alignment with that ideal? Sometimes even small changes in your personal life can bring just the sort of inspiration you need. And this tea towel can be the perfect reminder.


Your ruling planet, Mercury, will be in retrograde for a good part of this month. But no worries there! This is an opportunity to both reorient your mind, and rebuild your hopes and dreams for the future. If you were to think in terms of allowing a dream or an ideal to be a closer reality, what would that even look like? The solution may be right in front of you! However Mercury will still be in retrograde until the 20th, and you may want to focus on a project to while away the delays and miscommunications. This tea towel’s soothing message may be just what the doctor ordered! 


Many a Libra may be finding themselves dusting off the remnants of what once was, and looking forward to rebuilding fresher more sustainable foundations in their lives. In order to do this it will be helpful to reestablish and reorganize your priorities. What are those things in your life that you would most prefer to spend your precious resources, time and money on? Clarifying those priorities is not only the practical thing to do, but will also allow you to bring more meaning into your life. Libra is going to be celebrating what could feel like a new lease on life this month. Why not stitch up a tea towel that will reflect that festive mood? 


This is a good month for Scorpio to rebrand their image. Leave yourself lots of room to change your mind, as you will probably find your perspective shifting back and forth a bit before all is said and done. How do you wish to be addressed? How do you want to be seen? Through this process you are getting reacquainted with yourself in order to be a more authentic version of you. Just wait until after the 20th, for that is when you are really going to be motivated to get things moving. Look for some original ways to celebrate your emerging uniqueness with this community-favorite tea towel design.


It will be hard for Sagittarius to be focused this month. It’s not just about Mercury being all in retrograde, though that can be a distraction in and of itself. But when optimistic Venus meets bountiful Jupiter in your sign, as it does this month, it just seems as if almost anything is possible. And it is! Your world seems to keep on growing along with your vision for the future. Not to mention the journey that brought you here —and boy, do you have a few stories to tell. Why not honor your journey with this tea towel.


Keeping it real does not necessarily mean that you can’t also have your hopes and wishes fulfilled. The key here is being able to have both: what sacrifices are you willing to make in order to make your dreams a closer reality? And how can you make what you do, and who you are, more meaningful? If you were to revisit a dream that you once had, which one would you pick? Which one would be a reflection of who you are now? All these questions arise while Mercury is in retrograde, as it is for most of this month. As you are reassessing and planning out your goals, your hopes and wishes for the future, this tea towel calendar may be just the inspiration you need.


If you’ve been feeling trapped in a situation that you can’t get out of, realize it’s not forever. However, escape probably won’t be imminent until after the 20th. That’s when Mercury will finally station direct again. Yes, Mercury is in retrograde for most of this month, so be prepared for the usual inconveniences and delays. However, what this Mercury retrograde period is really good for is reassessing. Reassess where you are, and then take your time to visualize where you want to go. Remember, you’re aiming for quality of life, not quantity. And just like the moths in this tea towel, you too will be learning how to fly.    


Kudos to Pisces, as it looks like you all are going to be celebrating big time later this month. Just wait until after the 20th if you have picked a travel destination. Mercury will be in retrograde from November 1st thru the 20th, and these periods are notorious for travel snafus, such as arriving at your destination without your luggage. And as no celebration will be complete without these celebratory tea towels, you’ll want to make sure you have them with you. What a great project to while away the delays and miscommunications of the mercury retrograde phase. Just make sure you remember to pack them in your carry on if you need to travel before the 20th. 

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Lauren began her studies in astrology in 1971 in Zoltan Mason’s upstairs bookshop on Lexington Avenue. After that she was hooked by the astrology bug for life. Lauren is now a Level IV (NCGR-PAA) professionally certified astrologer, with a thriving consulting practice in New York City. Find Lauren online at Astrology by Lauren.

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