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Exciting news, designers! Starting today, select home decor products are now available for purchase directly on Spoonflower, which means customers can now seamlessly shop your designs on handmade products for the home. We’ve rounded up three of our top tips to help your designs shine on the newest products to join Spoonflower: duvet covers, sheet sets and pillow shams. For an added bonus, hop on over to Anda’s Procreate tutorial to learn how you can design custom bedding from the comfort of your couch (or bed!)

1. Go Big

Top Tips for Marketing Your Designs on Bedding | Spoonflower Blog
When designing for duvet covers, think big! The rainbow motifs in this design are roughly 12″ wide x 9″ tall.

Duvet covers range from 68″ x 86″ – 108″ x 92” which means your design can span a wide surface area. Duvet covers look best when the design is larger in scale and we suggest a repeating pattern that is 24” across. In Allison Janssen’s duvet cover above, the rainbow motifs in her design are roughly 12″ wide x 9″ tall and the entire design repeats every 23″. If you haven’t been thinking large scale in the past, now’s the time to do it! To create a larger version of an existing design that has already been proofed, upload the larger version (under 40 mb) to your Spoonflower account, email with a link to the original proofed design and a link to the new, large-scale version you’d like to make for sale. If the original design has already been proofed, the support team can override the proofing on their end! Remember to add tags like large scale and jumbo to help shoppers easily find large-scale designs.

Pro tip: A 24” repeating design works great for a large-scale wallpaper application, too!

2. Create a Collection

Top Tips for Marketing Your Designs on Bedding | Spoonflower Blog
Designer Heather Dutton uses her Limited Color Palette Design Challenge entry as inspiration for an entire limited color palette collection, perfect for outfitting a bed. 

The launch of bedding on Spoonflower is a great opportunity to check in and see if your designs have been organized in collections. Why design in collections? For customers shopping for bedding, making a collection of coordinating designs makes your collection creates a one-stop-shop for cohesive bedding. This means your customer is more likely to outfit their entire bed with all of your designs (aka: more earned commissions!) Think about alternate colorways and coordinating designs that complete your bedding look. Be sure to include smaller motifs, too, as they are a great option for sheet sets.

Pro tip: Create a collection inspired by your best-selling designs.

3. Promote Your Designs on Bedding

With the addition of home decor products on Spoonflower, your customers can now enjoy a seamless experience for finding their favorite designs from your shop on products to outfit their home, no sewing required. Let your community know by promoting your new bedding products on social media with the bedding renders found in your Spoonflower shop. To access the renders, visit the products page of a specific design, right click on the image and select save image on the specific product you’d like to promote. In the example below, Spoonflower Home products are displayed on the main design product page. Don’t forget to tag your photos with #spoonflowerhome!

Top Tips for Marketing Your Designs on Bedding | Spoonflower Blog
Spoonflower Home products are displayed on the main design product page in Crystal Walen’s shop.

For an added touch, use the Spoonflower Home overlay! In the example below, a duvet cover and sheet set render of Crystal Walen’s Tribal Geometric Gold feature a Spoonflower Home overlay.

Top Tips for Marketing Your Designs on Bedding | Spoonflower Blog
Top Tips for Marketing Your Designs on Bedding | Spoonflower Blog

Pro tip: To use the overlay, download the folder of overlays. Place your bedding renders featuring your designs under the copy layer of one (or more) of the provided graphics. You’re now ready to promote your designs on a new product!

Designer Commissions

Spoonflower Home sales will display in millimeter increments. The bonus? You’ll be able to see the name of the user who purchased your item, which makes it easier to send a thank you note!

As always, designers earn up to 15% commission on each sale in addition to the Everyday Designer Discount of 10% off the retail price of wallpaper or fabric larger than a swatch—whether that’s yardage or the amount used to make a home decor product.

Spoonflower Home Commission Structure by Product

Want even more designer tips to help market your Spoonflower shop? Be sure to check out the Spoonflower Seller Handbook, a digital series teaching you how to stand out in a marketplace that’s growing by the minute.

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  • Hello, can you please direct me to the handbook that include the actual product manufacturing of the designs?

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  • I didn’t know about all of this possibilities! This is a very clear and complete guide. Thanks for the support!

    • Hi Kristen,
      We apologize for the confusion! All designers will automatically earn a 10% commission but there are bonus commissions if you reach a certain sales threshold. More details about bonus commissions can be found here. I hope that helps, but if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask!