Over on Instagram, you may already by following our friend Tabitha Sewer, the incredibly talented creative behind the eponymous craft brand (yes, Sewer really is her last name!) From small business owners to a proud father sewing for his daughter, Tabitha is sharing six black makers and creatives that have caught her eye and will hopefully do the same for you!

Are You Following These Black Creatives and Maker | Spoonflower Blog

Tabitha: I truly believe that everyone brings a different perspective that you can learn from in whatever creative genre you are apart of.

February is Black History Month and every year, Spoonflower celebrates by highlighting some really inspiring black creatives. This year, they graciously gave me the opportunity to choose six creatives that inspire me daily. Keep reading to see who I chose and how these black artists and makers have contributed to the creative community and inspired not only myself but so many others. My hope is that you will follow and support their work after you read this post!

Emijaa Jaaemil

Emijaa Jaaemil is the incredible headwear designer behind Emijaa Jaaemil Co, a wife, and mom of two who works full time. I love that she still manages to find the time to work hard towards her dream of creating headwear. She specializes in berets, head wraps, and turbans and she carefully chooses the most beautiful fabric to showcase her designs.

She has even caught the eye of a few celebrities who also enjoy her take on handcrafted headwear. And did I mention, she was invited to showcase her work this year during NYFW! I’m so excited for her and I cannot wait to see what is next for Emijaa.

Shundra Davis

Shundra is the peace to my wild and crazy world of design. She is someone that many people underestimate because her point of view on creativity is one to be admired. Shundra is an awesome seamstress and creative pattern designer. Yes, she creates her own patterns!

I love that she knows exactly who she is and isn’t swayed by all the many trends that pop up year after year. I would describe her style as sporty chic. As a mom who too has kids that play sports, I absolutely admire that she creates functional pieces that take her from the corporate world to the soccer field. She is definitely one to watch within the sewing community.

Amber Kemp-Gerstel

So, if you do not know Amber of the blog Damask Love, where in the world have you been?! Amber was a star on the recent NBC hit show “Making It!” YES! Cool, huh?! I have gotten to know Amber through Instagram. She is a very humble person and doesn’t allow her number of followers to deter her from connecting with so many of her followers.

She is a color-obsessed DIYer that always has the most incredible, most adorable, easy-to-follow projects on her website. I personally have attempted quite a few of her projects over the years and I must say, I’ve had the best time recreating them. If you love fun projects, bright colors, and fun prints, Amber is your go-to gal.

Nicole Patterson

To be perfectly honest, I don’t even know where to start with this lovely woman. Nicole is an event planner and designer, and also a wife and mom to three beautiful kids. Her career as an event planner is so befitting to her personality because you can tell that she is a very detail-oriented person.

As soon as you pop onto her website you’ll notice the carefully thought-out layouts, images and fonts that represent her as a creative. I love that her images show her in action; carefully tweaking the bouquets, making sure that ribbon is tied perfectly, and setting the cupcake in its perfect spot. I can appreciate people like her because I get the importance of how the little things make such a huge impact in the bigger picture.

Michael Gardner

Michael Gardner of Daddy Dressed Me has a special place in my heart. Michael is a self-taught sewer that began sewing as a way to bond with his daughter who is very much in love with fashion. He creates the most beautiful garments for his daughter and she confidently models the clothing he makes.

I love that he is instilling confidence and self-love in his daughter. I mean, how can you not fall in love with these two?!

Warlene René

Warlene René is designer, stylist, self-proclaimed thrift queen and mom of four who works full time. I am in awe of her creative eye. She has a very editorial approach to the looks she creates, as well as the photos she takes. To me, she is a breath of fresh air and I would love to introduce her to a wider audience who has yet to discover her beauty and what she has to offer.

About the Guest Blogger

Tabitha Sewer is a sewing influencer who has mastered the balancing act of becoming a successful blogger, busy mom of two and a college professor teaching business courses to undergrad students. Tabitha learned to sew after serving 10.5 years in the US Air Force. She is well known for using bright colors, bold prints, and fun textural fabric.