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OCT 2, 2019 updated Jun 2, 2021
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Are you ready to take your walls from drab to fab? Take our wall art personality quiz to see which designs will bring the “wow” factor to your walls. Here’s how it works: After reading each question, record which image/letter best represents your style. After you’ve completed the quiz, find out what your wall art design style is and then be sure to take a peek at our DIY Gallery Wall tutorial to see just how easy it is to transform your walls without breaking the bank.

1. The color palette that’s calling my name is:

2. In my dream home, you’ll find:

3. The design that resonates with my style the most is:

4. My picture-perfect gallery wall would include:

5. My dream vacation looks like:

Cream VW camper van parked alongside the beach | Spoonflower Blog

If you answered mostly A’s

You are ready to make your grand entrance with your bold and bright style! There’s no color that’s too bright or too bold to put on your walls and you’re ready to make a statement. When searching the Marketplace for wall-art ready designs, include terms like color-block, abstract and mod to achieve your perfect gallery wall.

If you answered mostly B’s

Simply put, your style is G to the L to the A-M-O-R-O-U-S! You’re rolling out the red carpet for a gallery wall that’s living the life of luxury. Focus on designs that incorporate show-stopping colors like gold and teal and large-scale geometric patterns with accents of marble. 

If you answered mostly C’s

A stylish and surreal gallery wall is calling your name! You’ve got your finger on the pulse of the latest home dec trends which is exactly why you’re the one all of your friends go to for design advice. Your sophisticated yet whimsical style includes designs like large scale animals and a nod to art deco.

If you answered mostly D’s

Get ready to bring all the good vibes into your home with your boho-inspired gallery wall featuring everything from large-scale banana leaves to morrocan-infused prints. Your curiosity for travel and achieving #plantgoals status have got you well on your way to artfully curating a gallery wall that reflects your laid back style. 

Looking for even more inspiration? Shop the Marketplace to find over 1 millions designs for your picture-perfect gallery wall.

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