How To Make a No-Sew Fleece Tie Blanket in 3 Easy Steps

SEP 15, 2018 updated May 19, 2021

Our low-loft Fleece is soft, cozy and easy to work with since it doesn’t fray when cut. Lightweight with a hint of stretch, it makes the most cuddly no-sew Fleece blanket, a perfect gift to give during the holidays. Want to know the best part about this DIY project?  A majority of this blanket can be completed without leaving the comfort of your couch! 

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Check out the video tutorial below or, if text and pictures are more your style, find the step-by-step instructions after the video!


  • (2) 1 yard pieces of Fleece
  • Cutting mat
  • Rotary cutter or scissors
  • Washable fabric pen or chalk
  • Ruler

1. Cut Out Your Fabric

Begin by cutting off the selvage of your Fleece fabric. When you’re done, you should have two 56″ x 36″ pieces of fabric.

Lay one piece of fabric on top of the other with wrong sides facing and all edges aligned accordingly. If you’re using a directional print, make sure both patterns are facing in the same direction!

Cut a 5” square off each corner of the blanket through both layers of Fleece.

2. Cut Your Fleece Fringe

With both rectangles of Fleece still layered together, cut strips around all four sides of the blanket that measure 5” in height from the edge of the blanket and 1” in width. Make sure you don’t cut the strips completely off of your blanket! We used a washable fabric pen and self-healing cutting mat to properly measure the height and width of the strips before we started cutting. 

3. Tie Your Fleece Strips

Option 1: Beginning at one corner of the blanket, take one fringe strip (both layers together) and secure the two layers of Fleece together with an overhand knot. Repeat this process all the way around the blanket.

Option 2: Beginning at one corner of the blanket, take two fringe strips (top and bottom layers separated) and secure the two layers of Fleece together with a knot. Repeat this process all the way around the blanket and then cuddle up on the couch with your new blanket.

No-sew Fleece blankets are so easy, you won’t want to stop at just one! See how to make a braided version with this tutorial.

Make your Fleece blanket one-of-a-kind with designs from the Marketplace!


Featured Designs
Top row, left to right: Coral Mint Animal PartyRobots InkDog Park – Pink Mustard
Bottom row, left to right: We Are WomenFree Birds (Blue)Yellow Llamas Red Cacti

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