Meet the Designer: Janine Lecour of lapetitelecour

JUN 18, 2018
Peachy-Large Scale by lapetitelecour

This week’s edition of Meet the Designer brings us to the peach-state of Georgia, to meet Savannah College of Art and Design graduate and freelance designer, Janine Lecour of lapetitelecour. You may recognize Janine from our blog post, ‘Black Makers and Creatives You Need to Know‘, and she’s back with a more in depth interview giving us a look inside her creative world. If you’re looking to discover brightly intricate artwork with original flair, you’re in for a treatJanine’s designs POP with exquisite color that we just can’t take our eyes off of. We can’t wait for you to meet this week’s designer! 

My day starts with…

“Coffee, a quick check of any morning emails that I may have, and then I look over what needs to be done for the day. Then I put on some music and start working.”

Meet the Designer Janine Lecour of lapetitelecour | Spoonflower Blog
Desktop image: Bloom by lapetitelecour

When I’m in my studio, I feel…

“Motivated. I know when I walk into the room it’s time to work so I try to keep the space as simple and clutter-free as I possibly can.”

What’s in your toolbox?

“All of my patterns are created digitally, so my tools are my Wacom tablet, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop. I do have a sketchbook handy in case I think of a design.”

Peachy-Large Scale by lapetitelecour

I fell in love with design when…

“I was younger. I’ve always liked drawing and I drew a lot of animal pictures. It was my favorite theme then and still is even now. But in my teen years, I fell in love with fashion design and wanted to pursue a career in it. I liked the fact that you can take some fabric and make whatever you want.”

Janine’s babies, Juno and Otis, keep her company in the studio

What inspires your work and why?

“I’m inspired by colors and wildlife. If I see a particular color scheme that I like, I’ll try to think of a design or theme that might work with that specific color palette. And just like when I was a kid, I still like drawing animals. They’re an endless source of inspiration.”

What is your process when creating a new design?

“I’ll have an idea of the theme and style in mind but I let the design develop organically. I open Illustrator, start with a simple shape, and build from there. Working in Illustrator allows me to play and experiment with my design without making a mark that I can’t take back.”

Featured designs from Janine’s Floral and Geometric collection

What piece of your wardrobe best represents your style?

“Even though I’m often inspired by colorful things, I don’t actually wear a lot of colors. I have a very monochromatic wardrobe. Most days I wear a simple black tee shirt and jeans.”

I’d love to see one of my designs turned into a…

“Since I have a fashion background, I love seeing my designs turned into apparel. I’m also a big fan of wallpaper.”

Find Janine’s designs on ready-made apparel and home décor at Sprout Patterns and Roostery

If I could live in a painting, I would live in…

“Wassily Kandinsky’s ‘The Cow’. It makes me happy when I see it and I love the colors and the shapes in the painting.”

The Cow by Wassily Kandinsky

The secret to a strong collection is…

“A good color palette.”

My mantra is…

“I’m going to succeed because I’m crazy enough to think I can.”

What drew you to Spoonflower?

“The design challenges and the ability to print my patterns on fabric.”

Tropical Pop and Lollipop by lapetitelecour

For someone new to trying the design challenge, what advice would you give them?

“Don’t compare your style to others and stay true to what makes you unique. And, have fun with it!”

Janine Lecour is a freelance designer living in Atlanta, Georgia, who enjoys hiking, hanging out at local breweries and spontaneous dance parties. Follow along on her adventures in fun and design on Instagram @janinelecour.

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