A Bittersweet Farewell to Our Friends at Sprout Patterns

NOV 6, 2018

Over the 10 years Spoonflower has been in business, our focus has always been about empowering creative individuals around the world by connecting artists, designers and creators through our unique and growing platform. We strive to provide the very best products and experiences for our communities and are always testing new ideas. Together, we have successfully worked to create something special and unique through our sister brands, Sprout Patterns and Roostery.

Sprout Patterns started as an idea among the first employees at Spoonflower who asked the question — “What if we could print out exact pattern pieces with the surface design we choose on the fabric we want?” Over three years, Sprout has powered the creation of over 50k public projects from 100+ indie-sewing patterns and inspired countless sewists to think outside of the box pattern. 

As we look to the future of Spoonflower, it is with a heavy heart that we have made the difficult decision to shut down Sprout Patterns’ operations at the end of 2018 to focus our efforts on new opportunities for our community.


So what does that mean for the future of apparel at Spoonflower? 

While we are currently hitting the pause button on custom cut-and-sew apparel at Sprout, Spoonflower will continue to be passionate about indie fabric designs and sewing patterns. We will continue to serve our Spoonflower community with apparel fabrics to power your creativity and we hope to inspire you through projects like our recent collaboration with Indiesew and The Spoonflower Quick-Sew Project Book.

Fostering creativity and connecting with sewists around the world has and always will be an important part of our community and we hope that you will continue to join us on this exciting adventure. For additional details about the closing of Sprout Patterns, please see our FAQs.

Meet the Patternmakers

Without the 15 independent patternmakers below, Sprout Patterns would not have been possible. Their passion and dedication to creating beautiful and functional sewing patterns is the foundation of the Sprout brand and the growing indie-sewing community. All of the patterns you fell in love with on Sprout are still available on their personal websites. 

Over the years, the Spoonflower + Sprout community inspired us with your one-of-kind garments. Standing out from the crowd, these me-made looks highlight what happens when you combine creativity and customization. We can’t wait to see what you dream up next!

Kielo Wrap Dress | Spoonflower Blog  Alder Button-up | Spoonflower Blog  Mint Dress | Spoonflower Blog  Lemonni | Spoonflower Blog  Inari Tee | Spoonflower Blog  Alder button-up | Spoonflower Blog Cut-and-Sew project | Spoonflower Blog Butterfly Wings | Spoonflower Blog  Union Jack dog jacket | Spoonflower Blog

Featured designs
Top row, left to right Orange Clementines, Monstera Leaves, Winter Garden Antique,
Middle row, left to right: Pink Billy Buttons, Etosha Leopard SkinEggs
Bottom row: Woven Threads, Butterfly Wings, Union Jack

Apparel Fabrics

Learn more about our favorite woven fabrics perfect for apparel:

Learn more about our favorite knit fabrics suited for apparel:

Frequently Asked Questions  

  • When is the last day that I can order a Sprout Patterns project?
    • Sunday, December 16, 2018, 11:59 pm EST
  • When is the last day I can order a Sprout Patterns project with White Glove Service?
    • Sunday, December 16, 2018, 11:59 pm EST
  • I have a gift certificate for Sprout Patterns. Will I be able to use it after December 16?
    • If you would like to use your gift certificate balance on a Sprout Patterns purchase, please order by December 16. On December 17, all remaining Sprout Patterns gift certificate balances will be transferred into your Spoonflower account via Spoondollars. Please click here to see how to apply Spoondollars. 
  • How will I access the PDF sewing patterns and instructions that came with my Sprout Pattern project?
    • Customers will be able to download all PDF patterns and instructions from past order confirmation emails or through their Sprout Patterns account until January 1, 2019. If you have trouble locating an existing Sprout Patterns PDF pattern or instructions, please send us an email at help@spoonflower.com for further assistance.
  • I was so excited to sew up one of the patterns I saw on Sprout’s website. Can I still make it?
    • The patternmaker partners on Sprout are all established patternmakers. The majority of Sprout’s partners sell the sewing patterns offered through Sprout on their own websites. Please visit the specific patternmaker’s website (linked above) to browse their sewing pattern offerings! 
  • Can I still promote the designs in my Spoonflower shop using Sprout Patterns product renders? 
    • Sprout project renders on Spoonflower’s cross sell bar will be removed from Spoonflower.com on November 16. If you have created Sprout projects to display your designs and would like to save the rendered images, log into your Sprout Patterns account to download and save to your own device by December 31.
  • What will happen to my Sprout Patterns commissions?
    • Though Spoonflower designers will no longer earn Sprout commissions after December 16, you will continue to earn up to 15% commission on Spoonflower and Roostery sales as normal. Any previously earned Sprout commissions will remain in your Spoonflower account as Spoondollars.

