The Weekly Design Challenge Finds a Place in Paradise

APR 27, 2018

Last year, we were delighted to partner with our friends at Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort for a once-in-a-lifetime design challenge opportunity. Dating back to 1954, Hilton Hawaiian Village has played host to many celebrities, heads of state and presidents. So how did they get connected with Spoonflower?

We were looking for fabric designs that were unique to the Hilton Hawaiian Village to create an Aloha Shirt for our new gift shop. I had been designing and participating in weekly challenges at Spoonflower since 2013, and I realized that it would be the perfect tie-in.” – Lora Gallagher, regional director of marketing at Hilton Hawaii and Spoonflower designer

Over four weeks, designers created patterns based on specially curated themes such as Blue Hawaii and Mid-Century Modern. From hundreds of entries each week, the finalists were narrowed down by popular community vote, and the winners were handpicked by our collaborators at Hilton Hawaiian Village.

Designs from all four challenges were used to create a special collection of Aloha shirts for the Hilton Hawaiian Village gift shop. Featured designs: Harry’s Happy Hour, Vintage Hawaiian VillageHawaii Fireworks and Admit One.

Not only did the four winning designers earn commission on the fabric used in this line of apparel, they also earned themselves a free trip to the beautiful island of Oahu to enjoy the resort. “There were so many great designs that came out of the design challenge. Unique Aloha shirts are very sought after in Hawaii, and these Spoonflower shirts are not only beautiful, but original,” said Lora.

A surprise challenge! 

While the four designers might have been looking forward to a relaxing week in paradise, we couldn’t help but throw in a surprise challenge between their trips to the beach. Inspired by the scenic landscapes throughout the Hilton Hawaiian Village, Vince, Mia, Bethany and Hannah were given just one hour to sketch a design. Whether it’s for a Spoonflower challenge or impromptu drawing session, it’s safe to say these designers know what they’re doing!


Hannah, Bethany, Vince and Mia (left to right) celebrated their design challenge win during a traditional luau at the Hilton Hawaiian Village



Photography by Steve Nohara

Are you ready to dive into your first design challenge? See the upcoming themes to help inspire your next design.

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