Ready to introduce style and function to your family’s most cherished spaces with made-for-you throw pillows, throw blankets and curtains? Whether you shop from the vast Marketplace featuring thousands of independent designs or upload your own design (which scores you a 10% discount!), our finished home decor products are certain to help you create your perfect happy place while celebrating your own personal style. Keep reading to learn more about our throw pillows, blankets and curtains. 

Throw Pillows

Find the right fabric for your pillows with the Spoonflower Fabric Finder.

Throw Blankets


Choosing the Right Curtain Length

To determine the right length for your curtains, measure from the distance you’d like your curtain to end to the top of your curtain rod. When measuring, it helps to understand what type of look you’re trying to achieve. For a dramatic curtain that drapes delicately at the bottom, add an additional 6-10 inches. Fun fact! This type of curtain is referred to as puddled curtains because—you guessed it—the fabric puddles at the bottom. For a more casual look, opt for a curtain that hangs slightly past the window sill. Spoonflower’s 84″ long curtain is a great option for a 70″ window.

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