For additional assistance, please contact Spoonflower at help@spoonflower.com


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  • so sad! I wanted to use the white glove service now – had discovered this service a few months ago, and now that I got around to it…. Can not believe it is dead – sounded so perfect – you can design your fabric, pick a design and have it made. I can not sew. This would have been perfect for me. I had picked several patterns I wanted to have made, for me and my daughter….

    • Hi Evelyn,
      We’re sorry to see Sprout Patterns go as well. You can still order fabric directly from Spoonflower so it’s still possible to have beautiful handmade garments in one-of-a-kind designs. -Meredith

  • I don’t now who my pattern maker was! Now I don’t know how I will create something my client wants! I wanted to use the White Glove Service with my fabric!

    • Hi Camille,
      If you’re able to share the name of the pattern, we’d be happy to help determine who the patternmaker is! -Meredith from Spoonflower

  • Sharing some thoughts from another designer (who preferred to be anonymous) on
    “… the Sprout project. That has been such a wonderful resource for designers and dressmakers plus those buyers who could choose to have a limited range of garments made with the “White Glove” service. Even if their sales of actual projects was not as high as they expected, I think that they underestimated the exposure Spoonflower received as a result of designers, and others, posting project images on Pinterest etc. By seeing that a fabric looks good in a made up item many buyers have been encouraged to purchase fabric to make up into their own choice of garment. Despite the frustration I would often have when the projects wouldn’t load properly, I really enjoyed using the function. Sigh! Every time I really like some aspect of Spoonflower it seems to disappear! There has definitely been a major change in focus and priorities since the management was taken over by the corporate world.”

    There are more thoughts and comments here in the Spoonflower Flickr Discussion Group “SPROUT is ending” @ https://www.flickr.com/groups/spoonflower/discuss/72157701762745231/72157698594721140/

  • Oh this is sad 🙁

    I think what Sprout Patterns was trying to do is very very hard to do well and I don’t think it quite got there in a number of respects (speaking as someone who sews) but still it was a good start, and worked perfectly well for certain things where centering & precision layouts were not an issue.

  • I truly loved working with Sprout and sad that it is leaving. Is there another similar program that has a 3D model for personal use?

  • Denise Beverly

    So sorry to see this, even though I didn’t sell anything there, I enjoyed “making” the clothes by way of the designer feature.

  • I really loved the idea of Sprout Patterns. I never used the service as I make so many alterations to the patterns when I sew.

  • Happy to say I was able to experience the time Sprout was here, and looking forward to everything Spoonflower has to offer for designers and their clients.

  • So sorry to lose you Sprout Patterns! It has been a pleasure to create Sprout projects to buy and you’ll be missed! Thank you for all you’ve done and I appreciate you using my Kilim Boho pink, mustard & teal on the Boho blouse by Burdastyle on the home page at Sprout! It was always a thrill to sell projects I’d designed and to sell projects designed by customers, too. I wish you well in your future projects!

  • Thank you, Patternmakers and Spoonstaff!
    It has been a treat to preview our designs on your patterns, trying new products and solutions.
    You have not just facilitated sewing, but provided dress forms sew could see how fabric would hang.
    I enjoy seeing all your ideas, and wish you well!