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This October, we’re turning to a level IV certified astrologer to help us decide what to put on our “to make” list this month. Looking for a little inspiration for your sewing table, too? Keep reading to find out the perfect DIY project for this month based on your sign.


Aries, you may find yourself holding onto a bit of excess negative energy and frustration this month. With all that passion inside of you, it can be a struggle to keep your cool. Sometimes low key activities such as tossing bean bags about are just the way to break the ice. And if you must collaborate on a project with others (yes, you did promise to do this, and can’t figure out how to get out of it!), this project is perfect. Just the sort of thing you’ll want when you get that urge to throw things! As a bonus, once you’ve made your DIY cornhole beanbags and the whole gang is gathered ‘round laughing and enjoying each other’s company, you just might find that’s exactly the thing you needed to help you feel better all along.


Taurus enters this month nursing a few wounds. There’s nothing worse than rejection. But rather than brooding about it or trying to get even, how about going off in a whole new direction? It’s time to reclaim yourself, and get out of your usual ways of doing things. That includes a whole new look to go with it, if you dare. You know you want to make these comfy wide-leg pants for yourself. Just think of all of the numerous design choices and colors to choose from! Remember, it’s not so much about you changing. It’s about becoming a truer, more authentic version of yourself. 


There’s all sorts of things needing to be researched and investigated this month, and you will be relentless in your pursuit to find all the answers. However, you will not want to ignore your health and well-being either. All the more reason to take some time out for that yoga class or meditation practice you’ve been thinking about. Especially as we approach that Mercury retrograde at the end of the month. If you need a project to channel all of that Mercury-in-Scorpio focus and concentration, this yoga bolster is just the thing.


Getting rid of the cobwebs and letting go of old baggage can clear the way for newer and better things, and also allow you to move forward with a lighter load. After all, who needs to carry all that old baggage around? Unless, of course, you are heading off to the Farmers’ Market or going shopping for the Full Moon gathering you’re planning on the 13th. Clean the house, and then go shopping. Why not combine both? Finally use that fabric you’ve been eyeing in your stash to make reusable produce bags for your next trip to the market.


Leo is working hard this month. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to take some time out for some creative inspiration. In fact you will welcome the distraction! Don’t forget that Halloween is just around the corner, and you’ve got to get your game on. Never mind the kids, you’ve got your own costume to think about. And don’t forget about the house either! These no-sew pumpkin plushies will be great accessories for the stoop. There are so many pumpkin fabrics to choose from in the Marketplace, or try using some gold-inspired fabrics to make a true Leo statement.


This is the sort of month in which plans could change unexpectedly. Especially in the first week. But this could prove to be fortuitous, leaving you open to work on some new projects you’ve been dying to get your hands on. You can just feel all the creative wheels spinning. And you’ll also want to be ready for that Halloween party at the end of the month for the kids. Looking for some costume ideas? These awesome DIY kid’s costumes may just be the thing to get you started.


It’s time to make a whole new start this month, and you’re totally motivated to do just that. Things that you’ve been planning behind the scenes are now ready to be launched. With new beginnings, you’re also going to find that your priorities and commitments are also going to be changing. That includes commitments to walking the walk as well as talking the talk. Visibly mending your clothes to extend the life of your wardrobe is just the sort of statement you’ve been wanting to make. Not to mention how useful it is!


You might not realize it now, but it looks like the party is going to be at your place this Halloween. After the month you’ve had, you’ll be ready to let your hair down, and may even be willing to supply some of the entertainment. So you will definitely want to make an impression when you whip out your favorite Tarot Deck. Set the scene with spooky Halloween decor like these hanging witch hats and faux-cobwebs strewn across your house.


It can be difficult to keep a Sagittarius from wandering. All the more so with Jupiter being in your sign this past year. You’ve all been expanding the limits of your horizons one way or another. And now, as you begin to reflect and look back on the year, and all of the events that have led to where you are now, you may want to think about commemorating all of your adventures, and the places you have been. Here is an inspirational way to personalize your own map and keep those adventures and memories alive.


Capricorn is just not in the mood this month. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to follow through with your plans and goals only to have them blocked by situations beyond your control. If you can’t get around them right away, sometimes the best way to deal with roadblocks is to wait them out, and focus on something else in the meantime. Want a project to keep you busy and feed your love of organization? How about using some of these ideas to personalize your own notebook to set forth your strategy for the month.


Many an Aquarian has been finding their goals confronted with one obstacle after another. For some this could be seen as a challenge. But for Aquarius, you’re beginning to wonder what the universe is trying to tell you. If one door is closing, it just may be time to open that new door right in front of you. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t able to honor the past, and what has brought you here to this place in time. Burning sage can work for the stuff you want to get rid of, but what about turning some of the more precious memories into something special like a family heirloom recipe tea towel that you keep on display in the kitchen? 


October could bring some practical ways for Pisces to finally fulfill some of their hopes and dreams. This will come as something of a reprieve, especially if you’ve been finding previous hopes and wishes just dissolving into the ether. In the meantime, you might want to prepare for the weeks ahead. Many a Pisces could be considering travel later on in the month, perhaps to visit a loved one, or to return to a place you once knew so well. Want to travel in style? Customize your carry-on with these quick-to-sew unique fabric luggage tags.

Now that you’ve got the perfect DIY project for your sign, head to the Marketplace to (horo)scope out just the right design.

About the Guest Author

Lauren began her studies in astrology in 1971 in Zoltan Mason’s upstairs bookshop on Lexington Avenue. After that she was hooked by the astrology bug for life. Lauren is now a Level IV (NCGR-PAA) professionally certified astrologer, with a thriving consulting practice in New York City. Find Lauren online at Astrology by Lauren.