Meet Spoonflower’s 2019 Small Business Grant Recipients

MAR 15, 2019

The wait is over! We are so pleased to introduce you to Spoonflower’s Spring 2019 Small Business Grant recipients. From embroidery to escape coats and fly fishing to rock climbing, these 11 handmade business owners shined in an application pool of over 200 talented movers and shakers makers! Get to know our inaugural group of grantees and learn how they’ll be using Spoonflower to grow their business this year. 

“As a long time Spoonflower user (since 2012) and enthusiast, it is so exciting to be a recipient of the first Spoonflower Grant program! It is truly inspiring to be a maker during this era when artisans, makers and handmade products are appreciated and valued. Small businesses, especially those like mine, that are run by stay-at-home-moms – have a myriad of challenges to meet everyday. It’s vital to my business to have support from Spoonflower in the form of an excellent product that I feel confident in using and providing to my customers, but to also have them stand behind my concept and cheer me on – along with funding my project, is beyond amazing. The Spoonflower Grant will allow me to develop and debut a new product in a bigger way than I could on my own, in order to grow my business in a sustainable way.” – Jennifer Kesler of Pitter Patterned

“It’s an incredible honor to be selected as a grant recipient. Winning this grant gives me the financial boost I need to finally launch my apparel collection. I also get to choose from Spoonflower’s robust selection of high-quality eco-friendly products, which means I won’t have to sacrifice my values or my style to create the brand of my dreams.” – Rochelle Porter of Rochelle Porter Design

“Over the next few months I’ll be designing a collection of embroidered pieces for an upcoming book. The projects, from Sailor-Jerry-tattoo-covered aprons to stitched succulent backpacks, will let people show off their vibrant, crafty personalities. Knowing that I now have the ability to design every aspect of my projects means I can fully unleash my creativity. I don’t have to worry about finding reasonable supplementary fabric at my fabric store. Instead, I can design the perfect fit for my embroidery designs and let the final pieces look their absolute best.” – Megan Eckman of PopLush Studio

“I’ll be using the small business grant to produce a new artist series line of climbing chalk bags. I’ve poured my heart and soul into this business and receiving this grant allows me to complete projects I’ve had on my wish list and work with artists I previously couldn’t afford to work with.” – Julianne Mahoney of Dirt Chalk Bags

“Statement coats are a conversation starter. It is almost impossible not to stand out in a crowd wearing a whimsical newspaper or champagne print coat! My collection, Suite, is made up of vintage inspired party dresses and what I call ‘quick escape coats’ (no buckles, belts or buttons for a quick getaway). With the grant, I will be producing a mini collection of quick escape coats with a very special conversation. My cousin Nikki passed away unexpectedly in the spring of 2015. She used to write me notes, signing her name with two bubbly hearts above the “i’s”, even as an adult. I adored her dearly. After she passed away, I found a small comfort in a card she had written to me for my bridal shower. It had a bouncy group of striped hearts drawn down the blank side of the card. The love that Nikki had to share was electric to all that met her. In her ever vibrant memory, I have created a colorful print using the actual hearts from this card. I will use the print to make a capsule collection of quick escape coats. All of the profits from the collection will be donated to the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) in Nikki’s honor, as she was born on Earth Day.” – Jennifer Diederich of Suite

“As an emerging designer it is always a challenge to keep up with growth as budgets are tight. This grant will propel the brand forward over the next several months. It will also help me be prepared to excel at the conventions I will be attending in 2019 and for the upcoming custom wedding orders I am expecting!” – Nicole Brown of Ruth Nathan’s

“With my grant I am going to use the fabric to make enough dolls to enable me to take wholesale orders and exhibit at select markets and events in the Southern United States. Receiving this grant will help propel my business forward at an accelerated rate!” – Ellyse Harris of Leesie and Pip

“Being selected for the Spoonflower Small Business Grant is like having a fairy godmother grant my fabric wishes! I have worked with graphic designers and fabric printing companies on my own in the past, and the cost and lead times for small businesses to fulfill their design desires are staggering! Spoonflower has given me the opportunity to work directly with so many talented artists and create a pain-free printing process on only the highest quality fabric. By offsetting some of the cost of my production, I am able to allocate more of my precious resources to reaching out to new customer bases and growing my brand.” – Kaitlin Lorman of Sundial Show Clothing

“At Emmy + Dove we believe that parents can make clothing choices for their children that are educational and empowering, but still fun and extremely wearable. Spoonflower supports us in that mission every day and this grant is no different. Being chosen as a Spoonflower Small Business Grant recipient is an incredible honor for Emmy + Dove, and it validates the work that we do for girls around the world and gives us a chance to be able to expand that work and empower little girls to change the world.” – Rachel Cooke of Emmy + Dove

“With this grant I will be releasing a mini swimsuit collection which will introduce extended sizing up to 6Y as well as a brand new style swim bottom. Receiving this grant is giving me an opportunity to grow and showcase my work in a way that would not have otherwise been possible” – Carly Scheck of Ollie + Squish

Meet Spoonflower’s 2019 Small Business Grantees | Spoonflower Blog
Meet Spoonflower’s 2019 Small Business Grantees | Spoonflower Blog

“As a small business owner it is sometimes hard to measure our success, but receiving this grant is a huge success for us and is both humbling and energizing. We have been working on a couple of new headband designs and a women’s fishing sun glove the last few months and with this grant money, we get to see our hard work become reality!” – Kara Tripp of Damsel Fly Fishing

Meet Spoonflower’s 2019 Small Business Grantees | Spoonflower Blog

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  • This is such a blessing, super happy for the winners. This is motivation for me and as I work diligently to build a brand. I look forward to reading more blogs.

  • Dianne Mehta

    Congratulations to all of the recipients of this grant! I took the time to read through each and every story, all of them are so inspiring. I am thrilled that Spoonflower has offered this for small businesses, gives me a happy feeling.

  • Dianne Mehta

    Congratulations to all of the recipients of this grant! I took the time to read through each and every story, all of them are so inspiring. I\’m thrilled that Spoonflower has offered this for small businesses, gives me a happy feeling.