Make Your Own Magnetic Letters in 4 Easy Steps

FEB 26, 2019 updated May 19, 2021

Are you looking for a fun way to easily add a pop of color to your classroom or your little one’s space? Spoonflower designer Esther Nariyoshi is back on the blog to share a budget-friendly DIY project (you just need a $15 2′ roll of Woven Wallpaper and magnetic sheet) that’s as easy as ABC! 

Esther: I am a big fan of letter forms of all kinds. Last December, I did a whole alphabet set for Advent as a creative practice and fell in love with the result. Since both of my kids are learning about letters these days, I ended up transforming the digital series onto Spoonflower wallpaper to add the fun in the learning process. It’s a creative way to chat with your kids about the letters and the bright colors give little ones inspiration to handletter themselves!

I made a few size variations for the collection and the one shown in this tutorial is the 1 inch version. Each letter measures slightly over 1 inch

Magnetic Alphabet Supplies

  • 2′ roll of Woven Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper featuring my design 1″ Advent Alphabet
  • Scissors – an X-Acto knife may also work, but I find that scissors tend to give a cleaner finish cutting through the magnetic sheets.
  • Magnetic sheets – one sheet can fit 30 letters.
  • Plastic squeegee – Spoonflower includes a nice plastic squeegee with your wallpaper order but a credit card will also work.

1. Cut

Cut the wallpaper to the size of the magnet sheets.

2. Peel

Peel back the paper backing on the magnetic sheet and the wallpaper.

3. Stick

Align and stick the top corner first, and work your way down the sheets. Use the plastic squeegee to avoid creating bubbles.

4. Cut

Cut along the space between the letters to create individual letter magnets.

See how to turn your Instagram photos into mini magnets!

About the Guest Blogger

Esther Nariyoshi worked as an art director and creative director before designing surface patterns full time. Her work has been featured in Print & Pattern Blog, and Uppercase Magazine. She is a lover of all things crafty and you can see her latest makes on her Instagram feed @esther.nariyoshi and her Spoonflower shop.

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