When it comes to holiday cheer, you can’t go wrong with personalized gifts. Whether you sew every stitch yourself or have something made in a one-of-a-kind design from Roostery, you’ll find the perfect match for everyone on your list. To kick off the season of giving, Ariel of PMQ for Two is back on the blog to share four personalized stocking ideas. If you’re hosting a gift swap with friends, this guide will be your go-to for giftable inspiration!

Bonus: See how to style your mantel with a gift wrap garland from Ariel!

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide | Spoonflower Blog

Ariel: ‘Tis the season to make, buy and gift thoughtful presents to the people in your life. Candles and soaps are cool for everyone else, but you might want to get your besties something super special that will mean the world to them! Why not give them something you made and curated with love?

These four Celosia Velvet™ Christmas stockings are filled with goodies for The Baker & Chef, The Traveler, The Mixologist and The Beauty Junkie in your life. Download your free stocking pattern to get started!  

The Baker

A Handmade Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List! | Spoonflower Blog

The baker or chef is always covered in flour or sauce, so why not make them an apron that will be eggcellent for their cooking endeavors? Find all the options for a DIY apron here! Don’t forget a few ready-made tea towels from Roostery. Their prints and linen are perfect for mopping up messes in the kitchen, or just sitting pretty on the oven door. Anda’s Kitchen Friends 2019 Tea Towel Calendar will keep the chef company in the kitchen as they whip up their next tasty treat. For an extra personal touch, turn one of their favorite recipes into a timeless tradition: a recipe tea towel! Don’t forget to throw in a spatula or two, and maybe your fave olive oil.

For their stocking, this bold peachy print is perfect and wouldn’t look out of place hanging on a kitchen cabinet door, or the mantel.

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide | Spoonflower Blog

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Spoonflower designs | Spoonflower Blog

 The Traveler

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide | Spoonflower Blog

This girl gets MILES! She is on the road at least once a month for work or for pleasure, and is always sending you postcards from the world’s weirdest attractions. A handmade luggage tag in a fun retro print will set her apart at the baggage claim. Meanwhile, a tea towel that doubles as a calendar is a great way to remind her of where all the time in between trips really goes. Throw in a new passport cover and a pair of chic shades, and you’re in business!

Her stocking can only be one thing: ticket stubs! This colorful print in Celosia Velvet will allow her to experience a taste of home if she’s traveling over the holidays.

A Handmade Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List! | Spoonflower Blog

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Designs for the traveler | Spoonflower Blog

The Mixologist

A Handmade Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List! | Spoonflower Blog

The mixologist has a stockpile of bitters and 10 different gins on hand. (Who knew there was more than one kind?!) Get creative and supply their bar with more than just booze—Give a set of Roostery cocktail napkins in a festive mod print or a tea towel featuring a drink recipe and fun glassware for the perfect finishing touch. While you’re at it, don’t miss the entire selection of retro bar cart designs from the Tea Towel Design Challenge!

A Handmade Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List! | Spoonflower Blog
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Their stocking looks fab in a blue atomic starburst and will hold any and all mini bottles or fancy stir sticks. Cheers! 

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Designs for the mixologist | Spoonflower Blog

The Beauty Junkie 

A Handmade Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List! | Spoonflower Blog

This lady never shows up without a flawless #lewk and has always got the perfect shade of foundation on. How does she do it?! Magic. Give her a mini pouch to store her current obsessions! This adorable lined zipper pouch also doubles as a jewelry bag, but leave that choice up to your beauty. While you’re at it, throw in a handmade turban headband in Modern Jersey and sleep mask. For a funky twist on the classic sleep mask, don’t miss my Holly Golightly inspired sleep masks. Top it all off with a gift card to her fave beauty store, or some adorable nail polish and mascara shaped candles.

Her stocking would look adorable in any fabric, but the manicured hand feels like the perfect complement to her manicured style.

A Handmade Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List! | Spoonflower Blog

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Designs for the beauty junky | Spoonflower Blog

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Handmade Holiday Gift Guide | Spoonflower Blog

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