Lemon Wallpaper Backsplash
Lemons by juliabadeeva

Like the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, put them on your wall! Lemon wallpaper is easily the zestiest trend in home design and we’re ready to help you squeeze the day. But how do you incorporate this wallpaper trend into your home without covering your space in head-to-toe yellow? It’s easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. With Spoonflower’s Pre-pasted Removable Smooth, Peel and Stick, Non-pasted Traditional Pebble, or Grasscloth wallpaper, there’s an option for every budget and style. Are you ready to master the art of the tart?

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Lemon-Lined Pantry

Lemon Wallpaper-Lined Pantry

When Spoonflower team member Amy was tasked with the job of making her open-pantry appealing to the eye, she went straight to the Spoonflower Marketplace to find a bold and bright print. There’s nothing tart about her choice. Created from an antique botanical print of Citrus Limonum Risso, Lemon Botanical ~ Whist ~ Linen Luxe by peacoquettedesigns brings a vintage vibe to the kitchen without overwhelming the eye. Want to incorporate a lemon print in your pantry? Add the term “jumbo” or “large-scale” to find oversized designs that will pop. 

Lemon Wallpaper-Lined Pantry

Pro tip: Start with a wallpaper swatch to make sure the scale and color of the design will work for your space. Get the inside scoop from Blake Hill House to see the benefits of swatching your wallpaper designs

Lemon wallpaper designs for your pantry | Spoonflower Blog
Watercolor Lemons | Just Bee | Mint Lemonade

Lemon Wallpaper Backsplash

Lemon Wallpaper Backsplash | Spoonflower Blog
Kitchen backsplash by Jolie of Vintage Meets Glam Decor

Looking for a quick and easy way to liven up your kitchen without pulling out the power tools? A wallpaper backsplash in a punchy pattern like Lemons by juliabadeeva is just the thing for you and Jolie of Vintage Meets Glam Decor’s kitchen backsplash is easily the zest example of this kitchen trend. Available in 1’, 3’, 9’ and 12’ lengths, you can order just the right amount of wallpaper for your backsplash. Did we mention there’s no grout required for this faux-tiled look? 

Pro tip: Order your wallpaper a bit longer than your backsplash height and use the extra to line your kitchen drawers!

Lemon wallpaper designs for your backsplash | Spoonflower Blog
Lemon Orchard| Lemons | Almost Lemonade

Lemon Wallpaper Nursery

Lemon wallpaper in the nursery | Spoonflower Blog
Photo by @asbphotographytx

The secret to ensuring baby is living their zest life: lemon wallpaper! A timeless print like lemons works great in a nursery because it can easily grow with baby over the years. After looking at new mom Lascena Lee’s nursery for her daughter, we’ve decided that Fern Leslie’s paint-by-number inspired design Bees and Lemons is the statement wall missing in our life. We’d even take this look out of the nursery and into the kitchen.

Pro tip: For a nursery or child’s room, we recommend our Prepasted Removable Smooth Wallpaper, Grasscloth Wallpaper, or Non-Pasted Traditional Pebble Wallpaper.

Lemon wallpaper designs for your nursery | Spoonflower Blog
Lemon Groves Blue | Summer Lemons | Little Lemons

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